The dixie mafia had a strategy named saturation. Many of its members were recruited in prisons in Louisiana where Angola fed prison stands. There is a much more dangerous prison near the Ohio river named Inez after the town of Inez KY that is a holding pen for individuals defrauding union pensions such as the strongholds of the United Mine Workers of America a union that is strong in coper mines in middle AZ. The UMWA helped win passage of a decent law in 1969 the National Black Lung law. This was a law to force certain dust levels in all U.S. mines copper, coal 1 nd coal 2, and have fines if the mines were proerly inspected by a trained and certified member of the Dept of Labor.

The dixies as they were called. were not involved ny of this but it affected turf and families.

Another part to this is theway marijuana was distributed. Many pounds of marijuana are now grown indoors in 50 sttes in smaller pots thru irrigation.It is involved in larger units in northernmexico. What made the 1970's different is that delivery of marijuana came from routes in the atlantic ocean and the gulf of florida.Dixie is some counties used a drop into smaller 2 lane county roads that could be carried and later sold as far north as louisville, cincinnati and baltimore