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MEDIA CRITICISM: Corporate Media Follows Government's Advice on Editing

 | Collaborative TV = Enhanced TVIn what is being called a "patriotic" gesture, major television news broadcasters have agreed to edit communiqués from Al Quaeda and Osama bin Laden. During a conference call with network executives on October 11, National Security Advisor Condaleeza Rice urged the networks to cut and edit bin Laden's statements because he does not deserve air time for "spewing propaganda." The networks capitulated. This is the first time major news organizations have so openly decided to edit information collectively, at the behest of a government official. A similar request was made to top newspaper editors. Overall mainstream media organizations are reporting a unprecedented lockdown on information from the government.

[ Listen: WBIX Streaming Radio NEWS | TV News: A Militarized Zone | Media Spin Revolves Around the Word Terrorist ]

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NYC CONTINUES TO MOURN VICTIMS: Union Square: People Rebuild

 | What the city calls 'graffiti' reads 'We need to grieve'New Yorkers call to rebuild the Memorial at Union Square tonight, one month after the fateful attacks. Due to the apparent NYC Park’s policy of taking down the beautiful artwork, candles, and flowers brought and visited by thousands of people daily, a few New Yorkers have begun to collect certain items from the memorial each night, replacing them after the NYC Parks does their clean-up. Possibly thousands will assemble tonight to reassemble an alter for peace dialogue and understanding in the memory of the missing and killed. People will be bringing candles, artwork, and flowers. Park Commissioner Stern still could not be reached for comment. For info from NYC Parks try 1-800-407-PARK.
[ Rev. Billy: 'Keep it going' | 'They’ve taken away our mourning!' | LISTEN! To reactions from people at the vigil ] more...  0 Comments

Anti-War: U.S. Attacks Afghanistan; Thousands March Against War in NYC

 | President Bush announced at 1 p.m. today that bombing of Afghanistan had begun in retaliation for the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Early news reports indicated three Afghan cities, Kabul, Kandahar and Jalalabad, had been bombed by U.S. and British forces. (See Map)U.S. critics fear military intervention could result in a near genocide of Afghan refugees and political unrest in Pakistan.

In a national address Bush predicted the campaign against terrorists would last months. Afghan officials quickly characterized the bombings as terrorist attacks.

In New York, several thousand anti-war protesters marched from Union Square to Times Square in a rally organized by the New York Not In Our Name coalition. Nobel Peace Prize winners Adolpho Perez Esquivel and Maired Maguire addressed the crowd from Times Square. Listen to the speeches on Democracy Now!, and see photos [1] [2] of the rally.

Protests were also announced today in Washington D.C., Seattle, San Francisco and other cities.

"The response of the US and its allies should not be driven by a blind desire for vengeance, but rather the renewed determination to work for a peaceful and just world,” the Nobel laureates said prior to Sunday’s bombing. Read a local anarchist's view of the anti-war efforts.

[ List of Past U.S. Military Interventions | Q & A About the Taliban and Islam | S.F. Indymedia Anti-War Site ]

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IMC VIDEO 9.11: IMC Releases 9.11 Video

 | 9.119.11 listens to the voices of New York City in mourning, a city coming to terms with the aftermath of events on September 11th and the potential violence of a protracted war. NYC residents respond to the tragedy with spontaneous memorials, public sites of grief and discourse where the transformation of mourning into a mobilization for peace and justice begin to emerge. 9.11 culminates with the first NYC peace march as the voices of the emergent peace movement begins to coalesce with broader globalization movement seeking economic and social justice. 9.11 offers initial critical perspectives of U.S. policy leading up to the World Trade Center attack, necessary to constructing an informed and rationalized response. The video also documents the media treatment and racial backlash against Arab-Americans and how those communities are responding
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GLOBAL JUSTICE: Across America, Thousands Rally For "Justice, Not War"

In New York City: Over 700 people marched from Bryant Park to Union Square, calling for justice and an end to anti-Arab violence. [Read More.]

In Washington D.C: The Anti-Capitalist Convergence and a newly-formed anti-war coalition are holding rallies, which began with 3 days of squatting actions during the People's Repo followed by a banner drop on Wednesday.

Around the Country: S29 protests against racism and war are being organized in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Madison, which join a growing movement against more death and destruction. Right-wing counter-demonstrations are also being attempted.

