35 senate races in 2018 A list of endorsements. Please disseminate widely.

To have a Democratic majority senate, it is urgent that a high %
of these races are won by the Democrats. Maine's King an independent
caucuses with Democrats.

Urgent close races: AZ CA FL IN MO NB ND TN TX WV

Incumbent Republicans who to make our national park a trophy hunters' shooting gallery or own slaughterhouse concerns include

Hyde-Smith, Fischer, Barrasso, Wicker, Heller, Cruz

AZ Sinema
CA De Leon
CT Murphy
DE Carper
FL Nelson

HW Hirono
IN Donnelly
ME King
MD Cardin
MA Warren

MI Stabenow
MN Klobuchar
MN Smith
MS McDaniel not Hyde-Smith
MS Baria

MO McCaskill
MT Tester
NB Raybould
NV Rosen
NJ Menendez

NM Heinrich
NY Gillibrand
ND Heitkamp
OH Brown
PA Casey

RI Whitehouse
TN Bredesen
TX O'Rourke
UT Wilson
VT Sanders

VA Kaine
WA Cantwell
WV Manchin

WI Baldwin

WY Trauner

Arizona: Opponent of Sinema is M McSally who bombed adults, children, animals, birds and trees in Iraq while Sinema was standing against the war.

1 De Leon because Dianne Feinstein's record re animals contains secret areas. She was a cosponsor of AETA, the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, opposed by virtually every animal rights organization or humane society because it criminalizes videotaping documentation of

torture of animals in slaughterhouses, laboratories fur farms, factory farms etc.
2 Her husband Richard Blum has for many years been a regent of the University of California. For
several years he was chairman of the board of the regents. He also furthered animal torturing research
at many Univ of California schools.
3 Blum is on the board of the vivisecting American Cancer Society.
4 At Sutro Blum led a partnership that acquired Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus for $8 million In four years he sold it making a 500% profit on the backs of suffering beaten elephants and other circus animals.
5. All the heinous illegal wars for whose appropriations she has voted have killed trillions
of animals burned to death by bombs, crushed by tanks, abandoned to starve, seized and eaten etc.
6. The vaccinations she works to make compulsory are not vegetarian or vegan and are have lethal side effects. They are a major source of revenue for multinational drug companies.
7. At the California Democratic convention, Feinstein had arranged
scrambled eggs be served to delegates, over 2/3 of whom voted against her.


Florida: Nelson voted against aerial hunting. His opponent Rick Scott, one of 7 executioners in the US, tried to introduce hunting and cattle ranches to Florida parks, has a terrible environment record.

Indiana: Donnelly's opponent is endorsed by the NRA

Missouri: McCaskill because Josh Hawley sued California. He opposes making cages in factory farms less horrible for chickens who are presently as many as 9 jammed into a 2 ft by 2 ft by 1.5 ft cage (variations occur). Hawley also sued for the right to murder Missouri prisoners with chemicals banned by their manufacturers and by many countries.

Mississippi: McDaniel, not Cindy Hyde-Smith who is a unelected cattle rancher who voted for Kavanaugh.

Mississippi: Baria, not Roger Wicker who voted for aerial hunting and for Kavanaugh

Texas: O'Rourke not Cruz who voted for aerial hunting in our national wildlife refuge and may be the most cruel attorney every to argue before the Supreme Court


Utah: Vote Wilson not Mitt Romney who is an insider trader warmonger, investor in slaughterhouse suffering, whose son was a purchase of a voting machine co.