Serial Killers Who Had Animal Abusing Childhoods


This thread has been started to illustrate the geometric violence involved
in hunting, fishing, butchering, lab animal research and other killing and abuse
of animals as it spreads into killing or harming human beings. God bless all
beings now and forever, including serial killers. None of us can cast the first stone.


There are 4 kinds of serial killers...
a. those who kill a chain of individuals on a one to one basis or by hiring a hit person.. some of these have been abused in childhood and have first abused animals
b. those who klll millions abstractly..never seeing those they bomb as they sit in bomber planes
or government chairs.
c. those who kill with their pens, denying petitions for mercy from prisoners on death row
d. those who kill nonhumans

An analysis of serial killers shows most frequently a pattern of abuse toward animals in childhood, as well as those who as children were abused by parents.


1. Robert Hanson, the serial rapist of 30 women and murderer of dozens would release women in the Alaska woods and then stalk them with bow and arrows. (Cleveland Amory before his death recounted that animals can be found alive with 12 arrows in them.)
2. Danny Rolling who killed 3 in Shreveport, Louisiana and 5 in Gainesville Florida, wrote his brother the night before he killed 5 Floridians a letter describing how best to kill a deer with a knife.
3. Murders are often ascribed to hunting accidents.
4. The death of children and adults from stray bullets near residential communities is frequent.
5. The problem of alcoholism in the hunter community causes accidental deaths.
6 Keith Hunter Jesperson abused gophers, dogs, and cats from the time he was 6, visiting on the animals who urinated in fright the terror others had visited upon him. Then he graduated to larger animals and to human beings.
/> 7. Timothy McVeigh was trained to kill animals by his grandfather Ed. In his diary smuggled out to the
survivalist group Wrath he wrote that after flunking out of the Rangers, he was recuited by the CIA and paid 2 million to bomb the OKC. When they framed him and arranged his arrest they also stole back the cash.
8. Senator John Cornyn of Texas with others killed 400 birds in one day, birds cage raised and released in nets directly in front of him and his partners. This occurred in Ligonier, PA. Senator Cornyn is a strong promoter of the violence in Iraq.
9. Antonin Scalia who has serially killed with his pen by turning thumbs down to requests for mercy of prisoners.. was a hunting companion of Dick Cheney in Louisiana.
10. Norman Schwarzkopf was given an award by the Safari Club for having killed 300 KINDS of animals.
He coordinated with McCaffrey, Powell, George H W Bush (also a hunter) the Highway of Death, the bombing
murder of 250,000 people, children, donkeys and dogs.


Canadian Hunter and fisherman Cody Alan Legebokoff, serial killer of women,204,203,200_.jpg


1. Jeffrey Dahmer in a tv interview before his death said he first became fascinated with dead flesh in a biology
class in a Bath Ohio high school in which he was required to cut apart animals. Dissection becomes vivisection.

2. Dr Michael Swango
MD of Ohio State, serial killer of more than 100 people in the US and Africa was trained in this primate research school to objectify animals, to see them as creatures without rights. Other university administrators in Ohio say
they are shortchanged in research dollars in cutting edge technologies because 60 million dollars of State of Ohio subsidies go to OSU animal harming research.

3 Leonard Lake This Californian who killed 19 known and many unknown victims
(bone fragments not identified) copied a frequent biology experiment, that of dissolving animal flesh in acid, an experiment taught in both public and parochial schools. Lake as a high school student dissolved many mice in acid.

4. Jack The Ripper was a physician trained in vivisection (cutting animals open alive).

5. Senator Bill Frist, member of a family of billionaires made so by their hospital chain, wrote in his autobiography that as a medical student at Harvard he had portrayed himself as an animal adopter at a Boston shelter. Through this process he took more than 1 cat to Harvard to be killed
in lab research. He later voted for the bombing of human beings.

6. A Cleveland MD, Frank Sweeney serial killer of between 12 and 40 victims was never
apprehended by Eliot Ness, FBI agent of tv show fame, because of Sweeney's political connections. The
physician had been trained as a vivisector.

7. A British MD Harold Shipman presently in jail for the murder of 218
was also trained as a vivisector. He was a physician involved in mercy killing. He did not have a right
to play God, but his motivation was compassion.



1 Michael Ross of Connecticut, strangler of 8 women, said that as a small boy he was forced to strangle
the sick chickens on his father's poultry farm. Ross was executed by the governor, prosecutors and judges of Connecticut.

2. Robert Silviera in jail in Eugene Oregon for the murder of 28 people who traveled as hobos.. was subjected as a
child to a father who cut off his pet rabbits' heads and cooked them for dinner, telling him they were chicken.

3 British juries in the 19th century did not allow butchers to judge others. It was felt that the job of killing
animals desentitized them to suffering.
4. In late Nov, 2000, international tv networks reported that a butcher sold his five year old nephew to the west for 90 thousand dollars. The boy was scheduled to be killed for parts. Russian police stopped the

5. Frank Perdue, of Perdue chickens, told others that his father killed his pet chick when he was 6. Perhaps if his fatherhad been kinder, billions of Perdue chickens might not have been
slaughtered. (Tyson's, Ohio Fresh Eggs, Perdue and other factory farms have all had deaths totally in the billions
of animals from tornado, freezing, disease, suffocation.)

6. Timothy McVeigh worked at Burger King and was trained to kill in the military.

7. Robert Pickton, serial killer of 60 some prostitutes and other women, fed their bodies to the pigs on his farm.

8. The son of a feedlot operation murdered his dog.


Professional exterminators objectify and eliminate animals for a living. They are more likely than others to kill pets. Tom Delay was an exterminator before he worked to advance Bush regime wars in the House.


1. The Arkansas boys who killed their school mates wrote from prison that they missed their Wendy's fast food diet
(adrenalin from frightened animals is a protein enzyme not entirely broken by cooking.) (Eating flesh is literally eating violence, terror, and fright)

2 The CIA in a paper on Polish unrest in the 80's mentioned that lack of meat was the primary cause of
the crisis. The trioxypurine or uric acid in meat is pre urine. It is more addictive than caffeine which is dioxypurine.)

3. M Michael McDermott who in December killed 7 at his place of work in Massachusetts preferred McDonald's food,
reported the Boston Globe.

4. As crime is associated with hidden places and darkness, goodness is associated with light.
The more fruit and vitamin C in the diet, the more comfortable human beings are with sunlight. The more animal flesh in the diet, the

more people crave darkness.


1. John Wayne Gacy, serial killer of 34 men in

Illinois, was a manager of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

2. In 2000, violence broke out between Christian

butchers and Moslem cattlemen in Lagos, Nigeria.


Serial killings by individuals on psychiatric drugs:
Xanax a focus in a psychiatrist who murdered

Serial killings by individuals on psychiatric drugs:
Xanax a focus in a psychiatrist who murdered

Serial killings by individuals on psychiatric drugs:
Xanax a focus in a psychiatrist who murdered

Serial killings by individuals on psychiatric drugs:
Xanax a focus in a psychiatrist who murdered

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Feedlot owner's son murdered dog