REBEL WITHOUT APPLAUSE: Poems and Journalism


By Michael Dargaville

If you’re a spiritual punk communist who believes the governments of the world are lying about the alien agenda, then you’d know what it’s like to live on the very, very, very outside. On the extreme fringe.

In the western world, life is consumed by endless lies and propaganda. Capitalism is great. War is great. Computers are everything. Everyone wears blue jeans but are brain fucked by a relentless fascist media controlled by 5 or 6 huge conglomerates! Western propaganda is now so entrenched that every level of society is consumed by the mass marketing of consumerism and the illusionary benefits of the American dollars..

On top of this western universities pump out the sick capitalist agenda based on the materialist premise that reality is tirelessly majorly “unholy”, “unspiritual” even if you’re a fucking Christian, because most Christians are philosophical materialists. They believe reality is some weirdo aspect of god who is separate from matter. Christian theology and philosophy was based on the Greek philosophy of Aristotle, who was a philosophical materialist. Matter produces mind (or spirit).

Of course there are these cool funky hippie universities, open and free spirits, some located in California, who are genuinely open to the new paradigm revolution. But generally western universities are preaching corporatism (essentially fascism) disquised as open minded liberalism plus philosophical materialism. God is dead. Long live humanism, they say. The old “Leftie” academics have been replaced by fakes. Flabby boring innane brain dead “academics” obsessed by their own repugnant philosophies. Some are “leftists” but their leftism has to be approved by the Central Intelligence Agency or whoever controls their mind. Open minds are clinically dead
The western world is now hopelessly fascist, subverted and controlled, capitalist in the extreme, corporatised, run by Illuminati bankers, the billionaires, their servants (ie, leaders of governments and political parties), spies, the bureaucrats of small business and everyday life! You know what I mean! Everywhere you go in the western world Generation Y grope for their inane sick inherited culture of consumerism. Genuine socialist or communist rebellion is now for “whackos”, capitalism has won and is the only way!

Meanwhile, the non-western world IS rebelling. They are saying fuck you. China is communist with 60% of the large corporations still publicly owned by the government and by the people as well as all farming land…that is communism, baby. Examples of this is the hugely successful Haier, which produces white goods such as washing machines. They are now global and expanding fast. On top of this the 800 million farmers are still living on public socialist land. Yeah, sure, they’ve chucked in some market strategies and that the western fascist media says how capitalist China is, but that is nothing but western propaganda. I know as I’ve lived in China for the past 18 years. China now connects with the dead capitalist western markets from these market strategies, but that’s actually called survival and has now made this proud communist nation the leading economy on the planet! Communism works.

Meanwhile, Africa is fighting for its life. Socialism is returning. South Africa has joined BRICS, and implementing socialist measures. The same in Latin America. Socialism is thriving! Of course this is never promoted in the western media, which is controlled ultimately by corrupt governments in tandem with “talented billionaires” to prop up some sort of fake democracy! Nothing but spy talk.

So I live on the outside, right on the outside. Furthermore, I am a philosophical idealist. I believe mind creates matter. That is the definition of idealism in philosophy. Mind produces matter. This of course is followed nowhere in the western world universities. Except California, as mentioned before. These leftover funky socialist spiritual “New Left” hippies gave us some legacy. But nevertheless it is still a pretty tame form of the New Age, considering the entire New Age movement has gone alien, and I mean, REALLY alien, like ET, extra extraterrestial. But the funky cool colleges in California offer PhDs in transpersonal psychology, which is a genuine breakthrough against the evil fascisms of cognitive behaviorism in psychology and psychiatry. I mean you can only lock up a certain number of depressives and force policy drug orders on them.

My research degrees where I did Masters degrees and some major doctoral work is in this area of philosophical idealism! But the entire western world universities are still, to this day, preaching materialism, a form of materialism that they don’t even know they subconsciously suffer from. everywhere in the western world. I am a total outsider, despite my academic work being at the cutting edge destroying materialism with quantum physics. Yet remember there is still California, but I can’t live there because I believe the USA to be a truly fascist evil nightmare capitalist materialist military dictatorship run by 1% of the billionaire club and the elite military controllers inflicting this nightmare on the entire world. So that’s why I don’t and wouldn’t live in California. So I am an outsider! A real outsider!

Being an outsider can be lonely but it can also become an empowering way of life. It teaches strength, resilience, honesty, truth, happiness! Yet it can also be demanding and discouraging and even degrading in the extreme at the abuse that can be received by the dirt bags who view me as trash, or, just a total outsider. It can bred a deep extremism in your feelings ranging from utter hope to utter hell!

My communism is little understood in the western world! I can’t see the sense in private ownership of anything really, except maybe a 9 metre old wooden yacht I could live on! But owning a house has big drawbacks. Rates, insurance, wear and tear. And then there is work. Selling your “surplus value” to some motherfucker swine laughing at you behind your backs. And like 80 world billionaires owning half of all the world’s wealth. Governments tell us that these people create wealth for others. I fail to see how this works, Mr Government Person. To me all that wealth could be in the hands of public wealth. Giving it all back for public housing, public industry, public farms, public small business to boost the economy, public alternative medicine in opposition to billionaire charities. You know what I mean, public. Public wealth, not private wealth for these billionaires that have huge yachts and ships, controlling the souls of the tens of millions on this planet! This is not justice but cruel fascist insanity supported by governments around the world, yet being “resisted” in Asia, Africa and South America by some governments…….and this is where the hope of the world is plus the alternative movement in the western world which is now permanently fractured until some major intellectual/spiritual change happens in these fascist sick western countries.

And I suppose I could get on my motorbike, preferably a big fast electric one, and do an “easy rider” taking off around the world and sleeping under the stars in my tent in public cheap camping areas and nice groovy but wholesome locals giving me a bit of work to survive, that sort of thing!

