New York, 09/06/2018

"The Coffee Advisors" narrates the independent 9/11 investigation by a Middle School professor in Brooklyn. She transmits her findings clandestinely from the school radio station with the help of a potpourri of anonymous confidents. Her investigation turns into a progression of surreal events.

The series uses fictional characters and plots to mock some of the questionable details that have been circulated during the last 17 years by the US Government, Media and conspiracy theorists.

The first three episodes are opening at the Anthology Film Archives Theatre in Manhattan (with a capacity for 187 spectators) on Saturday, September 29th, at 7:45 pm.

Free admission until full capacity. A discussion will be held after the screening with the creator, actors and crew.

This project is dedicated to all 9/11 victims and their friends and family members.



For more info:
(+1) 929 272 9991

Yours Sincerely:
Lander Camarero

Lander Camarero is an independent producer and writer living in Brooklyn. Pressure Filmak is his Production Company and he has done several documentaries and short films under this label. He has been shooting all around the world in places like Iraq, Oman, Austria, Argentina, India or USA.

You can check his work in this reel: