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Black is Back Coalition March: Photos

Stanley W. Rogouski | After a marathon rally in Malcolm X Park lasting over 5 hours, the Black Is Back Coalition led a march to the White House. more...  16 Comments

Freedom Socialist Party letter on the 2009 NYC elections

Harlem | Freedom Socialist Party Open Letter on the 2009 New York City Elections more...  0 Comments

It's Our Democracy, Stupid!

Rev. Billy Talen | The only issue is Democracy and all the other issues become important after we’ve talked out our facts and our positions in a democratic way. That’s because we are citizens, not consumers. more...  5 Comments

New York’s Consumerism

Rev. Billy Talen | Mike Bloomberg’s persona is so comically a demonstration of Consumerism, that his illegal grab for another term and his spending $100 million on it – making the Mayorality one big product that he is buying - gives us the chance to demonstrate in unforgettable fashion how our Democracy needs to resist Consumerism. Let’s preach!
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Deconstructing Myths About WBAI 99.5 FM

Lisa V. Davis | It is time to start deconstructing the many myths that have run rampant on Indy Media lately about WBAI and I will start with the biased article written by John Tarleton on May 15th.

To See the Full PDF article with charts go to:
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Getting Dirty: Community gardens introduce solidarity

Freedom Walker Birch | The Black community is plagued with disunity. The plethora of approaches to solve this dilemma has failed to transform relations amongst people of color. But the recent influx of community gardens has introduced a simple, effective solution to building solidarity. more...  0 Comments

The Sic Transit Gloria Exhibit Glorifies Biking in a Crowded City

Julia Dunn | The Sic Transit Gloria Exhibit highlight all things transportation related, and many bicycle focused pieces. The Reinvention of the Wheel panel presentation combined many groups together to talk about progress and where New York City stands now. more...  0 Comments

Voices of the Other New York: Dispatch from the Second Encuentro for Dignity

Michael Gould-Wartofsky | Amid the global financial crisis, the private equity companies that once threatened to swallow up the last of Manhattan’s affordable housing stock may be on the road to mass extinction. And amid the political crisis in Albany, the politicians who promised rent reform may be on the road to nowhere. But the “Other New York” is still here and still at it, fighting for the block and the dignity of its denizens.
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Broken Hearted Citizens Demand Justice

Families for Freedom | On the eve of Father’s Day, Families for Freedom’s Youth Committee held its annual vigil to raise awareness about American kids whose families are ripped apart due to the federal government’s draconian deportation policies.

Deporting Fathers in the Name of Homeland Security || Roxroy's Support Circle Blog more...  0 Comments

A Question Over Iran: Can the People Make History or Not?

By Mike Ely | The Kasama Project | There is a self-deceptive politics (among some leftists) that seeks to prettify all kinds of reactionary forces that (for one reason or another) are in opposition to U.S. imperialism — including Islamic reactionaries, Kim Jung Il, “hardline” revisionists of the Li Peng and Eric Honecker type and so on. And in the process they have a real, almost startling, hostility toward sections of the people who rise up in important if still-inarticulate ways. My sense is that such politics arise from a despair over actually developing our own revolutionary forces — and a resigned assumption that we have no other alternative but to fall behind any forces (ugly, oppressive, reactionary or not) who (one way or another) who seem to be on America’s shit list.


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Holding on in East Harlem and Points West, North and South

Black Agenda Report | “Neoliberalism is the root cause of rampaging gentrification and displacement, from New York to New Orleans to Atenco, Mexico.” Keen observers of political-economy would agree with this assessment from Zapatista-inspired community activists in Spanish Harlem, who recently organized an “encuentro” with similar minded Black and Asian activists. All concluded that the issue is bigger than Harlem: “This displacement is created by the greed, ambition and violence of a global empire of money that seeks to take total control of all the land, labor and life on earth.” more...  0 Comments

Chronicle of the Second NYC Encuentro for Dignity & Against Displacement

Movement for Justice in El Barrio | This past Sunday, June 7th, 2009 in zapatista East Harlem known as El Barrio, the Second New York City Encuentro for Dignity and Against Displacement, with the participation of 38 organizations representing the resistance against neoliberalism in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. This second encuentro, just as the first one – held two years ago -, was inspired by the encuentros of the Zapatistas in Mexico from below and to the left, in order to get know each other and recognize one another in our struggles for a world where many worlds fit and against neoliberal exclusion.

