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New School Building Occupied by Students

@ friend | As of 19:00 (7 pm) a diverse collection of students from the New School community began an occupation of the Graduate Faculty building at 65 5th Ave. This is the only central student space on campus, and hosts the remnants of the Fogelman Library, the "fishbowl" study space and the Fifth Avenue Cafe. The students occupying the building have declared the 65 5th Ave. space an open student study space and intent to keep the building open indefinitely. All New School students are encourage to come and join us in our "Study-In." more...  2 Comments

Milwaukee: 21 attacks for 21 felonies

Solidarity Means Attack | At least 21 ATMs, banks, and businesses had their locks glued or were otherwise vandalized all across Milwaukee more...  0 Comments


Viola Chasm | A guilt trip beyond measure more...  10 Comments

Venezuela Headlines #65

Michael Fox | Venezuelans Rally in Caracas to Celebrate 10 Years of Chávez’s Presidency - Signature Collection for Constitutional Amendment Begins - Next Step is Strengthening Venezuela’s Communes, says Chávez - Former Colombian Hostage Betancourt Thanks Venezuela’s Chavez - Second Former Venezuelan Governor Under Investigation for Corruption - Venezuelans Celebrate 10 Years of Chávez’s Presidency - Signature Collection for Constitutional Amendment Begins - Former Colombian Hostage Betancourt Thanks Venezuela’s Chavez - Second Former Venezuelan Governor Under Investigation for Corruption - Venezuelan National Assembly Finds Rosales Responsible for Fraud - Violent Opposition Student Protests Shut Down Merida - Chávez Replaces Three Cabinet Ministers - Venezuelan Agricultural Production Grown - Venezuela’s National Assembly Approves 2009 Budget - Raúl Castro Goes To Venezuela - Chavez Looking Foward to Obama Presidency more...  0 Comments

riot in greece

free | more...  0 Comments

Stand with Greece, Stand with the Revolution: Sat Dec 20th

solidarnosc | The 4th New England Assembly of the Northeast Anarchist Network is endorsing the call to a Day of International Action Against State Murders (see call from the assembly of the occupied Athens Polytechnic School, below). The day of action is this coming Saturday, December 20th, 2008.
more...  0 Comments

In this week's Socialist WebZine....

Socialist WebZine | * Debs and Tubman Win National Holiday Poll more...  2 Comments

Human Rights Require International Freedom of Movement and Residence

Joseph Nevins | Sixty years ago this week the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The declaration has helped legitimate the supposed right of nation-states to regulate immigration, thus denying freedom of international mobility and residence, and undermining basic human rights in the process. more...  0 Comments

Open call to join popular assembly at the liberated town hall of Agios Dimtrios

Occupation of Agios Dimitrios town hall- Athens, Greece | It should be evident to all by now that this uprising is not merely an honorary response to the death of Alexandros. Ever since, there has been much talk about theft, burning and looting. For media and politicians, violence is understood only in terms of what disturbs the public order more...  0 Comments

Greek Embassy in Istanbul were painted red by anarchists: "We are also 16 years

LAF İSTANBUL | Another gesture of solidarity with the Greek anarchists who have turned Greece into a massive bonfire following the murder of a 15 year old anarchist by greek police was shown in Istanbul. Today at 2pm the Greek Embassy, found on one of the busiest pedestrian streets in Istanbul, and another building where visa procedures for Greece take place, were painted red by anarchists. more...  1 Comments

Una Carta del Mundo para los 5‏ Héroes Cubanos

envia F Espinoza | Desde este momento, llamamos a los hombres, mujeres, niños y ancianos del mundo a que se unan a la idea de enviarle una felicitación de "Fin de Año" a estos muchachos de la dignidad y el decoro... more...  0 Comments

Coalition of Immokalee Workers visiting NYC Tuesday & Wednesday!

SFA | Subway, the third largest fast-food chain in the world and the biggest fast-food buyer of Florida tomatoes, reached an agreement on December 2nd with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to help improve wages and working conditions for the workers who pick their tomatoes. more...  0 Comments

Venezuela Headlines #64

Michael Fox | Colombian Consul Removed from Venezuela for Supporting the Opposition - Suspect Arrested in the Labor Leader Assassinations - Corruption Investigation Continues Against Former Venezuelan Governor Rosales - Cemex takes Venezuela to World Bank Arbitration - Gallup Poll: Venezuelans More Satisfied Than Other Latin Americans - Venezuelan Parliament to Approve Referendum on Presidential Term Limit more...  0 Comments

riot in greece

free | more...  0 Comments

Christmas Appeal - Help the children of Irish political prisoners

National Irish Freedom Committee | Season appeal to help assist the children and dependants of Irish political prisoners this coming Christmas more...  0 Comments

Workers Take Over Factory in Chicago

Rudolf Rocker | Workers Stay At Shuttered Window Plant more...  1 Comments

Aviso a navegantes 'O Freedom Odetta, no te olvidamos

Carlos Ortiz de Zárate | El 2 de diciembre es una fecha muy significativa en los avances contra la exclusión: Día Internacional para la Abolición de la Esclavitud, en conmemoración del Convenio para la represión de la trata de personas y de la explotación de la prostitución ajena (resolución 317(IV), de 2 de diciembre de 1949. En 2008, la conmemoración de esta fecha coincide con la muerte de Odetta, la defensora de los derechos civiles afro- americanos, quien puso, su voz al clamor de generaciones de esclavos y marginados, en la Marcha a Washington organizada por Luther King, en 1963 y una de las artífices del amplio movimiento de los 60 . Asistimos,, asimismo, a la mediatización del proceso del proyecto político de Barack Obama. Me propongo expresar mi inquietud ante la indiferenciaacordada a los hechos por los medios de comunicación de Francia y de España y por las prefebcias temáticas de las portadas de los mismos en el periodo 2/5 de diciembre de 2005. more...  0 Comments

"Ground Noise and Static" Submedia TV EVENT

media activist | SCREENING AND DISCUSSION with
subMedia’s Franklin Lopez at The Change You You Want To See Gallery


Thursday, December 4, 8pm, free
at The Change You Want To See Gallery more...  5 Comments

Venezuela Headlines #63

Michael Fox | Venezuelan Political Leaders React Positively to Regional Election Results - United Socialist Party of Venezuela Wins 81% of Mayoral Offices in Elections - International Observers “Dazzled” by Venezuelan Electoral Process - Russia and Venezuela Sign Nuclear Energy Accord - Venezuela Proposes New Regional Currency - Venezuelan Trade Union Leaders Shot - Beneficiaries of Venezuelan Missions March Against Threats by Opposition Governor-Elect - Chávez Encourages Party to Propose Amendment for his Re-Election more...  0 Comments

Our Spirits Don't Speak English_Wednesday,December 3, 2008 at 7:00 pm_Bluestokin

IndyIndigenous | When it began in 1879, the philosophy of the Indian boarding school system was “to kill the Indian and save the man,” the mission statement of Captain Richard Henry Pratt, founder and superintendent of Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Carlisle, Pennsylvania until 1904. more...  0 Comments

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