Revolutionary Left is composed of anarchist, libertarian, Trotskyist,
"Antifa" groups who think that a revolution is necessary to
put an end to capitalism. I was a militant in such a group called
"Alternative Libertaire", and I saw how this group changed.
I was already disillusioned about it, maybe because traveling around
Africa and seeing the true face of imperialism made me aware that
left-wing militants are not immune too mainstream indoctrination and
basic racism. And when I lived in Morrocco I understood a truth that
is kept secret or blurry in the West : Saudi-wahhabi imperialism over
the Arab World.

2003 Alternative Libertaire opposed the US invasion of Iraq. In 2004,
denounced the US plans for the Greater Middle East :
"destabilization, regime change, territory remodeling."
They were faithful to a tradition of anti-imperialism and
anti-Zionism. But a few years later, it became unthinkable to find
such an article in the media outlets of the Revolutionary Left.


2009, Alternative Libertaire joined the hunt against conspiracy
theorists : in
of articles, they associated 9/11 skeptics with people
who believe in illuminati
UFOs : all a bunch of feeble-minded idiots
drifting to the far-right.

that time, numerous websites were created to fight the new enemies :
the "confusionists", "red-browns",
"conspiracists". Lists
were made of the names of revolutionary
militants and independent intellectuals opposing the mainstream
narrative. They were associated with fascism and discredited.
kind of intellectual terrorism spread among the militants : some had
to shut up or leave. The internet was heavily used for that purpose
and there was no place for "conspiracy theories" in
the forums, just the same as in the mainstream
media. Talking about the CIA became impossible, just when the wars

might say it's scatterbrained or paranoid to think that the CIA could
manipulate small groups of radical leftists in France. On the
contrary, I have reason to believe that agencies such as the CIA,
MI6, Mossad or maybe the
PsyOps of the US Army are using revolutionary
ideology to influence the whole society, to build consent to NATO
wars, to a rise of violence inside western countries, and even to
provide soldiers for their proxy war in Syria as well as to control
terrorist organizations in western countries.

militants of the Revolutionary Left are theoretically ready to accept
the idea of violence and war, and a whole part of the society has a
romantic positive opinion of the concept of revolution : so let's
tell them revolutions are happening in the Middle East.

now we know as a fact that these wars were initiated by the alliance
of NATO, Israel and the Gulf Cooperation Council, and that behind the
narrative of democratic rebels heroically fighting a criminal regime,
there was the Muslim Brotherhood and jihadists who came from the
whole world to destroy Libya and Syria with support from the
CIA, Turkey,
Arabia and Israël.
But at the beginning of the war, you were a monster if you imagined
any link between the Syrian "rebels" and the CIA. The
groups of the Revolutionary Left not only celebrated these so-called
"revolutions", they demanded international solidarity and
spread an insidious propaganda, based on the mainstream narrative but
tailored to their own audience.

course, they said Bachar al Assad, the ophthalmologist, was the new
Hitler, and that he enjoyed torturing children. But they went


early 2011, Alternative Libertaire taught us that
the Muslim Brotherhood was torn between islamism and democracy, and
that they were indispensable for the revolution.
Since the Brotherhood is a half-secret political and military
organization, heavily supported by the US, Qatar and Turkey, how
could anyone think they are interested in democracy ? In
Syria they killed hundreds of people before Hafez el Assad brutally
shattered them in Hama in 1982. At
the time the DIA counted 2,000 casualties amongst the Brotherhood,
including 300-400 of their "elite Secret Apparatus".
The whole note should be read carefully : it clearly shows the means
used by the militants, how they spread fake news from western
countries to create the illusion that the regime was on the verge of

told a very different story in which 20,000, sometimes 40,000
innocent people were cynically murdered by the "regime" and
no mention of the Brotherhood : "In
1982 Hama's population was massacred by Hafez-el-Assad".
In another article from the New Anti-capitalist Party (NPA), you
could read that the Brothers were "individually present"
but "discreet", when they were the
main opposition force in the country and they had a long experience
in destabilizing it. In 2012 when the jihadists had already shown up,
when the Brotherhood had already created the Syrian National Council,
they still wrote that "the
islamists or Muslim Brothers have little impact and militant presence
on the ground", and Gilbert Achcar, a
prominent figure of the NPA, declared in 2013 that "even
if it was an islamist revolution, we should support it".
An anticapitalist party was ready to support a sectarian uprising in
a country with many non-Sunni minorities. It is now well known that
"rebels" established charia courts :
what could be the fate of a Christian or an Alawi in these courts ?
They are inspired with the sectarian wahhabi ideology that was spread
in the whole world by Saudi Arabia with the blessing of the US and
other western countries. They are paid
with foreign funds and equipped
with heavy weaponry.