[ Washington, DC IMC | Indymedia Peace and Justice Coverage ] more...  0 Comments

ANTI-WAR: Opposition Grows Against Bush's War Plans

 | Union SquareEight days after the worst terrorist attacks in U.S. history, an anti-war movement has emerged in New York and cities around the world, calling for justice without war, to protest the Bush Administration's plan for the first war of the 21st century.

Several large anti-war rallies are scheduled in New York this weekend followed by a pair of anti-war marches in Washington D.C. during the weekend of Sept. 29.

Civil Liberties advocates have warned that a war has also begun at home. On Monday, New York Legislature -- with almost no debate -- passed the strictest anti-terrorism laws in the nation. In Washington, on Tuesday, Attorney General John Ashcroft announced major changes to immigration policy. Existing regulations allowed the INS to hold legal immigrants for questioning for no more than 24 hours before being charged. Now during times of emergency, immigrants could be held indefinitely.

The U.S. Congress is expected to soon begin debate on a series of anti-terrorism and immigrant laws including one that could allow the deportation of immigrants simply for the suspicion of being a terrorist.

Critics of the sweepings laws fear that non-violent activist groups such as the Direct Action Network and Reclaim the Streets will also be labeled as "terrorist" organizations by officials. On the anti-globalization front, the Mobilization For Global Justice has called off plans to host massive protests in D.C. in late September against the IMF and World Bank. And opponents to the Free Trade Area of the Americas also fear that Congress will grant President Bush fast-track authority.

[ IMC Newsblast | Global IMC | Free Speech Radio News ]

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TERRORISM: Thousands of NYC Mourners Call For Peace

 | Missing Persons Vigil at ArmorySeveral thousand mourners, largely peace supporters, gathered Friday night in Union Square for the city's largest vigil since the catastrophic attack on the World Trade Center. Proposed plans to send tens of thousands of ground troops into Afghanistan were widely criticized as activists warned such an invasion would lead to another Vietnam War.

A collection of categorized links:

NYC Mourns
Anti-Arab Racism
Peace Efforts
War Preparations
Political Analysis
Media Analysis
Civil Liberties
Int'l Reaction


Across the nation similar vigils were held as part of a national day of mourning.

On Friday, President Bush also visited the bomb scene for the first time and vowed to "rid the world of evil." In Washington, the Senate authorized Bush to order troops to battle and 35,000 to 50,000 military reserves were called up. Questions also arose if U.S. intelligence agents misread or ignored warnings of the attacks.

Following the identification of the terrorist suspects, reports of anti-Arab violence increased in the area. On Friday, plans to firebomb the Brooklyn Islamic Center in Bensonhurst were foiled only after police saw a man carrying a bottle containing a gas-soaked rag. Earlier in the week a Long Island man tried to run over a Pakistani woman in a parking lot and threatened to kill her.

Vigils in Union Square and elsewhere are expected to continue throughout the weekend. Numerous fundraisers and collection drives for the victims of the horrific event continue.
[ Indy Print PDF | Flashpoints radio | Israel IMC ]

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Terror in the USA: New York and the Nation in Mourning

 | Disbelief and Mourning in NYCIn the wake of the collapse of the Twin Towers in Manhattan, families are desperately going from hospital to morgue, searching for information about missing loved ones, as those in solidarity hold candlelight vigils all over the city.

The grief and anger is palpable, as is the anxiety. Vengeance is being planned, but citizens are calling for temperance.

However, some Americans are expressing their rage by verbally and physically assaulting anyone thought to be Muslim or from the Middle East. Israel is capitalizing on this tragedy by further repressing the Palestinian population, despite denials of any involvement.

While the corporate media continues to provide detailed accounts of the tragedy and relief efforts, they fail to ask tough questions about how or why this may have happened. But activists and independent journalists are taking creative measures to get people to think about other possible perspectives.

First person accounts of the horror both inside and outside the Twin Towers provide a sense of the devastation, while the world can only guess at the implications.

Officials remain tight-lipped about the death toll, saying it will take weeks to tally. Nonetheless, it’s thought that perhaps 20,000 people perished in the Twin Towers disaster, and up to 800 in the Pentagon attack, making this the single bloodiest incident in U.S. history.

