Brazil: Moro and Lebbos torture Lula by isolation.
They try to force Lula to give up his presidential candidacy. He is the first in all polls. They did not even authorize the doctor's visit. The popular leader has more than seventy years and already had cancer. Moro could not condemn him without evidence. Moro, by Brazilian law, could not even judge him. He is a judge in Paraná, and the alleged crime, happened in Guarujá, São Paulo. The trial is null. That is why Carmen Lúcia, president of the STF and lobbyist of the international oil companies does not set a date to judge the merits. Now Moro has made public his interest in continuing to judge Lula. This is prohibited by Brazilian law. EXCEPTION OF SUSPICION - art. 95, I, of the CPP. How long will the world allow these gangsters to continue wearing toga?