This email is to thank you for your generous donation that many of you in a week of campaign have already made we have collected alreay $ 1, 300 of the 4 thousand that we need to finish the treatment of my niece.

I also want to tell you that this is not a spam and you can write to me if you wish and I will respond immediately.

We decided to open a campaign for go fund me because many of the people do not have Paypal and they have told me that it is better this way; here is the link.

Help me to save my niece-gofundme campaign

Please spread this message among your friends

Again many thanks, I'll be sending more reports

In solidarity


Dear friends,

Her cancer was diagnosed last January and since then I have been paying for a large part of her treatment, because due to the sanctions that the administration of Donald Trump has imposed on the Venezuelan government, some medications are not available, and as a consequence they must be obtained in neighboring countries, increasing the costs of medical treatment. The cancer my niece suffers from is invasive ductal carcinoma grade 2 triple-negative (triple-negative breast cancer is more likely to spread beyond the breasts, which is why timely treatment is critical). In the second week of December, Maria Alejandra will undergo surgery to remove both of her breasts. In order to complete her medical treatment, we need to raise at least $3000. We appreciate your contribution - no matter how small, it will be very valuable.

Thank you, and hopefully we know that together everything is possible. Thank you also for sharing this campaign, which is also a way to help my niece to live and to heal her body..

And Big thank you to those who have alredy shown support!