Rescue workers are continuing the search for survivors, and the grim task of cleaning up the rubble and recovering bodies. The realization is starting to sink in that the world has been turned upside down. All air traffic remains grounded. The stock market will remain closed for almost a week – the longest hiatus since the Great Depression.

The streets of Manhattan remain eerily bereft of people and traffic, but the air is full of asbestos as dust clouds drift north. The silence is punctuated only by the sirens of emergency vehicles rushing about. Mayor Rudy Giuliani maintains the city is open for business, but many commuters are still too afraid to venture back into the city, but doing all they can to help a city still in disbelief.

[ Flashpoints Radio | How Should We Respond | Perspective in Spanish ]

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TERRORISM HITS NEW YORK: Plane Attacks Rock NYC and D.C.

 | Surreal scene in downtown Manhattan following WTC attackNew York City is in a state of shock because both World Trade Center towers have been hit by hijacked airplanes and subsequently collapsed. In Washington, D.C., the Pentagon was hit with another hijacked plane , and all major federal buildings were evacuated. Los Angeles and Chicago also evacuated their tall buildings, and sports events across the country were cancelled. At this point, four planes are confirmed to have been hijacked. The fourth plane crashed in Shankville, Pennsylvania outside of Pittsburgh.

At around 5pm, the building at 7 World Trade Center collapsed due to structural failure. This had been anticipated, and the building had been evacuated. A bit later, there were reports of fires and explosions of ammunition drops in Kabul, Afganistan, but the United States disclaimed any responsibility.

President Bush spoke to the country around 9pm, denounced the hijackings and crashes, and he pledged to track down those who planned them. Mayor Giuliani, Governor Pataki and Senator Clinton had all spoken out earlier to New Yorkers about the tragedy, on broadcasts mostly emanating from backup locations in New Jersey: the Twin Towers had supported the primary antennae of most New York-based TV stations. No-one is trying to estimate the casualities yet, other than the passengers on the various planes and at the Pentagon. The NYC Primary was postponed, bridges and tunnels are mostly still closed, and all U.S. air traffic has been grounded until at least noon on Wednesday. Aircraft carriers have been sent to the NY Harbor and Chesapeake Bay from Virginia, and military aircraft (F-15s) were sent from Syracuse and McGuire Air Force Bases to patrol NYC, reportedly carrying air-to-air missiles.

digital photo taken by now-anonymous worker from WTC I

Reports / Announcements
[Earliest IMC Reports | Call for Movement Medics | NYC-IMC Newswire Summary ]

Newswire Commentary / Analysis
[Unexcusable, but also unexplainable acts of terror? | Shocking, But Not Surprising | We owe our dead]

Pentagon hit by plane, one side mostly destroyed
The country is asking itself how this could happen. There are some matter-of-fact answers: the plane came in at low altitude to avoid being detected by radar; it filed a change of flight plans to reroute to D.C. (under what context, we wonder) and..."[C]linton had the military remove the Chaparral Missile system covering the Pentagon cause the Cold War was over and the USA has no real enemies." (seen on a mailinglist)

Reports Tuesday evening at DC-IMC estimated between 100 and 800 dead, and reported that Chief Ramsey asked the IMF to cancel its upcoming meetings.

Pentagon In Flames

D.C. Independent Media Center reporters on the scene at the Pentagon say things are calm but smoke continues to bellow from the building into neighboring areas. "The scene on the ground was calm but kind of agitated," said videographer Brian Long. [video of Pentagon burning] "They were evacuating all of the people so there were throngs of people moving. There was a lot of smoke. There was a massive plume of smoke that was spreading into Crystal City."

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ANTI-CORPORATE GLOBALIZATION MOVEMENT: NYC Holds Solidarity Action and Screening for Aug 20

 | NYC solidarity ActionOne month after over 200,000 critics of corporate globalization descended upon Genoa, Italy to make their views known to the "G8," leaders of eight of the world’s most powerful countries, the political fallout from the demonstrations still remains unclear. Genoa marked the first time an anti-globalization protester was killed in the Global North, although scores of demonstrators have been killed protesting in countries in the southern hemisphere.