When I look back at my life, I’ve always been on the very outside of society. Living on the outside and being an outsider became my way of life at a very early age. I became a hippie when I was a teenager and at the same time also a deadly earnest surfer and skateboarder…….skateboarding was a true slap in face against western society during the 1970s……I had long hair, became a Buddhist, was associated with some types of substances that were not savoury, wore blue jeans and was a determined spiritual socialist. I hated the police, with their thick red necks and horrible fascist temperament. I also hated the military and their endless quest for wars. As a young teenage hippie they truly made me sick. But I was deadly scared of the cops because I knew how dangerous they were in their ability to set people up they didn’t like. When I looked out at the broader general society from my hippie bliss, hippies were nowhere to be seen. Hippies were seen as trash by the government, by the police, by local councils, by the schools, nothing but dirty trash. I realised at a very young age that an outsider’s life is indeed a genuine reality….that was in the 1970s.

And then I became a punk which even made me more into the outside. Because punk culture most definitely was not part of the mainstream capitalist culture, not part of the fascist myopic western culture of dead pop songs, television stations and radio stations full of right wing goons and American programming. It really was sickening. And what made me even more on the outside was that I merged hippiedom and punk together so I in fact became a hippie-punk so even in both of the underground counterculture movements, I was on the outside. Plus I was a socialist/communist. I also joined my surfing/skateboarding philosophy to hippie-punk communism. I did have a lot of friends at this time, but they were all in splinter groups in these various cultures.

What put me even further on the outside, and in fact on the very extreme of the outside, a total outsider, was my joining the worldwide New Age movement. Of course I was always a communist plus hippie-punk but as I became better and better at quantum physics and science and alternative medicine, I launched myself into New Age spirituality! This is because science and quantum physics was forcing me to see the spiritual world. And because most people have not got a good understanding of science or quantum physics, they could never see the New Age spirituality that I saw with crystal clear clarity.

This put me so far on the outside of society, that I knew I’d never enter the illogical, inane scientifically illiterate “mainstream” world again. The outside became my permanent home. Of course I tried to convert everyone to my understanding and my way of thinking, yet eventually it became apparent the world will never change for me. My spiritual revolution didn’t mean anything to the propaganda club of western culture.

My total outside life became even more extreme. During the late 1980s and early 1990s I joined just about every eastern spiritual group and religion such as major Buddhist, Hindu and Taoist organisations. Then in 1991 I became a a devout Sai Baba devotee. Sai Baba was the world famous Indian guru and Holy Man who could do miracles such as heal people of disease including cancer, bring people back from the dead, bilocate (move his body instantly to another location) and produce objects from nothing. His mission was Love. Give love and spread love and goodness. That really resonated with me. But my hippie, punk and communist friends were not into it, didn’t believe the miracles despite the thousands upon thousands of people claiming them, books written about them, and countless journalism. Despite this they were nevertheless open minded to me because we also shared so many other common beliefs. This is something I have encountered all my life. The well known and great British New Age physicist David Ash, whose theory of super energy fully explains alien space travel and Sai Baba’s miracles, calls this constant unacceptance “Belief Addiction”. His recent book is titled “Belief Addiction”. Western people seem to apparently hold on to their beliefs, especially in materialist science as an addiction, similar to heroin addiction. This form of addiction is compounded by the endless western propaganda in the media and universities and schools. Despite the fact that the latest in quantum physics for the past 50 years has seriously questioned this materialist fallacy, people relentlessly hold on to their addictions to their views on materialism. This has been a key reason why I have lived permanently on the outside for most of my life. Of course mainstream western society has never heard of Sai Baba and his miracles yet in India Sai Baba is a household name. I want to stress Christians are generally materialists because as previously mentioned Christian theology is based on Greek materialism. Not all Christians are but most. On the other hand both Hinduism and Buddhism are based on philosophical idealism, mind producing matter.n

So all of this put me even more on the outside, living on the outside, being on the outside. I felt now total isolation from the so-called mainstream world. To make things even worse I became further committed to alternatie medicine and began using and studied hard many branches of alternative medicine including kinesiology, acupressure, yoga, tai chi and, most importantly, mind body medicine. Mind body medicine used meditation to heal and cure cancer with diet but also other diseases. Earlier I had written a 50,000 word MA philosophy thesis where I examined this especially looking at the Australian mind body medicine pioneer and healer Ian Gawler and the American Deepak Chopra. That was in 1989, many years ago, and I was the first academic/journalist on the planet doing this research into especially the work of Gawler who was scientifically proving with results that meditation/diet was curing cancer with this approach. I was iewed as a total outsider because of this.

Giving my life to alternative medicine and especially mind body medicine pushed me to the extremes of the outside “fringe” world, of now being a hopeless perpetual outsider. This was because western medicine at every level was consuming the minds of billions of people. However, mind body medicine also gave me a new revitalised health and energy and healed a terrible illness I had. So on one hand I had a new life, a new freedom, new health and new hope but also absolute extreme status of being on the outside. No one I knew or no one I knew of in the city I lived in, followed mind body medicine. They were all stuck in their “belief addictions” to western medicine and philosophical materialism. My friends all viewed this suspiciously. And what I found with the various New Age groups I was working with, they never seemed to fratanise with each other.

This all changed in the middle of the 1990s when I became part of a New Age group who spiritually channeled information from entities they claimed were angels, aliens, spirit guides, Sai Baba, and all sorts of other entities. This organisation tended to combine different people from different New Age groups including Buddhists, Siddha Yoga followers, transcendental meditation followers, Sai Baba followers, theosophists and others. We saw ourselves as all being truly totally on the outside of society, because mainstream society was either based on philosophical godless materialism or Christian capitalism. You sort of had to be one or the other. Mainstream society seemed obsessed with money, Christianity, middle class values, power, philosophical materialism. The hipsters in “mainstream” society were all philosophical materialists. Or at least they thought they were the hipsters. Of course I thought I was the hipster, the outside hipster. These “materialistic hipsters” were the type of people that control western universities, wear black, talk queer theory, but are highly conservative philosophical materialists. They represent some sort of strange “left wing” agenda but it is not clearly defined at all, and usually never powerfully speaks out against real fascist murdering capitalist aggression and western war crimes. They are a species of humanity that control a great deal of “western leftist” publishing outlets..But that’s meant to be cutting edge western society. God forbid! Everywhere this was western cool plus some dead end shit thumping electronic music! And coffee. Don’t forget coffee. Cool. Don’t get me wrong, I love the world famous British “New Wave” punk band Joy Division who hailed from Manchester who genuinely spoke out as artists against western oppression with their beautiful songs in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and also used synth and electronic music, but they were the exception rather than the rule.