propagandists systematically inverted reality. Since the "rebels"
were sectarian, they had to say that evil Assad was sectarian, and
very often they suggested Assad
himself had created or supported ISIS. In an
interview with Robin Yassin Kattab, you could
read strange equations :

= conspiracy theories
= Russia and Iran
Al Qaïda = islamophobia
against terrorism = being conservative
= supporting dictatorships
revolution = Spanish republic
= jihadism = fascism


also promoted violence. Just a month after the beginning of the
"revolution", Bertold du Ryon wrote that "some
opponents and observers think that it's too late for dialogue"
"the population won't be appeased by the dictatorship, whenever
until recently part of it watched out for the perspective of a
violent revolution." No place was left for
dialogue : "Those
who are in the streets today will never go back and don't want to
negociate anything. All they want is a regime change",
a "Syrian Militant" told the NPA.

they demanded weapons for the "rebels" : "we
need weapons, training too". At the end of
2012, when thousands of jihadists from the whole world came to Syria
after being trained in Turkey or Jordan, the NPA wrote that "the
so-called military aid only comes from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Libya.
It's inconsequential and only concerns small and marginalised
'islamic' groups."

in 2014, Gilbert Achcar called for a civil war in Syria : "It's
an illusion to think that you can overthrow the despote with
demontrations", it
be achieved "only by weapons". So the Syrians need "a
revolution thats wins through an armed popular insurgency
resulting in a civil war." "The syrian revolution
can grow only by becoming a civil war." "The great failure
of democrats and progressists of the syrian opposition is that they
didn't understand the inevitability of a civil war."


the beginning of the war in Syria the propagandists spread confusion,
saying that the countries which supported the militants were in fact
protecting Assad. In 2011 Alternative Libertaire declared that the
Western countries "had
lost control". The NPA explained why
countries, the Saudi and especially Israel" were so "careful"
: "they consider Assad as a known evil and a pillar of the local
order. What could come after him is much more terrifying for them."
continuation of the Syrian regime is the best option for Israel."
do the West and Israel fear so much to lose the regime of Bachar al
Assad ?" "The
victory of the syrian revolution will open a new front of resistance
against imperialist powers, and its failure would strenghten them."
they are afraid of religious integrism, some in the left do not
support the Syrian insurgency. It's nonsense ! The anti-imperialists
and anti-capitalists should stick with Arab revolutionaries."
powers will give no support - specifically no military support - to
any opposition force, because they trust none of them."

lies have been constantly told to the audience and supporters of the
revolutionary and Antifa groups. In 2016, when all the mainstream
media were crying over a genocide in Aleppo (in
Paris the mayor even switched the Eiffel Tower lights off to condemn
this imaginary genocide),
they repeated the same story : "the
massacre has begun in Aleppo."
shocking truth is that the Syrian people didn't meet enough
international solidarity compared to its sacrifices. It is alone in
front of a bloodthirsty regime, showing the courage of these young
people, these popular masses facing the extreme barbarism
of the regime and its allies".
These "popular masses" were thousands of jihadists holding
the population hostage, killing, robbing, raping.
The NPA called them "heroes".


2013-2014, the anarchist ideology was used more and more. Leila
"Shrooms" Shami, who presents herself as a human rights
activist, praised Omar Aziz, a "syrian anarchist" who
had supposedly conceptualized revolutionary councils inspired by the
views of Rosa Luxembourg and the Paris Commune. But if you read the
document itself, councils are asked to obey the Syrian National
Council (founded by the Muslim Brotherhood) and to serve the Free
Syrian Army (driven by Al Qaeda), and there is absolutely nothing
that looks like anarchism in it. We don't know much about Omar Aziz,
except he lived in Saudi Arabia and in the USA. Leila
Shami is close to Charles Lister, a Qatar-linked propagandist, and
although Shami is a common syrian name, she is a british citizen that
can't pronounce the arabic language.
She wrote a book
Robin Yassin Kattab to depict the rebels as socialist

France, a collective was created to promote the "rebels"
and their "anarchist councils" : Avec
la Révolution Syrienne
(with the Syrian revolution), and this collective produced articles
and held
conferences under
the flag of the Free Syrian Army, a flag that was created
in the 30's by
the French administration,
when Syria was a French colony.


