Denouncing the latest racist anti-Haitian campaign in the Dominican Republic

We, the undersigned, express our rejection of the new racist and anti-immigrant propaganda campaign in the Dominican Republic that is being spread through the conservative press and social media, and is fomented by elements of the traditional political class and the business class.

Such racist propaganda alleges the existence of a massive "Haitian invasion" across the border; however, every time there is a wave of hatred against the Haitian community it is with the aim of scapegoating immigrants, in this moment for the fiscal deficit and/or to cover the current government’s unprecedented indebtedness.

Historically, political and economic elites in this Caribbean nation have promoted anti-Haitian racism with the aim of creating divisions between the two peoples who share the island, and at the same time, create distractions in times of political crisis and increased social struggle.

This is the case today, as large segments of the population are mobilizing in the streets as part of the Green March movement, demanding for an end to corruption and impunity.

We raise our voices in complete repudiation of racist agitation in the press and social media, which only seeks to demobilize and distort this new social movement by creating more hatred and social conflicts which, in the end, will only benefit the island’s elites.

We express our solidarity with the Dominican people currently engaged in a struggle for a better country, and with Haitian immigrants and their descendants. Finally, we call on all social organizations, intellectuals, labor unions, feminists and student groups to denounce the systemic use of anti-Haitian campaigns as a tool of division.

