Scientists (physicists) believe in the truth of the anthropic principle.

In short it states that the structure of the universe now and the presence of techno-advanced life forms are two sides of the same coin. You can't have the presence of these forms without the universe being as it is and conversely.

The principle is based on the constants of nature (gravitational, speed of light, planck's etc.)

On the surface of it this principle seems bizarre. Surely, one might argue, some event could have wiped out the conditions for the evolution of these forms (which I will call tera-destructive life forms) leaving the universe as is.

But no, any proposed example will end up implying a mathematical formula like 2+2=5 (of course the actual formula will involve vast matrix arrays of the natural constants, their powers and ratios)

The problem is that the time scale for cosmic catastrophes that could accomplish such are orders of magnitude larger than the time scale for the self-destruction of tera-destructive life forms (tens of millions of years versus tens or hundreds of years.)

Most physicists (e.g. Barrow, The constants of Nature) stop at the mere existence of the techno-advanced life forms. They do not link the technology to the potential destructiveness of the technology. But clearly this is an obvious implication.

In recent scientific articles there is puzzlement about another natural constant: the cosmological constant, which is responsible for the accelerated expansion of the universe ( I will call the constant Q)

How does Q fit into the anthropic principle, what is its purpose?

It is interesting to note that Q only becomes powerful at or after the appearance of the tera-destructive life forms.

Without Q the universe would remain static or contract to a size that would render the universe vulnerable to destruction from the weapons of the TDLF's. But because the expansion is now at a rate that outpaces any physical process this ensures that any destruction unleashed by these life forms will have only an infinitesimally small extent.

Thus the constant Q fits in with the anthropic principle and ensures that the only universes that will survive (in the multiverse) will be those that have successively devised the means to eliminate TDLF's.

Clearly, as well, there are non-destructive life forms. Under the conditions specified these forms should flourish in the multiverse (and in ours as well).

"I have turned away from the face of the betrayer toward the face of the betrayed" J.Beaumont (W.E. and T., RPW)