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Taking it Beneath the Streets: Reverend Billy Campaigns on the F Train

Jacob Scheier | Mayoral Green Party candidate Billy Talen, better known as Reverend Billy, took his gospel of an affordable, neighborhood friendly New York City under ground this past Thursday. That is, in an performance-action entitled “F the Fare Hike,” Talen rode the F train from Broadway-Lafayette Street station to Jamaica Street in Queens to Coney Island, preaching all the while against the recently announced public transportation fare hike, and criticizing the tactics of his mayoral race rival, incumbent Michael Bloomberg. more...  14 Comments

The Indypendent: "WBAI Showdown: Power Struggle Escalates"

John Tarleton / The Indypendent | By early April, the station had fallen $128,000 behind on rent for its office space at 120 Wall Street and owed another $75,000 in back payments for its transmitter atop the Empire State Building. According to Lavarn Williams, WBAI’s then General Manager Anthony Riddle renegotiated the lease with Silverstein Properties without notifying Pacifica’s national leadership. Riddle, the station’s fifth general manager in seven years, was removed from his position May 6. Under the revised agreement, Williams said WBAI (and by extension the Pacifica Foundation) faces making two rent payments totaling almost $60,000 in May, two more payments totaling $75,000 in June and two more rent payments by July 25 totaling $45,000 or be subject to immediate eviction if it misses a single payment.

The first check for $29,444.30 is due May 18 and another check for the same amount is due May 25.
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Horses, Stocks and Booze

Billy Wharton | Now, as the economic miracle of Wall Street has degenerated into a nightmare of zombie banks, state bailouts and toxic assets, Kate’s patrons are left to wrestle with a destruction of wealth so monumental that it swept away their stock market illusions. more...  0 Comments

Carl Davidson's Report for the Left Forum

Carl Davidson | New York City's annual 'Left Forum' this year was a solid success. Under the theme "Turning Points, it drew more than 2000 participants to Pace University April 17-19, to take part in some 200 panels featuring around 600 speakers.
more...  38 Comments

What's the Matter with the Left Forum

Steven Sherman | In its organizational structure and attitude, the Left Forum isolates itself from most social movements. But it also refuses to constitute itself as a living organization. Instead, the preference is to berate all existing forces and implore participants to somehow get their act together. Unless it shifts the way it does things, it risks irrelevance. more...  13 Comments

Second New School Occupation Ends with Arrests and Violent NYPD Tactics

NYC IMC | 60 students entered into a New School University building early in the morning April 10 and occupied it for over five hours before a violent NYPD raid broke the demonstration up, resulting in the arrests of 19 people. more...  1 Comments

Notes From the New School Occupation

Counterhegemonic | Overall, the occupation was a victory. It was a victory for a particular method of direct action politics which is sorely needed in the US. There will be no Greece in the US anytime soon but the energy and romantic leaps made by university students still hold the possibility for reviving the near-moribund political imagination of the left. Occupy-Refuse-Resist! more...  2 Comments

New School University Students Continue Occupation

NYC IMC | More than one hundred students are occupying parts of New School University, demanding the resignation of / President Bob Kerrey and other administrators, student participation in decision making processes, transparency and the immediate suspension of "capital improvement projects" that the students say take money away from financing their education. Students from CUNY schools have joined the protest as well, saying that this is the first step towards more occupations in their system as they face budget increases due to Governor Paterson's budget ax. more...  2 Comments

New School occupation press conference, 10:30am, Thursday 12/18!

kilroy | A press release from CUNY students at The New School in Exile announces a rally and press conference at 10:30am, Thursday, December 18th. more...  6 Comments

Reflections from a New School Student Occupier

kilroy | At approximately 7 pm tonight I joined with my fellow students in initiating a student occupation of the 65 5th avenue building of the New School. I am here today to show my opposition to business as usual at the university, and to stand in solidarity with other students who feel the same. We come from diverse backgrounds, and different politics, but we all agree that the university needs to change. more...  0 Comments

An Open Letter: Come Occupy a Building with Us...Now

kilroy | An open letter from the student occupiers of the New School University cafeteria. more...  0 Comments

Photos from New School occupation

kilroy | Photos from the cafeteria at the New School University as a student occupation enters its first night. more...  0 Comments

New School demands from the Radical Student Union

kilroy | Wednesday, December 10th, the Radical Student Union issued several demands at a demonstration and sit-in at the Board of Trustees meeting for the New School University. With a student occupation underway in the New School cafeteria, the same demands are being brought to the fore with greater force. more...  4 Comments

New School University has been occupied!

kilroy | Students occupying the cafeteria of the New School University released their first statement this evening, linking their struggle with student uprisings around the world and other struggles across the United States. more...  19 Comments

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