While activists around the world debate the implications of Genoa on the burgeoning movement’s strategy and tactics, those in Genoa are still trying to confirm the safety and health of those still in jail and in the hospital. According to recent reports from IMC-Italy, 331 were injured during the course of the demonstrations, plus the over two hundred treated by medics from the Genoa Social Forum, and approximately 280 were arrested. As of August 7 there are still 51 people in jail; lawyers will appeal their continued incarceration next week.

The mainstream media have already put the powerful implications of Genoa behind them. However, people all over the world have not forgotten: On August 20th, approximately 50 activists, outnumbered by police, and early reports of helicopters, rallied outside the Italian Embassy in inclement weather to commemorate the one month anniversary of the shooting of Carlo Giuliani by the Italian paramilitary police force known as the Carabinieri.

A young man was arrested at the demonstration as he was writing down names of activists who have been killed fighting against globalization from around the world. "Seth" was taken to the nearest precinct, at 67th street, but was later moved to a farther precinct, at 123rd street, when police learned that activists were planning to protest outside in solidarity.

"Seth" was later released that afternoon to the loud cheers of supporters inside the 28th Precinct. He was ordered to appear in court on September 25th.

Later that night, the New York City and Italy IMCs held a successful benefit screening of exclusive video documentation of the Genoa action, including footage of the raid on the Italy IMC and Genoa Social Forum.
[ Italy IMC | Candida Collective | Genoa Social Forum ] more...  0 Comments

ITALY: G8 PROTEST: Solidarity Protest at NYC's Italian Consulate

 | NYC Protest Outside of Italian ConsulateAbout 30 people picketted while others handed out flyers in front of the Italian Consulate Friday evening in response to the shooting of a protestor at the G8 summit. The picket in New York City was organized Friday by the NYC Direct Action Network (DAN). They are planning another picket for Monday at 4:30 pm, also at the Consulate (690 Park Avenue and 68th Street).
[ Report from Z | NYC-DAN | Photos from NYC Protest ] more...  0 Comments

VIEQUES: Pro-Vieques Groups at the Puerto Rican Day Parade

 | Puerto Rican Day ParadeAfter threats that Vieques activists would be barred from the Puerto Rican Day Parade, activists took part in the annual celebration Sunday condemning U.S. Naval use of Vieques. See Photos. The parade attracted upwards of 2 million people. En Español
[ Vieques Support Campaign | Vieques Background from NYC-IMC ] more...  0 Comments

WBAI/ PACIFICA: Listeners March Into WBAI Studios

 | Amy GoodmanAt 9:00 a.m. on Monday, 18 irate WBAI (99.5 FM) listeners marched into the station's studio to read a statement on air demanding a reversal of the sharp, rightward political turn and selective censorship of programming, as well as an end to attacks on workers' rights. An Indymedia reporter covering the event was allegedly assaulted by WBAI staffer Paul DiRienzo, who later compared the Indymedia and Save Pacifica movements to those who kill abortion doctors. Listen here. Read a report from on the protest. For the latest on WBAI's recently concluded fund drive, read here.
[ NYC IMC statement about the alleged assault of one of its reporters | WBAI In Exile | Save Pacifica ] more...  0 Comments

DEATH PENALTY IN NY: Stopping the Killing

 | Bryant Park, 6.3.01On Sunday, June 3 in New York City's Bryant Park, the New York Civil Liberties Union held its 7th annual anti-death penalty rally. The State has six prisoners on death row; speakers included prisoners recently exonerated.
[ Highlights of Rally | NYCLU | More Info ] more...  0 Comments

MAY DAY IN NYC: May Day March, Arrests in NYC

 | Superbarrio In Action

On Mayday, 6 young people were arrested at New York City's Mayday March for Worker's Rights, with several charges, including violating the Anti-Mask laws. The Marchwas organized by the Coalition for the Human Rights of Immigrants. It started at Union Square, with several stops around the city, including the union-busting deli East Natural and the Garment District. It was dispersed abruptly by police at the IMF/World Bank offices at 2nd Ave. Several people were harassed at the March by NYPD officers, including an IMC cameraman and an organizer for the march. Some activists who were arrested were eventually released, according to the People's Law Collective.

