Dear Editor,
The human rights for undocumented students is by far one of the most important issues today. I am a current student at Sonoma State University and I am writing to express my concern about the fear of many undocumented students who are here seeking to pursue a better future.

After the former elected Donald Trump, undocumented students now fear the disclosure of being an undocumented student in America.

According to one of your news article “Sonoma County and state see sharp decline in undocumented students seeking financial aid” published on March 1, 2017, there has been a decrease on how many undocumented students have not applied for aid under the California Dream Act. We need to make sure that all students feel equally the same, however it is difficult when President Donald Trump is stating that he plans on deporting millions of undocumented immigrants.

The immigration system has been a problem for over many years and until this day it continues to be an issue, an issue that needs to be solved for good. Undocumented student’s only hope is to strive for the educational goal society not targeted as if they were criminals.