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NYC, Jan. 12: Haiti Earthquake Anniversary Press Conference

David L. Wilson | The two demands of our press conference are:
1. Occupation Troops Out of Haiti NOW!!!
2. Release ALL Emergency Aid to Haitian Popular Organizations NOW!! Read More

WNU #1062: 2011 in Haiti—“Year of Revolt” or More of the Same? | Haiti worse off than ever more...  0 Comments

NEAN Assembly, Rochester Feb 11-13

Northeast Anarchist Network | The assembly will be hosted at the Flying Squirrel Community Space (, and we are asking for a sliding scale contribution of $10-20 from attendees. The assembly is open to any and all anarchists in the Northeast, as well as other radicals and anti-authoritarians who agree with the NEAN points of unity ( more...  1 Comments

Justice Denied: Activists Imprisoned, SOA Remains Open

SOA Watch | Once again, the justice system's complicity with the abuses taught at the School of the Americas was exposed today at the trial of anti-militarism activists Nancy Smith and Christopher Spicer. Nancy, from New York, changed her plea to no contest and was immediately sentenced to 6 months in prison by Magistrate Judge Stephen Hyles. In the SOA Watch tradition of using the courts to put a spotlight on the SOA/WHINSEC, Nancy affirmed that she "felt a strong moral imperative" to carry out her nonviolent act of civil disobedience "on behalf of those who have suffered so terribly". Read More by SOA Watch

Related: Nancy Smith, an SOA Watch prisoner of conscience, was interviewed by Tamar Sharabi shortly after the trial of Father Louis in November, in Georgia. more...  2 Comments

Building Bridges: Falk on Palestine Occupation and Adalah-NY Protests Lev Leviev

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | Israel’s Building Boom Threatens Palestinian State -- Richard Falk, prof. of international law emeritus, Princeton University and Special Rapporteur on Occupied Palestinian Territories for the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Tell Israeli Diamond Merchant Lev Leviev, Financing Israeli Settlements Has Got To Go! -- with Adalah-NY more...  3 Comments

Lynne Stewart Transferred to Texas

Stephen Lendman | Lynne sent far from home

On December 18, her web site broke the news... Lynne Stewart has been transferred to Carswell Medical Facility in Texas – SEND HER A CARD! | Letter from Lynne 12/19/10

The Federal Bureau of Prisons says Carswell "provides specialized medical and mental health services to female offenders." It's located at the Fort Worth Naval Air Station, Joint Reserve Base... Those who know Carswell best call it CarsHELL for its disturbing abusive record. An earlier article discussed how young women die there under "questionable circumstances," their families denied autopsy information. Read More by Stephen Lendman more...  4 Comments

The Largest Food Not Bombs ever! Discussion & Thoughts

LongIslandFNB | The 2010 Hempstead Food Share Bonanza was the largest Food Not Bombs ever and the largest vegan Thanksgiving ever! On that day over 30,000 pounds of food was shared with thousands of people, and Long Island Food Not Bombs followed this with nearly a dozen consecutive Thanksgiving events throughout the rest of the week, sharing a total of nearly 55,000 pounds of groceries in 5 days!

For the full story with pictures, video and more please go to more...  5 Comments

Time to Keep Working

Bill Reed | The IWW's campaign to reclaim stolen overtime pay at Flaum Appetizing more...  0 Comments

Cathie Black, Steiner & Bloomberg Face Freedom Party Lawsuit

AmadiAjamu | "Commissioner of Education David M. Steiner's grant of a waiver and a School District Certificate to Cathleen Black which allowed her to be appointed as Chancellor of the City School District of the City of New York was arbitrary and capricious, and/or an abuse of discretion." more...  3 Comments

Building Bridges Radio: Unemployment Crisis NYC Demonstration

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | The National Jobs for all Coalition held a protest demonstration in NYC to call for extension of unemployment benefits being held up in Congress by a Republican filibuster and to raise public awareness of the need for bold and decisive federal action to create jobs. The action came on the very day when the newly released monthly statistics reported that the unemployment rate increased to 9.8% highlighting the need for decisive action now. more...  1 Comments

Help Long Island Food Not Bombs collect toys for the Holidays

LIFNB | Do you have Toys that you’re not showing love anymore? Well if you get them to Long Island FNB from now until December 24th we’ll get them to someone who will. more...  4 Comments

Rally to Save Coney Island's Oldest Bar, Petition Launched

# | Nine businesses lost their leases. But there is a chance the developers will sell back the land if we can convince them, so please forward this and show up today. Demolition on two other historic Coney Island buildings has already begun so get there fast, this is your LAST CHANCE to see them! Can we preserve ANY American structures anymore? more...  1 Comments

Building Bridges Radio: NYPD Doctors Crime Stats

Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash | Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report, National Edition. Produced by Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg

Village Voice reporter on how NYPD distorted crime stats more...  0 Comments

An Interview with NY Gubornatorial Candidate and Rebel Howie Hawkins

Maslauskas | An August 28 interview with NY gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins. Hawkins is a cofounder of the US green Party, a Teamster truck unloader for UPS in Syracuse, a member of the IWW and lifelong organizer and activist for progressive and radical change. In the interview Hawkins discusses his campaign, his history as an activist, the environment, Great Recession, labor, socialism and the need for an alternative in this country.

His campaign website is more...  2 Comments

Tuesday (October 26th) – Letter-Writing Dinner For RNC 8 Prisoner Erik Oseland

NYC Anarchist Black Cross | This week we'll be writing to Erik Oseland, who was a part of the RNC 8, a group of anarchists arrested for 'organizing' the Republican National Convention protests. more...  0 Comments

Message of Solidarity with the workers and students of France from the exploited masses of the US

Anonymous | Message of Solidarity with the workers and students of France from the exploited masses of the United States more...  0 Comments

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