their was a extra largereport about rural private hospitals in ga south of atlanta. This update has been checked out like a race horse.

fully 54 counties have not 1 25 or 30 bed qshort term care.

medical shortcomings afre not always the fault of the government nor business owners.

Part of the time it is due to a low population level.

thir are also small rural 25 and 30 bed hospitals that give jobs in construction and health fields that have gone out of business due to the weight of citizens and residents who have no or minor health insurance.

20% of ga residents have no medical insurance. These sufferers go into rural counties and 25 bed hospitals.

The problem is strechted though their are many doors open.

These obstacles affect white, black and a 7% Hispanic population that is mainly in metro atlanta, as well as some of the agricultural farms under 275 acres south of macon to the ga

florida border.

these counties are not all involved in agriculture facets and wane and shrink during different challenges.

their aremany small businesses south of macon. the columbus macon augusta
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