Trump Has Increased US Deficit By 4 to 5 Trillion Dollars

The Trump regime under the guise of cutting government costs has increased them. Between 4 and 5 trillion dollars in costs have been added to the deficit enriching Chinese, Swiss, Japanese, British and American banksters.
Trump Deficit and other costs
a 2.3 trillion added to deficit for govt welfare to the rich and to corporations
b. 1.5 trillion for increased arms purchases
c. Hundreds of billions to continues with wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen,
Syria, Somalia etc.The MOAB bomb alone with its devastating environmental impact dropped by General Nicholson
cost 16 million dollars.
d. The war glorifying and egotistical military parade was estimated to cost 92 million dollars. Trump was forced by others to cancel it.
e. The increased costs of ICE and expanded border guards
f. Billions in court costs for countless thousands of arrested immigrants 20,000 are scheduled to be imprisoned at military bases. Others are jailed in facilities from which privatized prison profiteers (including Jeff Sessions) enrichthemselves.
g. Billions in costs of imprisoning kidnapped children in some places and their parents elsewhere
h. $137,000 already the Secret Service is forced to pay to Trump golf courses for the cost of renting golf carts with which to protect him
i. Tens of millions in Secret Service costs to protect the trophy hunter Trump they hunt in Iowa, Montana, Alaska etc.
j. Trump has cost more Secret Service
than any other president. When he goes to is not just Secret Service and local police but the Coast Guard which are required to protect him.
k. Trump's sanctions against Iran, Venezuela, and Russia, nations with more socialist programs and less loanshark capitalist domination have caused Americans to pay much more at the gas tank. Increasing gas prices raises prices for much of the economy.
l. Trump's tariff program directed at Mexico, Canada, China, Europe are hurting US businesses and decreasing
tax revenue.
m. As Trump's tariffs prove disastrous and animal flesh surpluses, several billion pounds worth, accumulate, Trump & the USDA have proposed 12 billion dollars in subsidies to pig and cow murderers whose product causes animal agony, human diseases, global warming, energy waste, deforestation. These subsidies have been called 'golden crutches'. Farmers say they want trade, not aid, access to markets, not pacifiers, not trampling by Trump.
n. Trump asked for 25 billion, then 18 billion for a wall along the Mexican border whose building harms business and the environment. He has been given a portion of that amount.
o. For the first time in US history, money is being spent on Secret Service protection for Trump's press secretary who like his UN ambassador is willing to promote violent and thieving programs on his behalf.
p. Trump is working to desecrate space with weapons with an absurdly expensive program called Space Force
q. Trump is helping prison privateers further increase the debt by keeping nonviolent marijuana users and other nonviolent prisoners in jail
r. US Forestry Svc destroying marijuana plants in national forests.
s. Trump has increased the animal torture budget of NIH by several billion dollars, while denying genuine
health care to tens of millions of Americans.
Trump on pace to surpass 8 years of Obama's travel spending in 1 year
Trump's Military Parade Could Cost $30 Million - The New York Times
Trump's military parade, an example of Trump's desire to glorify war, is now estimated to cost not 32 illion but 90 or more million