Life’s a cake walk if you can’t seem to die

Life’s a cake walk if you can’t seem to die

Near death on I believe the bathroom floor with throat slit and stunned and injected.
or sitting in a chair as hostage while being stunned and drugged and maybe lobotomy. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDIC 1999 November. The robbery lasted from my first day to my last over a year time span.

However the worst days were the week of deregulation. I recall a man saying I was in medical code as he was reviving me.

I was disappointed in a way the man awakened me from death or that experience. I seemed to have no face but I could see. It was like I was a child in a way. The home on the hill appeared to be in a place like Greece.

Blue water and sky and white walls in the home with one or two open doors in daylight. That death reality or dream was in 1999. In 2004 Mother offered me a gun to blow my brains out while she was in her deathbed. Was she mother? She said do it in the back yard not the front. They might save you.

The year was 2004 and I had not remembered the FDIC robbery details at all from 1999. I remembered in 2017. A local sheriff helped destroy my life and cancelled my gun permit when I reported his food funds money thievery on 4 3 2001. Note the date. I had been in forced exile and had chosen Eureka California. I was arrested and injected 4 23 2001 I chose exile in Indian country. Sometimes staying in Lake Tahoe I think I came across two of the fdic robbers living in the casino and wearing night wear in gambling areas.

I am considering visiting the cave of the apocalypse in Patmos Greece. I will bring my famous painting and play Gregorian chants on a skin pillow Heaven