Attention Democrat of the United States!

An insidious operation coordinated by sectors of the United States is underway in Latin America!

Using elements of the justice of the countries involved, often without any proof, it has managed to imprison some of the most expressive democratic and socialist leaders of the subcontinent.

They have used and abused the so-called awarding donations, wiped out by physical and moral torture that is to keep the informers indefinitely imprisoned.

In the other hand they have released proven corrupt informers, leaving their stolen fortunes, still in their hands, when they say what they want to hear.

The complicity of the media and military sectors, among others, has made this infamy possible.
The most dramatic case happened few days ago with the suicide of former President Alan Garcia of Peru.

The most alarming case is that of former President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, who is held for more than a year to enable Jair Bolsonaro's fraudulent, also in other modalities, victory.

The judge who dared to arrest him, without any proof, is now the justice minister of Mr. Bolsonaro.

It is necessary and urgent that the democrats of the United States help the people of Latin America and Brazil to inhibit and prevent these harmful actions carried out by well-known sectors of the United States!