Also, as mentioned previously in this long journalistic article, I had come across the work of the British New Age physicist David Ash and he totally opened my mind to a new form of energy called super energy, which explained miracles, and all types of paranormal realities, including the miracles of Sai Baba, alien space travel and the role of archangels. Science then, some of the most advanced in the world, was now supporting this. And furthermore it was based on philosophical idealism, the notion that Mind produces matter. Great German philosophers such as Hegel and Schelling said this. Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism says this. All these major religions are based on philosophical idealism, on the notion that Mind produces matter. And that had been a major reason why the western hippies followed those religions so extensively. And that is how I got involved extensively in those religions. Super energy was just MIND faster than the speed of light and of course this again is a form of philosophical idealism. My PhD eventually examined all of this in great deal. That book called THE NEW IDELAISM, examines all the new movements, especially in science and quantum physics, in the world reinventing philosophical idealism. Nevertheless the vast bulk of western universities are stuck in philosophical materialism, religiously holding on to their “addiction belief”.

In 1994 I had read a life changing book by the American writer Sheldon Nidle called YOU ARE BECOMING A GALACTIC HUMAN where he said that an alien or ET group called the Galactic Federation which was made up of aliens from galactic human planets across the galaxy, had come to our solar system and planet earth to help us! I was astounded by this book and became obsessed with aliens reading all the stories about the different types of alleged aliens such as the grey aliens, the reptilian aliens (or Reptoids) and others. All of this new information pushed me even further to the extreme outside as the daily fascist western media was repugnant beyond belief. And I had trained as a journalist and worked widely in journalism but realised that my future as a serious journalist was never again to be with organisations taught were clearly nothing more than pre-meditated propaganda! A propaganda that was increasingly becoming totally beyond evil, and even more amazingly, accepted by the vast majority of brain dead western people.

In the Sheldon Nidle book it said humans, all humans in the galaxy, including the sheep who call themselves humans from this planet, came from a solar system called Vega. Humans were developed on a planet on this star system more than 5 million years ago and then developed and set up human civilizations around the galaxy including earth 2 million years ago with advanced technology and living in one body for thousands of years. Apparently earth had been involved in wars with other reptilian aliens called Reptoids like other galactic human civilizations. Major earth civilizations had been destroyed in our past.

So you could imagine what my friends thought of this information. They thought it was bullshit. However, I must admit they always gave me support and that is a true sign of friendship. I want to stress that someone like me who lives totally on the outside CAN indeed have MANY friends, but sometimes t quite a few usually don’t support you intellectually. They are more emotional friends, perhaps more honest friends, because so many intellectual friends are perhaps just using each other for some bullshit support mechanism! However, many friends who didn’t support me intellectually were also close friends becuase we did share so many other things such as socialism, hippiedom, punk music, world politic, et cetera. So I’ve always actually managed to have some exceptionally good friends despite always myself living and being on the outside, on the very, very outside. Nevertheless, my nomad life over the past 20 years has especially made it difficult to maintain some of those friends, because emotional friends are usually there at the moment, emotionally.

And then, in 1998, I met a person who claimed they were actually an alien from the Galactic Federation. They were in a human body and had a “soul exchange” with an earth human. These types of aliens are called “walk-ins”. My new alien friend pushed my status as an outsider so much fucking further, you’d have no idea. My alien friend also showed vast powers and skills with psychic abilities and also telepathy. They could tell events in your life in the past that only you know, it was utterly remarkable. So I started to fully believe my new friend! Meeting my alien friend was sort of like the final nail in the coffin of ever returning back to the brain fucked society with its sick fascist capitalist media, its banal propaganda driven driven entertainment and education industry, and its endless quest in never telling the alien truth and maintaining endless wars. And of course personally meeting an alien profoundly changed my life, every aspect of it and gave me a vision that I followed for nearly 20 years. My alien friend told me the Galactic Federation can and will stop any nuclear weapons on this planet so that means the USA no longer holds the balance of power on this world. China has a massive army and could possible win a land war against a united USA-Nato attack. My alien friend also said that if smaller countries such as New Zealand joined the Galactic Federation they would get full military protection. My alien friend said these friendly galactic human aliens want a world government based on peace and love with a world capital somewhere in western China, maybe southern Sichuan. My alien friend said the Galactic Federation has a lot of technology to give this planet but it must change first and form a world government of truth! And furthermore, these evil motherfucker negative reptilian aliens called reptoids who have attacked this planet want to return and finish the job so ALL governments must stop their current stupidity and form a world government so we can actually join the Galactic Federation and get the military protection we need because we cannot join until there is official world government. We do not have time for Cold War Mark Two currently being waged between China/Russia and allies and America and its allies. Come on world, stop this evil shit and start the planetary revolution. The Galactic Federation is offering military protection to all individual countries on planet earth in a bid to try and achieve this. These evil reptilian Reptoid aliens used psychotronic mind control weapons on this planet from a moon base up until 1999 and wanted t destroy the planet.

On top of this I’d become very famous as a poet, performance poet and novelist and published many books of poems and novels and performed widely as a performance poet and singer. That whole situation catapolted me even more to the outside. I ended up having quite a following, with my New Age journalism read by tens of millions on the internet, and my work as a New Age Lightworker spreading the Galactic Federation alien message of peace, love and socialism for this planet. I got a following because I wrote well and succinctly but being a well known writer still does not bring you back from the outside. This was mainly because all my followers and supporters were also on the outside. And of course I never set up my own website until quite later, didn’t give out my contact details, and didn’t promote my email addresses, so I kept to myself. My work is out there in the big wide world, but everywhere I travel and live locally no one knows, no one cares, everyone is scared of speaking out because the governments say nothing. And people seemed to be utterly brain fucked by governments. People read my information with glee but ignore me. But that’s the journey of an outsider, a total outsider, not a dead loss loser, but definitely an outsider. I became a sort of symbol as the quintessential “outsider” writer. Forget Albert Camus or the English writer Colin Wilson’s classic book called THE OUTSIDER. My outsider status was a perennial. Perhaps my brand of “outsider status” is more in line with the Beat Generation icon and world-famous American novelist-poet Jack Kerouac. Another aspect of my “famous literary” career that even further catapolted me into the total outside position was that a lot of my creative writing used expletives such as “shit”, “fuck” and “cunt” to de-mystify language and to take the middle class sting out of it. This of course was a deeply unpopular thing to do in the late 20th century as the “literary establishment” went into conservatism in overdrive and in the the extreme. Lofty literary prizes such as the world famous Booker Prize became standard for the production of this sort of literary middle class garbage. I also used especially the “cunt” word a lot because I had become a dedicated “sex affirmative feminist” and had a lot of women friends who were sex affirmative feminists. At one stage we played in a famous underground folk punk band called CUNT and I also published a famous poem at that time in support of “sex affirmative feminism called “ Cunt Poem”. Thus I became an even more hopeless outsider and could see the absolute disdain in people upon trying to promote this..

