Brazil: Lula is kidnaped!
Although democratic and popular sectors rightly claim that Lula is a political prisoner, since Sérgio Moro was unable to present a single evidence against him, there is controversy now.
"Minister" Gilmar Mendes, of the "Supreme Federal Court", famous for granting freedom to the most notorious and proven thieves of the country, stated categorically that "only release Lula if he gives up the candidacy for the presidency," unequivocally configuring the use of Brazilian justice to kidnap Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, absolute leader in all the surveys, with ample conditions to win already in the first round!
It is well known that the rule of law would prevent international and local predation, which is now going on in Brazil. So they have to suppress it! Keeping Lula in prison and driving him away from the inevitable electoral victory is the simplest way to do it! It's not Lula who's arrested! It's Brazil and the Brazilian people!
Who is the real boss of Sérgio Moro and of Gilmar Mendes?