NBC's time travel drama "Timeless" has been renewed for a second season, days after getting canceled. After the initial cancellation, it was confirmed that the series will be coming back for a second season at NBC, consisting of 10 episodes. It's still unclear when season two of the series air, but it’s most likely to debut next spring or summer. Timeless follows the adventures of an unexpected team trying to stop a former NSA agent from altering history with a stolen time machine. The show is created by Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan, while the series stars include Abigail Spencer, Malcolm Barrett, Matt Lanter and Goran Visnjic.

Historical fiction is an attractive genre, which is why "Timeless" loyal fanbase shared their disapproval about canceling the show. Sony Television started to look for a new partner among the 'streaming' giants and cable TV networks. NBC estimated that it is wiser to opt for another season, only this time with fewer episodes and somewhat lower costs.

In Timeless, the heroic trio travels back in time to major events in history, which makes the show a great tool for learning. In fact, one of the series' stars, Goran Visnjic, who happens to be a native Croatian, stated in several interviews that Timeless helped him learn a lot about the American history.

Goran Visnjic can be satisfied with the outcome. He isn’t playing any of the three main characters (among them the most famous Abigail Spencer from 'Rectify' Sundance Channel), but instead he is the bad guy Garcia Flynn that’s always one step ahead of them. It is a complex character with many layers, whose ultimate goal is to get back his wife and son with the help of the time machine.

It’s no coincidence that actor Visnjic has chosen a role that is far from the good guy. Gone are the days from the late 90's when he was conquering America and the world as the handsome doctor Luka Kovac in 'ER'. Today he is almost 44 years old and believes that such rolls are more appropriate for the younger generations of actors.

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