I came to China more than 21 years ago as a New Age Lightworker to teach and promote the world New Age movement and alien agenda, to teach and promote mind body medicine, and to utterly enjoy this great communist country. Because I was also a communist it made me be able to live here much more easily than in western countries. By the time I came to live in China those 21 long years ago, I was then already, absolutely already, entrenched as an outsider. So coming to China was easy for me because I was already such an outsider. Plus I loved teaching in colleges and universities in China, something that is virtually impossible for me in the brain dead fucked out capitalist anti-communist materialist universities of the western world. The so-called good universities of the western world are often the worst in their propaganda, especially the American Ivy League ones because they really are just the voice of the fascist American Government and its beloved Empire, its hegemonic worldwide desire for ultimate power. This seemed to increase exponentially in the past 40 years as the US government became so corrupt following its covert alien deal with these little grey aliens in the 1950s.

Although of course I am extreme outsider in China, that’s cool, that’s OK, especially with the deep communist connection I share with them. At least they give me some deep genuine acceptance because I am a spiritual communist. I am committed to communism but also delivering the work of god, not that Nazi fascist western Christian God, but a groovy non-fundamentalist utterly peace loving communist New Age God. In the New Age movement even the word God is not really used now because of its awful connotations. Instead I use the word Great Isness of Being. My own personal New Age beliefs includes a deep faith in archangels, especially the positive ones such as Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel and also a deep belief in reincarnation. I believe that when you die you pay for all the bad or good shit you do. So all those billionaires will truly eat shit in their next life. Ditto the killer USA soldiers all around the world.

I love China because at least they give me proper jobs in proper universities and at least value my mind, my research and my skills as a teacher, journalist and writer! As a major, major total outsider, as a big freak. As a downtrodden hippie-punk communist who has actually seen Galactic Federation alien spaceships, China has accepted my total outsider status. I’ve even had some deeply true friends in China, friends I simply could not find anywhere else in the world.

But my future now could be anywhere. In the past 21 years I have traveled quite extensively in Asia, including India, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries, but China has always been my home and base. I’ve returned a few times for brief stays to Oceania. I am really now only interested in Asia, Africa and South America. To me this is where all the positive action on the planet is happening. Even the Galactic Federation say that the governments of South America, which have all turned to socialism, are easily the most advanced governments on the planet along with China and others. I’m open to being the perpetual outsider waiting for the main chance that will never happen, like Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. I’ve now accepted my fate as a perpetual outsider until my last days as I am no longer young, although I could still go a long way still with a bit of lady luck on my side. Plus some positive archangels!

Where my future will be, only God knows, or rather, the Great Isness of Being, which is what the Galactic Federation call God. The Galactic Federation want to see a world government capital preferably in China based on love, peace, spiritual libertarian socialism/communism with no fossil fuel use. In the later 2010s this seems a long way away, almost impossible. I read my current favorite socialist/communist writer and war correspondent-journalist Andre Vltchek (check his website out on the web), to determine this newly emerging socialist feeling on the planet, especially in Africa, South America and here in Asia. It can be very uplifting. Andre Vltchek is a truly brave journalist who writes brilliantly about the real war being waged by the Western Empire on these poor helpless countries. Vltchek can sometimes be a true source of hope and his insights really give me also a sense that world change is not only coming but happening. The growth of BRICS, the Shanghai Co-operation expansion, the new BRICS bank in Brazil plus the new Asian development bank and the new economic strength between Russia and China and their bid to live their own lives not only away from the American dollar and its Empire, is truly heartening. The whole world now can truly see that there is a new genuine alternative to this evil insanity that has been running the world.

Where my journey will take me will be limited to countries in Asia, or perhaps Brazil. China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, India, South Korea, all hold possibilities for me. Plus Malaysia. And then there is Oceania. I am a white man born into an east and southeast Asian soul! Even my alien friend said many if not most of my incarnations have been here in the orient. So I guess I am just upholding that tradition of living out my life in Asia! Or nearby. Who knows?

I’ve spent the last part of writing this journalistic story listening to the great African singer Angelique Kidjo. I don’t listen as much now to the cutting edge avant garde punk and hippie music of my western roots as I used to. I still listen to it of course but with this new hope and vitality I see in music from China, Africa and South America. I find myself listening to their music and finding a new happiness from their music. Chinese rock/pop music plus Chinese classical folk music figures largely for me now also and I am also rediscovering my interest in South American music. As a singer and poet music is important for me to give me inspiration. And perhaps this non-western music I like so much now can, in fact, anoint a hopeless outsider like me into new sources of inspiration for the journey ahead. Living and being on the outside of society is a constant challenge, but a challenge I now accept with nearly all my soul.

By Michael Dargaville
For the past 30 years I’ve relentlessly followed, studied, taught and written journalism about the benefits of alternative medicine. Alternative medicine includes Chinese medicine, Indian ayurvedic medicine medicine, reflexology, mind-body medicine, reiki, kinesiology, acupuncture, iridology, naturopathy, homeopathy, massage plus a swag of other beneficial natural modalities and regimes that are extremely famous such as yoga which is now like a religion in the western world.

My own expertise in alternative medicine is in mind-body medicine. I’ve done three major Masters degree theses on mind body medicine and 9 years work for a PhD in mind body medicine and related areas in philosophy, physics and literature because they cross over. So I am a very serious researcher and practitioner in this field and my work in this area was some of the first academic research ever done on the planet at major universities. Mind body medicine uses meditation, diet and spiritual psychotherapies such as transpersonal psychology, to heal and treat many diseases, but especially the big two western killers – cancer and heart disease.

