Brazil wants democracy back II

The character, the lack of it, the temperament of the coup and of coupists that toppled Dilma Roussef last year was signaled through their first or one of their first legislative measures: the legalization of pedals, an administrative measure more than routine, used and abused for all, since always, and that is to hold resources for short periods, in order to smooth the financial roll. These were the only accusations that the coup leaders were able to brandish to remove the re-elected president and to establish parliamentarism, without the authorization of the population, required by the constitution.

However, the course of the coup is more serious. A few months on, there is no doubt about the allocation of Union resources: the money scandalously subtracted from the pensioners, education, health, safety, workers in general, is carried to the delirious feast of the higher officials of the three powers of authority of the nation, for the holders of public debt securities, for a new generation of contractors that are somewhat more internationalized, and now, with generalized outsourcing, the financial-electoral subdivision of the public machine deepens and accelerates, all to the detriment of the Brazilian society in general and workers in particular.

It completes the transmutation of the Brazilian national state, from a state of social welfare, to a state of enrichment of local and international plutocracies, and the rights of the population, starting with the right to retire, are trampled and suppressed, the thousands of millions contributed by the crowd, haphazardly appropriated by the sectors mentioned.

It is not the only appalling proposal brought by the coup plotters. There are many others! Even the one that determines the freezing of the public investments in health, education and security, for the next 20 years!

We feel now, the Brazilians, under a real attack of locusts, such the whip and greed of the coup.

The education of the population has advanced a great deal during the Lula-Dilma mandates, despite the real information barrage carried out by the mass media, outrageously at the service of the international coup and finance, and the violent attacks it underwent during both FHC mandates .

Many new schools and universities were opened, much more than unlike what happened with FHC.

Social movements are now being criminalized. There are, to name just one case, countless agrarian reform activists in prison because of their democratic struggle to defend the right to land to work.

In the world disorder we have witnessed in recent years, financial attacks on fragile nations are not new and there are the recent cases of Greece, Spain and Italy. Brazil has not audited its public debt since GetĂșlio Vargas and the situation has gotten much worse with FHC, who has legalized debt and from whom it has always consumed between 40 and 70% of the budget of the Union. It is no coincidence! FHC is also the man who delivered the military surveillance of the Amazon to a company notoriously attached to the Pentagon and authorized the demarcation of almost 1,000,000 square kilometers of indigenous lands on the border with Venezuela and Guianas, a bitter seed of territorial disintegration that daily subdues Brazilians to international humiliation.

It should be noted that members of the former SNI of the "military" dictatorship denounced more modernly the farce of "importing" indigenous people of diverse origins and ethnicities to implant an alleged indian nation in the region, all of this naturally orchestrated by international forces, In poorly guarded Brazilian wealth.

And then we come to the profound identity of certain sectors of Brazilian elites, coined in the time of the sugar mill, eternally shaken to function as the local and minority partner of international enterprises, often extremely predatory.

The interests of these sectors of our elites, of the international financial and speculative elite, and of the ferocious people whose business is called War, are in the sights.

These sectors of the Brazilian elite are not good at "making country" ... They are good at "selling country" ...

And I come to discuss all this with you, an American citizen or Anglophone from anywhere on the planet, that as I wishes peace, prosperity, justice and democracy, profound democracy.

The impression we had of the bellicose escalation of the US imperial sectors and allies, especially from Libya, was that there was a hint of Hilary's accreditation to this sector in all that, and the election of Trump, apparently bringing more conservatives aware of the fragility of the international situation, after Syria and Ukraine, perhaps change the course of things a little.
It is evident that the very important political change in South America is directly related to that war offensive and is now experiencing a crisis of identity with the return of the Russians to the first places on the world stage, pointing out in passing that the confrontation was not, after all, against Soviet socialism.

They are right there, past the Bering Strait! They werw already the owners of Alaska, do you remember?

I wonder, for example: Are there any orders that Lula be arrested anyway? Will in the context here just outlined risk destabilizing the southern giant? The local coupists are already doing just that ...

The CPI of Paulo Paim promises to polarize the population with enough energy to break the informational tourniquet of the mainstream media, also in the service of the same sectors mentioned, imposing a first great defeat to the coup.

It is very important that you, an American citizen who is a friend of democracy, support the struggle of Brazilians for the return of democracy in Brazil!