2014 a new operation started : the Rojava. Anarchist activists,
although still supporting the "Islamic-anarchist"
rebellion, became fascinated by the Kurds of the PYD, the Syrian wing
of the PKK. Le leader of the PKK, imprisoned in Turkey, is said to
have changed his Marxist-Leninist ideology for the "municipalism"
of Murray Bookchin, an American anarchist. The Kurds are supposed to
be creating an anti-capitalist, libertarian, egalitarian, feminist
and ecological society.

it now appears clearly that Rojava is the plan B of the war against
Syria, after the failure of jihadists. An independent Kurdistan
inside the Syrian and Iraqi territory would divide and weaken these
countries, deprive them of oil and gas-rich territories, and threaten
Iran where many Kurds also live. We should not forget that the real
Kurdistan is not in Syria. In fact, Rojava is mostly outside
Kurdistan. Kurds live mostly in Turkey, in Iraq (where they are
supported by Israel) and in Iran. One would think Turkey is opposed
to the creation of Kurdistan, but you can also consider that Erdogan
can benefit a lot from deporting Turkish Kurds to Syria and
repopulating the south of Turkey with Arabs. And
indeed, the YPG are suspected to proceed
to population displacement.

order to muddy the waters, the USA have created the Syrian Democratic
Forces to regroup Kurds with Arab fighters, but the Kurds are
dominant and the PYD actually rules the Rojava. The USA has created
military bases all over the territory and sent hundreds of soldiers
there, which means that they silently and illegally invaded the
country, with the help of their Kurdish proxy.

last developments clearly show that the SDF main target is not ISIS
but the Syrian army : at the moment the Syrian army finally
liberated Deir-ez-Zor and crossed the Euphrates, they were face to
face with the SDF who had crossed 50 km of ISIS territory in 24 hours
with no resistance. Isis counter-attacked, coordinated with an Al
Qaida-led offensive, against the Syrian army. The US-led SDF took
advantage of this situation to grab more oil and gaz fields,
extending Rojava into 100% Arab territories.

libertarian haven is supposed to have been created in tribal war
zones, under the control of an army equipped and commanded by the
USA. It's hard to believe and the propagandists carefully adopted an
ambiguous posture of "critical support", still clearly
supporting the US-backed SDF. "It’s
incredibly easy – shamefully so in some ways – to sit in
the comfort of our western homes and criticize the ‘sell out’
nature of a movement for ‘collaborating’ with imperialism
when the lives of so many are literally on the line. Arm
chair revolutionism and solidarity contingent only on notions of
‘purity’ is meaningless in the real world.",
Marcel Cartier said.

critical money
and fighters were sent to Rojava. One could follow the
adventures of a French libertarian in the YPG, see pictures and
videos using
every symbol of anarchism and anti-fascism : the red and black flags,
the circle-As... A
site clearly explained how you could join the front. Anarchists
from the whole world flew to Syria, in the footsteps of the
jihadists, to fight for Rojava, because of this propaganda. It might
not be more than a few hundreds of them, but exactly as for the
jihadists, it allowed their countries of origin to get rid of many
activists and use their anger for their own purposes.

how the Revolutionary Left has been used to provide Western anarchist
fighters, to kill Arabs with US weapons and partition a non-aligned

many pseudo-leftist
media outlets have been created which promote riots and violence
in France, while praising the Syrian "revolution". Other
media are used to influence the Left, such as comic
art, or
documentaries and
about Anarchism and Punks, on the respected Arte Channel. Of
course it can be called paranoia to think the movies broadcast on TV
are chosen to influence our conscience. But I think it's quite
realistic to consider that an oligarchy which controls the largest
army in history and all the mainstream media will use all its
knowledge in social engineering and neuroscience to manipulate
masses. With the Revolutionary Left, it's most likely that they
didn't need to infiltrate anything more than its media: they used
ideology, intellectual terror, psychological traps, to take controls
of the minds of activists. It's about time to get rid of the whole
"conspiracy theory" swindle and realize what the oligarchy
is doing to us.