After years of incessant cyberattacks and disruption activities directed against myself and colleagues working to promote an accurate understanding of Lyme Borreliosis, its relation to biological weapons and the absolutely ground-breaking scientific evidence unearthed by Dr Alan MacDonald (USA) linking Lyme Disease with major health conditions that affect millions , I was able to prove that the former NIH Lyme Programme Officer Dr Edward McSweegan was behind all this, **USING NSA TOOLS AND THE ANTI-TERRORIST APPARATUS of the US and allied nations (so-called "Five Eyes).

This is an ILLEGAL misuse of such tools and apparatus which he has been able to do by concealing the true nature of the coverup i nwhich he is deeply

The science linking Borreliosis and concomitant nematode infestation to Alzheimer's disease , MS, serious brain tumours (glioma), Lewy Body dementia , paediatric deaths and many other conditions is irrefutable but this information is being obstructed from reaching the medical community or the public by McSweegan.

Thanks to the anti-malware capabilities developed by most antivirus experts in the aftermath of the Ransomware attacks, I have been able to gather the proof of what I have said. (The Ransomware attacks this spring were based on software stolen from NSA. However, that software was placed on my devices by McSweegan long before the theft of the NSA tools took place.

I am trying to bring this to public attention but being obstructed at every turn. I am concerned for the safety of my family and myself because McSweegan has issued me death threats both privately & publicly many times in the past and has a long history of threatening, harassing and/or organising break-ins at the homes of activists and researchers.

I will not cease my activism and work in support of Dr MacDonald's Duray Foundation because the future health of my family and of possibly millions of people globally depends on transparency on Borreliosis (Lyme Disease) and its associated tick-borne infections, especially parasitic nematode worm infestations.
Elena Cook