Thes southern border is on northside drive close to a 30 0r 40 Coca Cola HQ, public housing that has been torn down and built over with more expensive rentals. A king size fast food place , cooking, open and serving since the 1950's is near this border.Ga. Tech has many good things, but ardagna had to borrow training space at Parkaire Mall in Roswell Italy is more thn details about Columbus and Mussolini, it is more than a boot story or Roman Empire

Roswell in the 1850's had a 1 story, small clothing manufacturer that unfortunately cooperated with the pro-slavery military dictatorship to sew uniforms for the army. Ardana and his kids inherited these neighborhoods many year later.

This electronic post card goes out ASAP toBoston Italian American and other parts to these great people whereever they may be.

salutations to rosa, tina
ex employee with dekalb farmers market scottdale ga. salutations to rosa , tina and nina and their special arrangements too.

P. Hays March 12 2019