I want to stress I have the deepest respect for all modalities of alternative medicine. I have used virtually all types of alternative medicine in my own life sometimes when I got sick! Chinese medicine, acupressure, acupuncture, foot massage and moxibustion have all helped me hugely sometimes if I had illlness.

Yet mind-body medicine deeply excited me because it was actually healing and curing utterly major bad deadly diseases with cancer being the number one horror! Also other diseases such as multiple sclerosis and other auto-immune diseases (over active immune disease systems) were also responding. This is nothing short of a miracle because western medicine ardently says there is no cure for MS yet we are proving they are completely wrong because mind-body medicine is curing and healing MS. Even great hope for AIDS and the two forms of hepatitis with deadly intent hepatitis B and C.

I learned many types of meditation but the one I use everyday is based on the Australian mind-body medicine pioneer Ian Gawler, who cured his own bone and lung cancer using meditation and diet way back in the late 1970s. He went on to found a world famous mind body medicine hospital called the Gawler Foundation near Melbourne, Australia, where they have had great success with cancer and other diseases. He has developed an excellent form of meditation called Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation that relaxes the mind, body and soul, leads to inner stillness, heals and balances the immune system, plus offers spiritual vitality.

Also my own practice includes other forms of meditation and other types of alternative medicine. Yet my own primary base level fight against disease is with the Gawler form of mindfulness based stillness meditation. When I get sick I primarily use mindfulness based stillness meditation as my number one regime and bring in others if needed. This is what I also advise other people who come to me for help and support with their sickness. I try to keep it as organic, holistic and pure as possible and advise a vegan diet based on vegetables, legumes, fruits and grains, especially buckwheat which is the wonder grain.

If people crack under the pressure of this diet I advise them to relax and start again and don’t beat yourself up. If you have a cup of western tea with milk and sugar, it’s not great, but it’s not the end of the world. Just relax, enjoy it, and then go back to the herbal or green teas again or any drink you think may be healthy. Juices are always good and sweet AND natural. Or perhaps have a milk tea with a bit of sugar, or honey, as a special occasion, but not to be hooked. That is the key. Don’t get hooked on anything, only if it is pure and holistic, that’s OK to be hooked to. The same with eggs, cakes and dairy, or even, God forbid, meat. Don’t beat yourself up if you do find yourself in a situation where you are eating these foods! BUT DEFINATELY REALLY TRY NOT TO USE THESE FOODS. It’s just so hard on this planet the way it is currently run, especially if you do any travel or even have a busy city life, as so much fast food shit is everywhere and finding something healthy can sometimes be virtually impossible. I often find if I have consumed shit food I need to fast for a few days, and simply do not have dinner.. This is called intermittent fasting which is now becoming very popular.

And my advice would be the same with western medicine. Western medicine doctors have been fighting natural medicine advocates and therapists like me for 40 years, even longer. I believe alternative medicine has clearly won the war, at least theoretically and pathologically. But I’ve come to the realisation that you can use western medicine in moderation. Anti-biotics is a basic example. Drug companies such as Gillead have just invented a drug that now fully cures hepatitis C, which I believe is a miracle. It’s good news, despite its current outrageous cost yet presumably people worldwide will put extreme pressures on governments to put pressure on Gillead and other companies to lower their prices for essential medicines. Alternative medicine can also cure and heal Hep C and B yet actually getting rid of the virus, which this drug is doing, is fantastic news.

And western medicine has some good news with the anti-retroviral HIV drugs for HIV/AIDS. It is keeping people alive and now they are even using Truvada to prevent getting HIV which is probably going to restart the sexual revolution. Nevertheless the side effects of these drugs over a long time is still debatable. But on your next trip to Thailand make sure you have your bottle of Truvada! And that will be good for the economy of Thailand. Seriously though alternative medicine especially mind body medicine can treat AIDS very well also. AIDS, like cancer, is a low immune disease, and so the Gawler meditation regime of mind body medicine using meditation and diet works very well here. Yet surely sometimes a combined effort could be a major benefit if needed and anti-retroviral drugs considered where appropriate. The early San Francisco HIV doctor Jon Kaiser developed this successful approach in the 1990s where he only used anti-retroviral drugs if they were needed. Even current major thinking in the heart of the HIV pharmaceutical research industry wants to create a FUNCTIONAL CURE for HIV. In other words they don’t care if the virus is still there as long as the symptoms are controlled, such as no or low viral load and a high CD4 count. They realise that you can’t keep people on HIV drugs all their lives. The early “hit them early with HIV drugs” is now seriously being questioned by the drug researchers themselves such as those who work at Gillead despite this still being promoted in the mainstream. My alien friend says that indeed the Gawler meditation technique IS the “functional cure” for HIV and would keep the symptoms under control. Surely western medicine must start working closely with us. This is because we could still use the anti-retroviral drugs in circumstances where they are needed but perhaps critically use mind/body medicine and essentially meditation/diet and psychotherapy as the PRIMARY treatment. There is no doubt the new anti-retroviral drugs have kept people alive longer but there are tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people with HIV and long term survivors of HIV who have widely used complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) as a primary mode of treatment. I believe now it is essential we work together more than ever.

That is why we should try and work together, western medicine and alternative medicine. This happens in China all the time with Chinese hospitals using Chinese medicine working side by side with western medicine. We need to try to explain to “Big Pharma” that we can work together and respect each other! It is a matter or “co-existence” in peace! Western medicine’s treatment of hip and shoulder replacement strategies are important, although having said that, alternative medicine, and especially mind-body medicine, really also could provide a breakthrough here. Some cosmetic surgery in western medicine is also good and of course emergency surgery has been a brilliant arm of western medicine. Also some transplant surgery has now become vital. And as mentioned the new HIV drugs have kept people alive longer despite their toxicity. Nevertheless western medicine must understand that alternative medicine can truly be golden. THINK of it, alternative medicine is curing and healing cancer, all cancers, completely without the horrific western oncology drugs. That is revolutionary. The Gawler Foundation near Melbourne, Australia, has been using meditation, diet and psychotherapy for nearly 40 years. Often it is used with western oncology but also many many MANY cases have been recorded where only their regimes (of only meditation, diet and psychotherapy) have been used and cancer has been fully cured and a full healing has taken place. This is nothing short of a revolution and has been one of the main motivators in my life. As I believed I could truly help people. Yet the shit that has been thrown at me not only by the western medical fraternity and the average layperson has been astounding. I can only call some of their attitudes pig ignorant in the extreme! At the core of the Gawler program IS meditation, a meditation ultimately based on Eastern techniques but that has been perfected and refined. I have given my academic life to this and traveled and length and breadth of China for 18 years teaching this and working in nearly every province to help people.

