According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, last year, 15 million workers, or around 10% of the American workforce were self-employed. In order to meet the needs of these independent workers, real estate developers and architects are designing spaces where entrepreneurs can work better, smarter, and without distraction. In the past, real estate developer Brent Carrier has argued that co-working is the future of the workplace. While self-employment rates continue to grow, shared office spaces are becoming increasingly popular. Equipped with the latest tech and communications tools, co-working spaces operate as temporary work hubs that can be rented by the hour, day or month.

Even though working from home might sound fun, after a while, it can get lonely and counterproductive. Cafes are also great for getting some work done, but after a few hours, you’ll start to feel like you should move on. Brent Carrier believes that work should be satisfying, and co-working spaces combine the best things about working in an office while leaving out the negatives. The office spaces are fully furnished and usually leased on a pay-as-you-go basis, which enables individuals to occupy office space without signing long-term leases or security deposits.

These convenient office spaces have kitchens, conference rooms, private office suites, as well as telephone, Internet, and a variety of other business and administrative services. Mr. Carrier reports that they are generally located at thriving neighborhoods, which makes them an ideal solution for companies or individuals, in need of flexible office space. It’s a great way to encourage community work, and manage your day-to-day details in ways that will result in creativity and business growth.
Americans in their 20s and 30s are social, Brent Carrier says, which is why they need large public spaces and smaller private apartments. No matter whether it’s for work or fun, young renters need their electronics and Wi-Fi gadgets. Carrier sees this co-working model as a useful addition to a growing tech landscape. Shared office spaces offer benefits that you simply can’t get at home or in a coffee shop. Fostering a great business starts with having the right environment, and here you have the perfect ecosystem required for success. By using shared office space not only do you have room to work, but there is also enough space to interact with fellow residents, share ideas, events and together be part of a bigger community, says Brent Carrier.