don iarussi mfa author

don iarussi mfa author

sue edelman is a piece of liberal shit...i told her about liberals sexually abusing people, matt lauer, abc tv, cuny tv, bklyn college t center. dept.......she ignored..she is liberal garbage..............ABC TV WHERE SEXUALLY HARASSING STRAIGHT GUY IS OK AND IGNORED. JUST ASK STEVE NENNO . WAIT THEY AT ABC AND STEVE NENNO IGNORED MY COMPLAINTS...THE LIBERAL MEDIA LIKE ABC TV, ALL MY CHILDREN, ETC, CUNY TV, BROOKLYN COLLEGE TV CENTER...The truth about this school and its professors and staff has been covered up for 30 years.

Bob William the tv dept head at the time was having sex in his office with undergrad women. I was sexually harassed by vinnie verdi, marc thomas a student , adam walker a mfa student who also plagiarized his senior mfa thesis. Harassed by mfa student manik Mahna (who also was paid by convicted pedophile and ma student Student steve linetsky $500 to write his thesis) I was also harassed by a student who i cannot remember his name that did not make it past the first year at the mfa program. Vinnie Verdi continuously harassed me for two years making disgusting comments about my sexuality.

.I have no problem taking a polygraph in reference to this. Ann Reynold, ignored my complaints, as well as complaints by other students who were being sexually harassed by reg gamar, bob Williams, the Tv Dept head. ,Gideon fiatr who along with his lover ran the TV Center in 1988-1989 ...CUNY TV currently has Vinnie Verdi and Adam Walker as employees. I was blacklisted by cuny tv and called a rat by Vinie verdi for exposing corruption and sexual harassment at Brooklyn College tv center and tv department. Adam Walker and his brother made sexual harassing phone calls to my home and my moms asking me to suck their penis, adam walker also was having sex with an undergrad student while teaching a class at the tv department many students also accused George Rodman of harassment. Rod man told me I was black listed from working in the tv center/tv dept. NOT MUCH DIFFERENT WHILE I WAS WORKING FOR ABC TV AFTER BEING HIRED BY STEVE NENNOS, WHERE I WAS TOLD THAT THEY THOUGHT I WAS GAY. IF THEY KNEW I WAS NOT GAY THEY WOULD NOT HAVE HIRED ME. OFFERED TO SUCK MY DICK, SAYING THAT EVERYONE IS GAY....THE MEDIA IGNORED MISOGYNIST LIBERALS AT ABC AND IT WAS OKAY FOR GAY EMPLOYERS TO DEMAND SEX FROM STRAIGHT MEN

You can look up past articles I wrote on Pro sports, rape crisis centers, my employment in the media and my association with hollywood, nyc left and their disdain for the GOP while they practiced sexual harassment daily.. The left openly supported the anabling wife of a serial rapis Hillary Clinton. They Protected Jesse Jackson, John Conyers, JFK, RFK, Teddy Chappaquiddick Kennedy, Al Frankhan, OJ Simpson

Clinton in command is a great comedy piece about the enabling wife of a serial rapist. A woman who is as misogynist as any man ever made. I have to laugh when I see feminists defending the sad, out of control woman who has not had a thought that has helped humanity in all her years alive. Listening to the hypocritical Clinton supporters has made me ponder many questions. I watch this pathetic criminal of a woman add lie upon lie on her resume and the lemmings in the left wing media fawn over this sad woman.

1- If the Clinton rapes are a vast right wing conspiracy. Why are all the women who accused Clinton of rape "democrats"? Are democrat women so suppressed that it causes them to hallucinate and lie?

2-Should I trust a woman that has not had control over her own family and life and has been so beaten down by her husband. She still denies the rapes but claims she is a leader for all women?

3- She has admitted to having two way conversations with the spirit of Elenore Roosevelt?

4- This woman with a perfect memory has so many metal lapses involving real estate, Benghazi, futures trading, whether or not she was under fire by enemy aircraft? side note, she was not under attack!

5- Her able bodied associate from Arkansas shoots himself to avoid prosecution.. His suicidal body is somehow moved to a different location? Was it Eleanor Roosevelt who moved the body?

There has not been justice for those who have been sexually harassed, badgered, abused in the work place, etc. It has taken a very long time for the left to be exposed.