Alternative medicine can also cure and heal heart disease without surgery. (The Dean Ornish Heart Program in the United States is doing this. Ornish uses a vegan diet to unblock 95% blocked arteries without surgery. That is utterly amazing. They now work with the Gawler Foundation in Melbourne. By unblocking 95% blocked arteries using radical diet changes and mind body medicine opens up an entirely new treatment mode for people. The work here of the ground breaking American cardiologist Dean Ornish is amazing and a form of alternative medicine that is at the cutting edge of medicine anywhere in the world. That is a revolution. Alternative medicine is curing and healing Multiple Sclerosis (can you believe this, and it’s true), diabetes, control and treat Hep C and B, high blood pressure, mental illness, fatty liver plus a plethora of auto-immune and other diseases. Alternative medicine is doing all of this. And western medicine just needs to learn and respect us with the belief that alternative medicine can truly be golden.



beautiful justine
agony & bliss, like something in this
planet THE evil lies of governments
the aloneness & no justice
& no empty socialism!
soviet union communism was good
say aliens glasnost was good
fuck germany cutting back prostitution
fake feminists my heart stinks fuckin christ
the endless jaded fucking death
western media
& the beautiful NEW WAVE punk
cosmic Songs by Died Pretty & Laughing Clowns
I am listening to Eternally Yours listening baby
To Louise Elliot blast that Jazz riff with Archangel Gabriel
Oh God can we declare justice
Oh God can we walk
Constant constand world pain
The fucking insane
Thee ill materialist psychiatrists
The freedom of the New Age
Denied a cool funky Left Wing,
Journals that are really fascist!


the head wound of the emotions
you feel like shit look like shit act
like shit lie like shit
god is a parasite that you loe
with all your heart
your punk heart has a heart attack
you fuck yourself
you fuck eerything
you enter the halls of
the of emotional & psychic
depravity, that doesn’t care
no one cares about you
the lonely fucking planet
bad COCKSs everywhere not good cunts!
i am a good cunt

a strong feminist

against males creating war

and fucking the planet
evil fuckers
dried shitheads, & the aliens
are here & america shits
its lying media
spying for the CIA
the entire planet
is wounded & bleeding from
the fucking head
the americans hae taken oer
ukraine now , NATO moves in, the
zionists-nazi empire killing killing
killing for fuck’s sake
the pitiful western internet media
lying their pus shit, their horrible
shit &
you lie stranded BUT see
the freedom of the bird flying
the freedom of the child’s laugh
the freedom of the brave old
man with no dignity on a
crowded bus
& heaven laughs, laughs all the
way to the bank


communism in the 21st century is the only
future, pray lord, pray for world communism
where free housing is FREE, where income
taxes don’t be used on the USA-NATO
war machine, pray for communism.
for soulful communism, for truthful
communism, for public farming land, public
factories of the soul, pray for the truth,
pray, pray, pray, come with
communism & let it find god
spirit bliss motherfucker creator god
give people freedom, freedom, freedom
from poverty, racism, totalitarianism,
anti democratic lying scum!

i want to see
that the ocean is free
for you and me
so we could see reality

(i wanted to see the
ocean is free ) chorus

i want you to see/that the ocean is free
living in the material world (made of mind)
is only an ill begotten illusion

hey baby, hey god/the ocean is free/
OK thanks God for this/the ocean
is free


The blood is drying, the “leaders” of america,
britain, france, millions dead
dead motherfuckers suffering from
american nazi cunts (hilary) and pricks
the blood is drying
for fuck’s sake
the americans are invading the world
in the name fucking democracy
millions upon millions dead
in the name of the american dollar
the american counter culture so
fucking helpless almost brain dead
the scourge of our souls
the blind hatred
the blind evil american society
letting their eil fucking “leaders”
(who get 15% of the vote)
fuck our planet back to front
the western left wing intelligensia
controlling the propaganda
as wars rage in syria, iraq, afghanistan,
africa, sudan, ukraine,
everywhere war is raging
& western “leaders” controlled
by the endless fascism the endless
fucking nightmare of the dark cabal
newspapers and media organs
fuck the insanity of the western beast
the media everyday killing us with
their lies, their hatred
the world wanting freedom
the covert lies, the evil of lucifer
praying to the Good Archangels
(Michael, Gabriel, Raphael)
every fucking day praying for
the light! Waiting for
benevolent alien spaceships
waiting for them to
hover over yet another city
demanding truth & nearly all
the insane asian governments denying
the alien agenda & the aliens are
here & Latin america denying
denying denying fucking christ
(because of oil)
Spiritual Hierarchy God in heaven!
india, where art thou fucking india
in your lies, where is your soul
illuminati controlled lands
motherfuckers finding bliss in
piss! Oh God, can this be right?
putin king of russia fighting the
fascist yanks telling the banking cartel &
his banking army to fuck off out
of russia! The cry! Oh
the fucking cry! Ezra Pound! Why
no poetry says anything in these
times of being on the edge!

my name is one taste!
pain hurt agony love sex
orgasm fuck buddy
one taste
one cunt one god one house
one taste
one taste make haste
the one taste of god god
god or the Great Isness
of Being the one taste of
Spirit 21st Century Bliss
Wow brothers & sisters of feminism
feel the spiritual one taste!