1. Altagracia Valdez Cordero, Dominican Republic
2. Alfonso Torres, journalist, Dominican Republic
3. Amín Pérez, Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD), Dominican Republic
4. Ana Féliz Lafontaine, historian, Dominican Republic
5. Angela Eunice Fermín, Dominican Republic
6. Anny Minerva Jaquez Reyes, human rights activist, Dominican Republic
7. Aura Vargas Jiménez, Dominican Republic
8. Aurora Arias, writer, Dominican Republic
9. Beneco Enecia, Centro de Desarrollo Sostenible (CEDESO), Dominican Republic
10. Chiqui Vicioso, writer, República Dominicana
11. Christian King, Trans Siempre Amigas (TRANSSA), República Dominicana
12. Deisy Toussaint, Dominican Republic
13. Deivis Ventura, political activist, LGBT REVASA, Dominican Republic
14. Denise Paiewonsky, Dominican Republic
15. Dominique Rincón, Dominican Republic
16. Ernesto Cruz, Dominican Republic
17. Euclides C. Nuel, Dominican Republic
18. Fernando Gil, Red Acción Política, Dominican Republic
19. Fernando Ureña Gómez, Dominican Republic
20. Gloria Amézquita, psychologist, Dominican Republic
21. Hugo Cedeño, Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD), Dominican Republic
22. Isabel Amelia Vargas García, Dominican Republic
23. Isaflor Tatem Brache, Dominican Republic
24. Isaura Cotes, Dominican Republic
25. Isis Yael Amador Campusano, student, Dominican Republic
26. Jacqueline Jiménez Polanco, Dominican Republic
27. Jenny Torres, social researcher, Dominican Republic
28. José Díaz, FUNCEJI, Dominican Republic
29. José Santos, Dominican Republic
30. José Antonio Aracena, Dominican Republic
31. Jovanny Espino, Dominican Republic
32. Juan Miguel Pérez, sociologist, Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD), Dominican Republic
33. Loraine Ferrand, actress / poet / Artist of the Resistance, Dominican Republic
34. Lorena Espinoza, Dominican Republic
35. Maribel Núñez, activist and citizen of the world, Dominican Republic
36. Mildred Dolores Mata, Dominican Republic
37. Mireya Cruz, Dominican Republic
38. Mirla Hernández Núñez, Dominican Republic
39. Nelson Ricart Guerrero, Dominican Republic
40. Omar Bautista González, Dominican Republic
41. Pastor de la Rosa, Dominican Republic
42. Quisqueya Lora Hugi, Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD), Dominican Republic
43. Ramón Stalin Montero Santiago, Dominican Republic
44. Regine Charles, Dominican Republic
45. Segundo Maldonado Abreu, Dominican Republic
46. Tahira Vargas García, Dominican Republic
47. Yesibon Reynoso, Dominican Republic
48. Zobeyda Apólito, Dominican Republic
49. Alexander Mundaray Rosario, activist and politician, Dominican Republic /Puerto Rico
50. Johan Mijail, Dominican Republic /Chile
51. Amín Arias Garabito, Dominican Republic /Spain
52. Jonathan Pitts, Dominican Republic/United Kingdom
53. Alex Guerrero, visual artist, Dominican Republic /USA
54. Ana Luisa Martínez, writer, Dominican Republic /USA
55. Claribel Díaz, clinical psychologist, writer, poet, Dominican Republic /USA
56. Fernando Valerio-Holguín, writer, Dominican Republic /USA
57. Irka Mateo, Dominican Republic /USA
58. Jimmy Lam, writer based in Florida, author of Sexile=Sexilio, Dominican Republic /USA
59. Médar Serrata, writer, Dominican Republic /USA
60. Miguel Espaillat, agronomist, lawyer, political writer, Dominican Republic /USA
61. Osiris Mosquea, writer, poet, Dominican Republic /USA
62. Rafael de los Santos, activist, Dominican Republic /USA
63. Rossalinna Benjamín, writer, poet, Dominican Republic /USA
64. Silvia Difranco Sangivanni, Dominican Republic /USA
65. Ynoemia Villar, writer, Dominican Republic /USA
66. Alejandro Velasco, NYU, North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA), USA
67. Alex Sotelo Eastman, Dartmouth College, USA
68. Alexander Gil Fuentes, Columbia University, USA
69. Amarilys Estrella, New York University (NYU), USA
70. Amaury Rodríguez, writer and translator, USA
71. Ana Liberato, University of Kentucky, USA
72. Anne Eller, Yale University, USA
73. April Mayes, Pomona University, USA
74. April Yoder, University of New Haven, USA
75. Carlos Decena, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, USA
76. Charlton Yingling, University of Louisville, USA
77. Christina C. Davidson, Duke University, USA
78. Daniel Huttinot, USA
79. Danny Méndez, Michigan State University, USA
80. Edwin Rosario Mazara, USA
81. Edward Paulino, CUNY - John Jay, USA
82. Elena Machado Sáez, Bucknell University, USA
83. Eliú Almonte, visual artist based in L.A/ USA
84. Emmanuel Pardilla, USA
85. Ginetta E.B. Candelario, Smith College, USA
86. Hortensia González Gómez, Casa Verde Camila, USA
87. Ines P. Rivera Prosdocimi, University of Maryland, USA
88. Isabel Espinal, USA
89. Jasmine Mena, Bucknell University, USA
90. Jesse Hoffnung-Garskof, University of Michigan, USA
91. Jossianna Arroyo, University of Texas, Austin, USA
92. Juan José Ponce Vázquez, University of Alabama, USA
93. Junot Díaz, writer, USA
94. Keiselim A. Montás, writer, USA
95. Kianny N. Antigua, writer, USA
96. Laura Weiss, NACLA, USA
97. Lauren Derby, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), USA
98. Lauren Gurley, graduate student at NYU, USA
99. Lyn Di Iorio, City University of New York (CUNY), Graduate Center, Estados Unidos
100. Marianela Medrano, writer, USA
101. Mariel Acosta, USA
102. Micah Wright, Boise State University, USA
103. Miriam Mejía, writer, USA
104. Nelson Santana, associate professor ,USA
105. Rachel Afi Quinn, University of Houston, USA
106. Raj Chetty, St. John's University, Queens, USA
107. Raquel Virginia Cabrera, writer, USA
108. Ray Laforest, USA
109. Richard Turits, College of William & Mary, USA
110. Rocio Silverio, We Are All Dominican, USA
111. Samuel Sánchez, Centro Latino de Cultura y Educación Popular, USA
112. Scherezade García, USA
113. Sophie Maríñez, USA
114. Steven Gregory, Columbia University, USA
115. Tony Savino, USA
116. Yanick St. Jean, USA
117. Yanilda Gonzales, We Are All Dominican, USA
118. Ylce Irizarry, Latina/o Studies Scholar, USA
119. Zaida Corniel, Stony Brook University, USA
120. Wendy Roth, University of British Columbia, Canada
121. Carolina Benavente, Universidad de Valparaiso, Chile
122. Eugenia Brito, Universidad de Chile, Chile
123. Gloria Cortés Aliaga, curator, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Chile, Chile
124. Jorge Díaz, scientist, writer and activist of sexual dissidence,Chile
125. Elissa L. Lister, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia
126. Ochy Curiel, GLEFAS, Colombia
127. David Ortiz-Alburquerque, Puerto Rico
128. Hilda Guerrero, COMUNA Caribe, Puerto Rico
129. Colectivo Ilé – feminist Afro-descendant women, Puerto Rico
130. Grupo Latinoamericano de Estudios, Formación y Acción Feminista (GLEFAS), Colombia
131. We Are All Dominican–student group, USA