54 Reasons To Oppose The Nomination Of Warmonger Brett Kavanaugh

A majority of Americans oppose nominee for the Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh and his record. He was nominated by Donald Trump for whom less than 1/4 of US eligible voters voted, a man whose campaign was studded with crimes of fraud. Senators Booker, Warren, Feingold and others have said that Trump, under criminal investigation, should not nominate anyone. Why should citizens work to defeat the Kavanaugh nomination?

1 Theft of 2000 Election

Judge Brett Kavanaugh helped Bush steal the election in which the majority of voters voted for Al Gore.

2 Violation of Clinton's Right To Privacy

Kavanaugh helped Ken Starr spend 45 million dollars violating Bill Clinton's constitutional right to privacy in his consensual sex life. Clinton was the victim of a black op (Linda Tripp of Delta Force and Lucianne Goldberg of Regnery were coconspirators) because Clinton would not invade Iraq. Starr chose Kavanaugh to write the final report in which Kavanaugh included unnecessarilly salacious details. Kavanaugh called for Clinton's impeachment.

3 Opposes Net Neutrality

Kavanaugh thinks net neutrality violates the 1st amendment.
The truth is the opposite. He is on the side of huge media companies who want to censor and slow down freedom of speech on the internet.Kavanaugh was overruled by other judges on the DC Circuit Court. He is opposed to net neutrality while the majority ruled broadband is a utility not a luxury. Because of Republicans who agree with him, huge media companies are now blocking websites, censoring content, and slowing down websites at will.

4 Kavanaugh Is Hostile To International Law Such As Geneva Convention


5 Kavanaugh Promoted The Iraq War

Kavanaugh facilitated G W Bush's illegal immoral wars, as both played as colonizing cowboys of imperialism.
6 Kavanaugh Misrepresented Truth In Congressional Hearings
misrepresenting his record in congressional hearings
7 Kavanaugh Believes Guardians Have The Right To Force Medical Procedures On Clients
The Autistic Self Advocacy Netw opposes Kavanaugh In Doe ex rel. Tarlow v. D.C., Judge Kavanaugh ruled against two women who had been forced to have abortions and one woman who was forced to have eye surgery. The D.C. agency over people with developmental disabilities consented to all three procedures without discussing them with the women. Kavanaugh wrote that because the women lacked “capacity” to make their own medical decisions independently, they had no right even to be consulted
Is it inconsistent that Kavanaugh prevented an abortion forcing teen in detention to have child but ruled in favor in another case in which authorities forced abortions on women. In both cases Kavanaugh deferred to authority figures rather than individuals

8 Denied Teen Right To Abortion

While on the circuit court he voted to deny an immigrant teen in detention her right to an abortion. He violated existing law. Garza V Hargan
9. Almost Always Sides With Big Business In Lawsuits

Kavanaugh in 12 years on the Supreme Court has almost always sided with big business.

10. Almost Always Sides With Employers Over Employees

Yet another example of Kavanaugh's slavish ratification of earthly authority is that he has almost always sided with employers ratter than their employees.
11. A foe of Mother Earth

Many question that living beings can survive global baking without earth protecting action.

In White Stallion Energy Center LLC v EPA. Kavanaugh ruled the EPA must take money into consideration in regulating carbon emissions of power plants which cause lung cancer, acid rain, etc. He has a Trump Scott Pruitt Charles Wheeler Ryan Zinke approach to the environment and was opposed to Obama's environmental protections and to EPA right of regulation.

He wrote that the EPA had no right to limit greenhouse gas emissions


12. Picked Torture Advocate John Roberts For SCOTUS

On the basis of Kavanaugh's advice, Bush picked
John Roberts, judicial serial killer and torture advocate, as his nominee.
13. Opposition To Defendants Accused Of Crimes

Kavanaugh has almost always supported wardesn and opposed defendants in criminal cases
14. Tyranny Of Vivivsecting War Invested Harvard And Yale

15. Opposed To Govt Involvement In Health Care

Kanaugh in a complicated opinion ruled against Obamacare.
16. Male Interference In Woman's Right To Choose

Brett Kavanaugh would put the cold violating hand of 5 Republican male justices as well as male legislators in states on a woman's body denying her the sovereign right to decide her own life. This is the more serious because millions or tens of millions of women have in the past died of placental abruptions, of bleeding to death, of breech births, of sepsis, of myriad causes of iatrogenic or physician error, of infections when forced to seek a nonlegal abortionist.
17. Senator Ted Kennedy's Opposition