well i suppose they did their groovy
job – pals – like cunt juice

evil cocks males of scum western pigs
ripe for bullshit
they stopped all the good poetry
they demented more sick minds
at the brain fucked american
they shat from CIA media
they fucked their arses on greed,
survival & the dead Universe!
they tried to stop us
they pissed on souls in media
propaganda from the dim past
they ran the western media
like the BBC, started world war 3
against russia, filthy beast, killed
in the ukraine butchered, raped
& murdered 10,000,000 black people
in the poor poor Democratic Republic
of Congo in war since 1996 outlined
by journalist Andre Vltchek

your silence is profound
i’m on the rebound
fucked like a duck
in universal muck
so fuck me fuck you
you want to be brand new
well fuck you too

we are the living dead
not aware & don’t spare (chrous)

oh cool cool cool flows oh here
flows on the tune of archangel michael
we are the living
dead/not aware & don’t spare (chorus)

oh christ oh death oh God give this planet
the justice & love it deserves!

at nite we jump like
like a wet baloon
looking for nice good
alien space ships
Comin’ baby to save us
oh can we see them
hanging over shandong


that’s becoming physical for fuck’s sake
the hole in my penis is fatal
like AIDS of the soul the FUCKIN bad
COCKS evil world – fuck YOU
You killed me world (i want the good cunt)
Illuminati motherfuckers
baked my hot arse in cum
& semen or relativism &
thus, my cancer of the soul
is now moving into my
stomach MASSIVE fuckin
tumors probably given by
some evil psychotronic weapon
Oh!, allen ginsberg, ian
gawler, david ash! For fuck’s sake!
MY brain invaded by cancer
coming in from the soul
I can feel my fuckin brain
for fuck’s sake i am DYING
you motherfucker & you killed me
NO FRIENDS nothing just lying
shit spied on by world spies
& my cancer is SO BAD!
empty parasites
the cancer sometimes goes to
sleep in the semen brains of
evil american & british newspaper
editors – we eat our souls to try
& destroy the cancer that grows
my soul – oh my soul – the
soul is dying the tumors are
now twisting around my
beautiful spiritual aura &
God comes in like a
giant cosmic jetplane & says
“Hey Mike”, we are here you
fuckin’ dead beat hippie punk
poet so you can heal &
cure your horrible cancerous
Soul No Shit, says god
god god god HEY shit god
the cancer eats into your
new age guts & heart & fucks
you deep & dark You pray You Pray
You fucking ask archangel
michael every day to stop this
Bad cunt Lucifer angel scum fucker
you ask archangel michael to
stop the western fascist governments
stop the asian lies on aliens
stop the latin american & african
bullshit & lies & ignomy
CIA agents reveal the truth
through their trendy journalists
yet the USA Govt keeps the
cancer of the soul good
Lucifer attacks the good
forces of Light the Reptoid
alien motherfuckers in the triangle
spaceships support Lucifer
THE cancer of the soul
comes into the left wing socialist
materialist motherfuckers even though the
Forces of Light & Love is communism!

galactic human aliens are here
on this planet
on this planet called earth
SAI BABA was a christed alien
& there are plenty of others
many living here secretly
THEY are humans
they are in human bodies
yet they are aliens
the governments & their media
lie about the alien cover up
hollywood fucks us against the
wall the aliens read the mind
of the mass fascist illusion
who cares angels of light &
love float to us & we know
as we walk the fields of
yellow sunflowers & think
of the aztec ruins in pyramids in
south america

my mother god bless her was a Saint
& soul searcher lover of faith & grace
whose washing machine clanked out
love messages & made the house move
with the Love Groove! It talked to
spirit angels in the green mown lawn
& tall elves & high earthly lights
gleaned! Oh washing machine that
Mother so angelically made us shine
& clean the western world with hope
sometimes in my dear Mum

i’m a rebel without applause
i write about things that
“leaders” don’t support because
they are paid clones of death, grey
aliens, AIDS, billionaires, capitalist
greed, anti socialist newspapers fight
my mind!
all my life from the drug
fucked hippie ghettos of the early 1970s
to the new age communes of india
always out on the eternal outside
a rebel without applause!
no rich benefactor no rich sugar daddy
a rebel without applause
screaming on neon streets about
alien spaceships, archangel michael,
the return of christ, begging for
spiritual communism!
a rebel with applause

i am alive, just
so it is wonderful
to be alive
for another
day –
so just to breathe the
outside sun & air to smell
the green forest & the
whizzing cars & the
insane world & the pure
alive – each minute, hour, day
month SO important for
the realization of Buddhahood
the Spiritual Hierarchy of
planet Earth planet Gaia
the good Galactic Federation
human aliens –

who said punk wasn’t beautiful
they must be dull stupid humans
go and listening to the manchester
british punk band JOY DIVISION
if you don’t think punk
is not beautiful because
joy diision represented a truly
beautful new wave sound of
punk a type of music
never heard before in the
history of modern music!
listen to their song “Atmosphere” what
a cool song – some western punk
music is the only good thing
about the eil fascist western
world where everyone is sheep
controlled by fascist media
personalities yet sometimes western
punk music is great because
these punk artists actually
know how bad the western
world is and this is
their response – so although the
evil fascist western empire is evil
incarnate some great artists are
produced because of this!

many of you will die in your
Seventies or eighties
and the young ones among you
you still dream of capitalist
bliss, owning a house, getting
ahead, having a name, decent
friends! Yet what’s the point
because when you die you
cunt take it with you!
life is too short
for capitalism!

why are the spy agencies so evil?
why do the fucking cops
mutilate & encroach on
our freedoms with illegal weapons?
what is it about america, britain,
canada, europe & the western
world that makes it so bad?
why are the fucking politicians
so corrupt?
why are the people so accepting and stupid
about this situation?
what makes the western
world SUCH a fascist
nasty police state?
why are the private prisons
of our soul relentless?


crying endlessly over the endless dead gay
men of new york & los angelos & the beloved
san franisco & sydney & london who died prematurely of
AIDS! I love these dead men who gave their
life to spiritual justice fighting governments
blocking AIDS progress!
crying for the millions of africans dead of
this horrible illness! Crying! Crying!
i cry especially for the gay western men
because many had been at the forefront of
western advanced values! Such as genuine
progressive socialism, libertarianism, new age
spirituality – i love these dead men, heroes, symbols
of western oppression & capitalist
heterosexist paradigms of shit!
i cry also especially for the dead black souls of
africa especially for black brothers &
sisters of south africa with the highest
AIDS rate on the planet!
i cry for the infected prostitutes, drug
users worldwide, i cry for the beautiful
thailand sex workers! i cry! i cry! i cry!
we need to join all fucking medicines
together! HOWEVER, my alien Galactic Federation
alien friend categorically said AIDS can
be treated successfully & completely
held at bay by meditation & mind body
medicine (for a “functional cure”)
especially developed by the
world famous Gawler Foundation near
melbourne, australia!
thus, dear Lord, we use mind-body
spirit medicine & anti-retrovirals if need
& keep praying & looking for the
other chemical “functional cures”
of western medicine. We MUST work
together! Western and alternative medicine!
in the meantime pray all you
brothers & sisters MEDITATE!!!!!!!

