Originally published Thursday, November 16, 2017

This is so stupid, I'm writing it on my cell phone.

Is Bareburger involved in fraud?

On Friday, September 1st, Jimmy Pelekanos, Co-Founder of Bareburger, gave me this email address​,
, almost a full week after I advised him (on August [27]) of the tax fraud ongoing at one of the properties in town: they had been keeping two sets of books at least from June through July, not withholding taxes on cash tips, to my knowledge [and recollection].

It was supposed to be temporary but I was later advised that cash tips would not be declared at the end of the year.
, allegedly the owner of the property in question, in over two months, has not replied.

I attempted contacting the store General Manager, Maria Veras, at the email she had given me previously last June,
, repeatedly, but was advised verbally by her November 8th, that she has not been reading the new email and is now using another account. I pinged both Maria's old email and the alleged owner's email on the evening of November 8th, and neither returned a delivery failure message.

Maria is a very special person, has degrees in Criminal Justice and humbly accepted a job as Bareburger General Manager while waiting for reply to an application for a position as a New York City Police Detective. I have ample cause to suspect that she was not advised of her rights and responsibilities, has been defrauded, and that she is on the spot, implicated in tax fraud, [possibly being extorted,] despite my many foiled attempts to inform her. She needs our support, in this time of need. Her job was bad enough working with a bunch of frauds, without concern for a tax audit. Please pray that she will be prepared to work with the proper authorities and surrender every evidence of wrongdoing, to protect her future career in Law Enforcement.

I called 311 [November 14], to advise myself of the proper authorities where to surrender evidence of these and other crimes. City and State tax fraud, I was advised, goes to the Sheriff's Department, Federal Tax, to the IRS. I didn't get the info for SSI or other agency, but my next phone call will most likely be to the Bar Association: I need a lawyer specializing in the Rights and Responsibilities of the Journalist. There is too much information, are too many agencies, is too much esoteric bureaucracy for the naive autodidact to navigate alone.

My next step is to continue researching MMS management freeware. My phone sequesters too much information for proper functioning presently. I have to test LINUX distros on a Virtual Machine and learn how to sync my phone. Mounting a device to a Virtual Machine can be challenging enough when you're a novice, and that goes for a flash drive or a camera. Everything's going wireless or to the cloud these days unless you have extra hardware. Picking not just the right Distro, but the right fab, is everything. I read somewhere that KDE has some built-in MMS management options.
"The Ninth Amendment says if you do the crime, you may have The Right to Three Hots and a Cot."*
—Corporal Pun Intend Intended In
"Insecteeus Humbugghius?
"Why, you fraud!
"You can't even spell your own name!"
—Spelling Bee
"A slavish concern for the composition of words is the sign of a bankrupt intellect!
"Begone, odious wasp!
"You smell of decayed syllables!"
"Vectors have both direction and magnitude."
"Scalars have only magnitude."
The Phantom Tollbooth
Norton Juster
illustrated by Jules Feiffer
animated by Chuck Jones & Co.
*Three Hots and a Cot
•Three Hot Meals a Day
•A Cot to Sleep In at Night