Israel has a large arms industry ad won the 1967 war but was crtical of ty elevatin of the Gooan Heights during attacks fromthose heights in 1967. The sraeli governent has tried to take away tese elevated parts of syria.owadays there was rocket fire from thewest ban and gaza over teast years. True, these rockets cn kill or blow apart the architecture, or roofs. Most of ebtie they are not too deady. They are smaller than russian or iranianmissiles and ofte go off course, landing n a backyard or a hill. The real threat is extra large russian made missiles.There was also the Iraqi ne towns and ag fired into israel which were named scud.

the likud government a right wing government differs from the labor party in some key ways. they are taking political and military control of the golan heights which had a 5 month business strike to get the israeli government out. only6% of the adults have voted to side with israel. True the golan heights have been used to allow projectiles down slopes into israel. This has happened,, israel has the right to protect ne tows, traffic and ag investments

6% figure given on National Public Radio