Senator Edward M Kennedy about Brett Kavanaugh: "(He is) the youngest, least experienced and most partisan candidate in years", Kavanaugh's nomination was stalled for 3 years because of his heinous record in helping steal the people's election from Al Gore as a member of Bush's team, his unconstitutional harassment of Bill Clinton whose impeachment was fueled by those angered that he would not invade Iraq etc.
18. 911 Lies

Ashley Kavanaugh, Brett Kavanaugh's wife was personal secretary to G W Bush in the White House and like Brett Kavanugh was in the White House on Sept 11, 2001. Brett Kavanaugh is part of the coverup of the truth of the World Trade Center explosion .  http://911truth.org
19. Federalist Society Antidemocratic

Donald Trump selected Brett Kavanaugh because of the 25 judges on the rightwing Federalist list of Leonard Leo, Kavanaugh is the one who most strongly has written that no one has a right to indict a sitting president. (Perhaps Kavanaugh thinks no one should b able to impeach a president.)
20. Lawsuit Opinions 300 Of Them Re His Slavish Deference to Authorities

21. He Ruled Employers May Deny Employee Access To Birth Control

Kavanaugh has ruled that employers have the right to deny employee access to birth control.
22. Kavanaugh has ruled that the Consumer Financial Protecton Bureau was unconstitutional.

Richard Cordray who ran that bureau and forced banksters and payday lenders to obey the law and return billions to consumers is now running as a Democrat for governor of Ohio.
23. Kavanaugh Supports Judicial Murder, Serial Killing Of Prisoners

PBS reported that Judge Kavanaugh if he were to become a justice, would be in favor of the judicial muder known as execution.
24. Poor Health

Kavanaugh has a reddish complexion indicating possible cholesterol and blood pressure problems.
25. Hypocrisy

Is it not inconsistent to call oneself prolife while favoring judicial murder and illegal war?
26. Catholics On Court

Kavanaugh if confirmed would make the Court 55% Catholic John Roberts, Clarence Thomas, Sam Alito, Sotomayor are all Catholic. In exchange for the silence of US Catholic bishops about illegal wars, Bush 1 and 2 gave them Catholics for the Supreme Court. Prolife did not mean antiwar or antiexecution for the male Catholics.

27. US Supreme Court Most Powerful In World .. Antidemocratic

The Supreme Court, a recent author of a book about it said, has given more power to the justices than any other court in the world. These Republican men are not elected by the people. They as of this time are assigned to lifetime terms. This antidemocratic institution is the dead hand of the past. Who is guilty of contempt for this court? The entire world.

28. Kavanaugh Enemy Of Voting Rights

Like the 4 Republicans now on the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh is an proponent of racist gerrymandering


29. McConnell Denied Democrats A Vote On Obama Nomination

It is ironic that for several years on the DC Circuit Court, Brett Kavanaugh has served under Merrick Garland, Obama's nominee to the Supreme Court the vote up or down for whom was denied by Mitch McConnell and the Republicans. McConnell refused even to talk to Garland.

30 Kavanaugh On Precedent

On Kavanaugh's promise to follow precedent re Roe V Wade, Senator Schumer said that Justices Roberts and Gorsuch made similar promises as in 2018 they broke 40 years of labor law precedent.

31. An Ostrich Re Global Baking

The human population is approaching 8 billion people. Nearly all of them use paper derived from treekilling for lumber, newspapers, napkins, writing, bulldozng properties for new buildings, for cattle ranches etc. Already climate extremes caused by massive worldwide deforestation are killing people.

32. A Prolife Catholic Who Helped Bomb Pregnant Women In Iraq and Afghanistan

Kavanaugh facilitated the bombing of pregnant women... he caused abortions by bomb.

33 A Leaker

MSNBC reported that individual journalists have said Kavanaugh while working for Starr was a leaker. He broke the law which he claims to honor.

34. Are Semiautomatic Rifles WMD's

In Heller V District of Columbia Kavanaugh favored semiautomatic rifles He has ruled that

bans on such weapons are unconstitutional.


