Brazil: The moralizing hero is a cynic corrupt?
Lovers of truth and justice have long realized that Judge Sérgio Moro tramples on the constitution, the law and true justice! His systematic abuse of long pretrial detention, a non subtle form of torture, designed to wrest incriminating accusations, is repugnant to anyone who is not, consciously or unconsciously, a Nazi-fascist.
His outrageous partisanship, his desperate attempt to destroy Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, in addition to achieving results absolutely and humoristically opposed to those intended, definitely muddy the Brazilian judiciary and sow anger and revolt in the heart of anyone with minimal notions of law, decency, justice and dignity.
His participation in the "Banestado scandal", famous at the time and closed with blatant doses of impunity in favor of rogues who smuggled hundreds of billions of dollars illicitly abroad, did not go unnoticed by the attentive and informed.
His impressive history of "doleiros" feather’s reducing, crowned with a reduction from 121 years of jail to 3, (attention!), three years in prison, to the benefit of the most famous of the doleiros, transformed in this way into a kind of monopolist of the unlegal dollar business, lights the red lights of any citizen of good.
And now it appears that a close and intimate friend of the judge, a former commercial partner of his wife, was selling advantages on the awarding awards in exchange for a great deal of money in the shadow of the judicial rod he led.
Better still, the judge proceeds to the public, through the press, to defend his friend and to affirm that it is absurd that the donation of notorious criminals determines the loss of freedom by people against whom no proof exists, being that exactly how Sérgio Moro has been keeping people for months and years away from family, friends, work, life at last, and this is exactly how he is trying hard to imprison Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, president-elect for two terms, guarantor of two more terms won by his successor, he, Lula, the most popular Brazilian political leadership since Getúlio Vargas, as he has just demonstrated in an apotheotic caravan in the Brazilian Northeast, and against whom he does not weigh rigorously any proof.
He himself recognized this clamorous fact in the acts in which he condemned Lula in the first instance.
There is more, regrettably, and in the meantime: In a clear orchestration with Rede Globo de Televisão, the judge was notable for promoting selective and sensational leaks of information of the proceedings, always in perfect synchrony with what we can call "chronology of the coup d'état ".
It was so on the eve of the impeachment / coup against Dilma Roussef, and so it has been whenever it befits the internal and external articulators of the coup.
So low is the level of education and information in Brazil that, in spite of all this, Sérgio Moro is still a hero for significant portions of the population, although researches indicates an accelerated erosion of his public image, while it is becoming clear to more and more people that He plays a very important and central role in the implementation of the coup and also and perhaps even more importantly in the deliberate destruction of Brazilian economy, leading us to even more murky waters.
The end of Danton, Robespierre, Torquemada, Guillotin, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and so many ruthless and ambitious people nevertheless brings me some peace of mind.