WAR SINCE 1996: poem
a flower falls from a giant mountain & the big
god watched 10 million africans slaughtered, raped
& mutilated in the name of western fascism!
what, hae you not heard – hae you read
your bullshit websites, – nothing –
yet 10,000,000 died in this horrible war
10 million dead in the pst 20 years
Oh faith in the Lord bring those
souls mercy & light & loe! Oh the
karma of the slaughter!
i think back to 1996
just two years before my new life
bringing the New Age to China
how i was so stupid
to the african genocide
the evil hatred lying western media
never saying anything
i worked & lied in china for
18 years teaching love, aliens, alternative
medicine & spiritual communism!
MY mind did not see the horrible
genocide of
the Democratic Republic of Congo
of the endless women raped &
mutilated by soldiers of fortune
soldiers sent by the USA, Britain,
France, Spain, NATO, the EU & the
bombs & corporations!
i was in china, alas, alie
& millions started dying, gunned, hacked to
death! death squads!
i saw angels & aliens but i did
not see this hideous death!
this butchering as iraq was bombed!
Oh Democratic Republic of Congo
what unfathomable pain & angst
your people & your country
has endured because of western
government support of Rwanda &
Uganda & the deaf silence of the
western masses, all those sick people
in the USA, France, Germany & the
rest of Europe who helped cause
this slaughter & all there is
from them is silence!
10,000,000 dead in 20 years
10 million murdered by the Western
Empire so you can dial your fuckin’
Mobile phone! Evil filth!
10,000,000 murdered,
10 million souls killed by washington
10,000,000 killed &
nothing in your media!!!!!!!!

cunt is for freedom & feminism
cunt is ultimate feminism
cunt is a symbol of GOD
cunt is for mercy, peace, happiness!
cunt can be utterly liberating
cunt makes the mouth water
cunt is a sex positive poem 1992
cunt was for liberating women
cunt is against male patriarchy
cunt follows the virtues of the soul!
cunt is a radical punk performance poem!
cunt was the name of a punk band i played in
cunt is my ruler, my joy, my justice, my future
cunt must be for SEX POSITIVE FEMINIST
cunt is NOT those university fascist wowsers!

do the ebola rap – hey ebola virus
of big western drug companies
Saudi arabia runs the ebola
virus camps in africa baby controlling
the dickhead white trash filth of
heaven – scores of army jeep creeps
rape & pillage as the Democratic
Republic of Congo goes troppo baby
at the 10 million people
dead since 1996! Oh 1996, ebola
invented in military outhouses
dead black people everywhere
this is the voice of lucifer
this is the voice of reptilian
this is it, Ebola,the symbol
of Lucifer, symbol of militaries
gone made, gone bad, gone
into the mad Universe!

america invaded ukraine via the CIA to
fuck russia destroy russia
and then said russia invaded
when they ACTUALLY invaded
by sending CIA clones
into Kiev to support a fascist junta!!
what the fuck the western media
supports this war the Western Empire
started, yahoo totally evil trash
propaganda every day fucking christ
can you stop this shit
america & NATO prepare for war
a fuckin dead motherfucker ukrainian
soldier fascist kills & rapes &
destroys the poor russian women
begging for mercy – my own life begs
for feminism & saintliness &
hope but nothing but lies lies lies
Lies lies!!!!!

Michael Dargaville is a poet, performance punk poet, journalist, academic, singer/musician, philosopher, New Age activist, quantum theory/generalist scientist, novelist, transpersonal psychologist/alternative medical practitioner, pioneering skateboader, surfer, publisher, visual artist and an offbeat manual worker. He was based in China for more than 21 years until 2015 and worked at a total of 17 colleges and universities there, five at professorial level. He taught New Age theory and counter culture literature in China at many levels including the latest in quantum theory and eastern philosophy. Raised and educated in the international hippie and punk counter culture of Sydney, Australia, during the 1970s and 1980s, he went to Macquarie University where he completed his BA degree in philosophy. During the 1980s he studied in the famous but now defunct Department of General philosophy at Sydney university where he wrote a seminal 50,000 word MA thesis on alternative medicine and the New Age movement. Since then he has completed another Masters degree at another university into the philosophy of quantum theory and the New Age with a major thesis on the world famous physicist Fritjof Capra. From 1996 until 2005 he worked on a major MA(Honours)/PhD thesis on quantum theory, mind-body medicine and the New Age movement linking all areas together. This 65,000 word thesis was accepted for marking by the university.This work, called THE NEW IDEALISM, is now being considered for its doctoral research by other universities. Michael Dargaville has published more than 50 books/pamphlets of poetry and five novels (with another nine unpublished noels) and has performed his poetry around the world, from London to Beijing. In China, Australia, and other countries, he has been a legendary underground popular spoken word poet and performance poet as well as singer and has performed with some of the world’s leading punk bands and has been closely associated with the international movements in Jazz Punk and Folk Punk. Michael was trained as a journalist and has worked as a staff journalist and casual writer for many newspapers, magazines and international New Age websites around the world including the China Daily, Brother Veritus, True Punk magazine, the defunct Melbourne Sun News-Pictorial, Sydney City Hub, Hobart Mercury and many others. He has actively been involved in underground, alternative and independent media outlets and founded four famous publishing houses in Australia with other people in the 1980s and 1990s. He has continued to perform widely as a performance poet and singer. He regards himself now as a citizen of world and divides his time between China, Asia and polynesian countries in Oceania including New Zealand.