35. The Stars

Not for everyone... Gauquelin a skeptic ran several hundred thousand jobs & birthdates thru a computer and found amazing correlations. For the first time in 168 years Neptune is exactly opposite Kavanaugh's Pluto... this could mean he won't be confirmed.

36. Teller Of Falsehoods About Torture Of Detainees


Kavanaugh lied about Guantanamo detention. Both Senators Leahy and Durbin objected.

37. Kavanaugh Debt Exceeds Income

Major media outlets reported that Kavanaugh's debt exceeded his income

38. Opposition To Mueller Investigation

Kavanaugh in a public forum said he would like to overturn decisions affirming the constitutionality of the special counsel or independent counsel's appointment to investigate the president.

39. Kavanaugh Would Be A Judicial Murderer

Kavanaugh is a nominal observant Catholic. US bishops unanimously oppose the death penalty. Pope Francis has just decreed that opposition to the death penalty is inherently a corollary of human dignity. Yet Kavanaugh chose to work for G W Bush, the most executing governor in US history, a man who sent over 150 to their deaths. In that list were included innocents, the mentally ill, the mentally challenged, citizens of Canada, Mexico and Germany illegally denied access to their consulates.

40. Torture

As Mitch McConnell withholds records on Kavanaugh history in White House, questions resurface about his role in torture.

41 Double Standard

Kavanaugh devised the invasive unconstitutional questions asked to Clinton after subpoena'd. Kavanaugh has one stndard of law for Democratic presidents and another for illegitimately elected Republican ones. Republican presidents he believes have no right to be subpoena'd but Clinton he worked to subpoena. Republican presidents can't be indicted, he says, but he worked on the indictment of Clinton.

42. Opposes Government-provided Health Care

43 Violates Privacy Of All Americans

Kavanaugh gave wide latitude to government in spying on Americans and collecting personal data, says AP News.

44 Diversion Of Money From Public Schools

Kavanaugh, a Catholic, has worked with the Federalist Society to channel dollars from public schools to private schools, including Catholic ones. For this and other easons the NEA opposes his nomination.

45. Cap On 911 Families Of Victims at $500,000

Kavanaugh sought to cap 911 victim payments at 500 thousand  https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/supreme-court-nominee-brett-kavanaugh-sought-to-cap-9-11-payouts-to-victims-families-at-dollar500g/ar-BBMEAYe

46 Opponent Of Presidential Transparency

47 Presidential Power Unchecked

Kavanaugh is an advocate of unchecked presidential power, in essence dictatorship. Trump seems to admire dictators.

48 Kavanaugh Ruled For GTMO Torturers Over Prisoners

Kavanaugh ruled in favor of the torturing illegal Guantanamo Bay prison and against the rights of the prisoners

49 Opposed To Class Action Lawsuits

Kavanaugh Would Be 'Solid Goalie' Against Class Actions – Big Law
Jul 11, 2018 - Class action plaintiffs aren't likely to fare any better at the U.S. Supreme Court with the potential addition of Judge Brett Kavanaugh . President

50. Racist Gerrymandering

Kavanaugh voted to allow a restrictive voter ID law to go into effect in South Carolina,

51. Creator Of Super PACs

Kavanaugh believes the wealthy have more right to influence political opinion than the middle class or poor. He created the Super PAC and supports the SCOTUS decision that money is a form of speech.

He supports the concept that money talks.


52, Originalist Re Constitution

Kavanaugh like Scalia is an originalist. Literal originalists would favor slavery, no vote for women, a franchise only for property owners. Originalists want the crystallized dead hand of the past to prevent laws which support growing consciousness of the rights of women, blacks, Asians, of animals, birds, fishes, trees.

53. Hidden Actions

Over half of the documents generated by Kavanaugh at the White House and court have not been requested by the GOP dominated Judiciary Comm.

54. Unionbuster

Kavanaugh is a unionbuster.



Senator Schumer wrote
'“From the notorious Starr report, to the Florida recount, to the President’s secrecy and privilege claims, to post-9/11 legislative battles including the Victims Compensation Fund, to ideological judicial nomination fights, if there has been a partisan political fight that needed a very bright legal foot soldier in the last decade, Brett Kavanaugh was probably there.”

A stream of new informati on has come in in regards to Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh.







Please if you agree call 202 224 3121, the Senate and make your views known on talk shows, to friends, etc.