Cortez Ocasio puffs up about her threat to take the commercial airline system apart by grounding all aircraft from commuter planes to jumbo jets. This would make employees unemployed, dramatically cut business and family contacts and put the u.s in a stone age mentality. Airliner traffic is far safer than ground transortation and by some estimates is partially democratic too at least in larger urban areas with a airport.

Cortez Ocasio laso has recommended a sea wall be built. The sea level has only risen a few inches so far. Also it is imposssible to buid a all near the mouth of rivers. If the sea level rises it will just go up the river from the rivers mouth.This is oceanography.

Cortez Ocasio is also a fan for no border police or immigration laws at workplaces. This is not fair for minority groupswho work in lower level jobs and do not want to compete with Acapulco and Cancun for the few job positions that pop up from month to month.

Do not become desperate