Folie à deux: A Madness Shared by Two; Shared Psychosis


"Whiteness" is driving people mad.

I witness 'Blacks' in my environment explain the mental turmoil that happens as a result of the existence of "whiteness", while I do not generally expect 'Whites' to look at school-shootings and 'mass-shootings' as a consequence of the socially constructed concept of 'whiteness'.
While skin color is rooted in objective biology, the concept 'whiteness' can only live in the mind, as a psychological entity. In the same way, reproductive biology is objective, while 'maleness' and 'femaleness' are psychological entities.

Before 1610, there was no such thing as 'white people', but now I have 'white' as my designation on my ID card. What happened in between is that a ruling-class constructed the 'white' identity as a means of enforcing a social hierarchy. It is a social construct in plain sight since it has a history of who was let in and out of the designation. There's no real truth here besides people being told to believe a lie so they can oppress someone else.

The objective reality of that seed of destruction persists, manifesting in extreme systemic violence in many forms.

A young person designated as 'white' in the USA is tactically entrenched in a form of systemic psychosis, that by virtue of its binary, must intrinsically be shared by two.


I saw the X-Files episode titled "Folie à Deux", and it stuck with me.

When the Las Vegas shooting happened, I believe 'whiteness' was laid bare for what is has always been. Now I see young people getting a feel for the systemic aspect regarding student anti-gun activism.

The point is to see the intersections. We can not divorce the gun problem from the 'whiteness' and 'maleness' problems that are being foisted upon every generation.

All aspects are mutual problems.

"Folie à Deux". We don't get one side without the other, with regard to male supremacy and white supremacy. We have four poles going on in reality.

All that is going on in every shooters head, and there is no surprise that a stereotypical white male supremacist leader is having the effect it is on the young white men of the nation. Trump represents 'white' people's end of the shared insanity. We keep teaching that to our kids, and they keep shooting each other.


Split 'whiteness' into another category, which is the one of this narrative. I see the 'white' on my own ID card from a different perspective.

I see what 'whiteness' is, which is nothing a I need, except to reject as an ethical person. There is no neutral on the ethics train. One can not reject if one does not work against. If we do not work against a system, we work for it. Ethics demands constant action to be genuine.


Once I see it this way, what would it mean to jump back into the white identity and defend it?
That would be hypocrisy, because I can't pretend to not know what I know.


"Whiteness" is a phony concept that people believe is real. That's psychological dynamite, yet the mainstream won't say that.

In all the news of mental health, bullying, suicide, drug and school-shooting epidemics, there is no talk of the social engineering of those crises.


The mainstream accepts that socially constructed concepts are necessary for social order, and therefore the concept of 'whiteness' is allowed.

What is marketing? Very fancy psychological manipulation.

Our culture relies on fantasy for social order and the economy, and therefore the violent concept of 'whiteness' is allowed. We should all know the USA is built on bullshit, and that 'whiteness' is primal bullshit that precedes the USA itself.


It's a history lesson. And we can write new history.

We do that with genuine ethics of solidarity based in truth, creativity, agency and compassion.
The opposite of 'whiteness; is not 'blackness', but Ethics and Critical Thinking.


Folie à deux is shared insanity. What comes with the rejection of 'whiteness' is simply shared sanity.
For an individual it comes as a revelation, but for society it is a monumental challenge for the genuinely good people who reject the construct.

-- Driving False-Consciousness Down, ~Race Traitor Joe