Brazil: Lula challenges Moro to present at least one evidence!
He says he will remain a candidate until the judge presents some honest proof of his alleged crimes. The apartment that would have been luxuriously renovated and would have received a private elevator was filmed and proved to be lies and infamy. Moro's invoices were a gross falsification of a company linked to the PSDB and that had no seat. Lula leads all polls, many, many, many votes ahead. His arrest further improved his position in the polls because the people have already understood that the arrest is to prevent his third presidential term. Lula promises a revocatory plebiscite as the first measure of government, to listen to the population, for example, about the scandalous delivery of Brazilian oil, promoted by the coup. Moro and the judges of the second instance did not rigorously present any evidence, sinking Brazilian judiciary into a sea of mud of worldwide repercussion. In Brazil, however, the Globo television network has protected the magistrates involved in the scandal. In addition there is the traditional invitation of the heavy people: obey and be rich and alive! American citizenship and the international democratic community must help Brazilian people to regain Lula's freedom and the full functioning of the rule of law and democracy.