Mountain Top Removal is used to get coal in ways that need less labor. It has been used extensively since 1984 in 3 states with Appalachian counties West Virginia, Kentucky and a smaller area in Virginia that lies of the border of Kentucky. Their is no MTR in Pennsylvania althoutgh that is the nations 4th most prollific producer of bituminous coal. Mountain Top Rmoval is alo underway in a few counties near Knoxville Teneessee.
The MTR process is very disruptive and uses a shovel bucket that can hold three buses in addition to a 10 story crane that must be hauled up mountain roads in pieces. 600 feet to 2000 feet of the peaks are being blown and shoveled off and then dumped in streams used by trout fishermens. Elk are also being reintroduced to this area.for more information see; a non fundamentalist local group that is using wrist bands to monitor exposure to coal dust. There was also a 6 day March a few years ago into DC from West Virginia on a state road about this atrocity.