[Read the IMC Print Team's weekly PDF about Mayday | Read more about SuperBarrio | Listen to a Special Mayday edition of the IMC RADIO REPORT in MP3and In Real Audio]

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FTAA SHOWDOWN: Indymedia coverage of the FTAA protests

 | Two protesters bravely confront police line with sign reading - '. . . and they call this democracy' [Click here for enlarged picture]As the corporation-state's mass media networks churn out misinformation, Indymedia will be providing a voice for a diverse group of people mobilizing across the hemisphere against the FTAA and Summit of the Americas. Extensive IMC coverage is listed at Audio, video, photos and written accounts of the news as it happens will continue to be updated.

Peaceful protesters proceed to get gassed, putting an end to the notion that it was only the 'violent Black Bloc' that was repressed. [Click here for enlarged picture] NYC-IMC Coverage:
Click here to read a first hand-account of the police repression and violence that took place during the protests against the Summit. An array of anectdotal stories from eye-witnesses is included in this revealing article.

Jaggi (in black jacket) and supporter, pictured here following his release Click here to read a NYC-IMC in-depth report on the recently released Anti-Capitalist Convergence organizer (CLAC), Jaggi Singh.

[ Enlarged picture of two brave protesters peacefully confronting riot cops | 1/2hour IMC Radio Report on the FTAA | IMC Weekly pdf on Quebec City ] more...  0 Comments

MEXICO: THE ZAPATISTA CARAVAN: Zapatistas Decide to Remain in Mexico City

 | Over 200,000 People Pack Zocalo for Arrival of Zapatistas to Mexico City


In a stunning turn of events, last Thursday, the National Congress of Mexico invited the leadership of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) to meet and discuss the San Andrés accords (the implementation of the accords, which were passed but vetoed by former President Ernesto Zedillo, is a key Zapatista demand). The vote that approved the resolution that called for the initiation of a dialogue with the EZLN was extremely close (220 in favor and 210 against). Because the approval of the resolution and subsequent invitation was given to the Zapatistas during what was supposed to be their last event in Mexico City - a mass rally and speaking event in front of the Federal Congressional buildings on March 22 - the offer was announced in a dramatic fashion, as subcommandante Marcos told the large crowd the breaking news between the speeches of the commandancia of the EZLN. A thunderous response followed the announcement, as the crowd roared with delight at the surprising turn of events.

Although the manner in which Marcos broke the news implied that the Zapatistas would accept the invitation, the official announcement came later in the evening, undoubtedly because of the need for the commandancia to meet and discuss the invitation (More: see IMC Chiapas for ongoing updates about the address to the National Congress by the EZLN). Despite the mainstream media's inability to comprehend as much, Marcos acts as a spokesperson and not as the lone decision maker of the General Command of the Clandestine Indigenous Revolutionary Committee (CCRI-CG), which is comprised by 23 commandancia who represent an array of indigenous ethnic groups. The CCRI-CG leads the EZLN, while important political decisions remain in the hands of the 38 autonomous indigenous communities who comprise the civilian base of the Zapatistas.

The surprise invitation and its subsequent acceptance reversed an earlier decision by the EZLN to leave the distrito federal on Friday, March 23 (Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and resides in the Federal District).

Last week, on Tuesday, March 20, President Fox had asked the Zapatistas to talk with him and promised to meet more of their demands to resume negotiations. Fox specifically declared that the three bases the Zapatistas are demanding to be disbanded would immediately transform their operations to only include social work functions. The following day, however, Marcos had announced at a mass rally at the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), attended by over 60,000 people, that such declarations were only declarations and had not been carried out (this was also iterated in a press conference before the event).

The Chiapas-IMC reported that the federal military proceeded in deismantling its military base in Río Euseba. There are still two of seven key miltary bases - La Garrucha and Guadalupe Tepeyac - that the EZLN has demanded to be dismantled (in total, over 250 remain) before they re-enter peace negotiations with the President.

Fox also had stated that he hoped that the Zapatistas would be able to talk to the National Congress before they left, despite the fact that the leader of his own political party in the Senate, Diego Fernández de Cevallos, seemingly wanted nothing to do with the Zapatistas on their terms. Such reluctance explains why the invitation was a surprise and most likely came about only as a result of the significant amount of public pressure the Zapatistas have applied during and after the Zapatista caravan, where mass rallies have been continually held (read below for more info on the Zapatista caravan or see our additional feature page for more comprehensive coverage and links).

[Watch the Big Noise Tactical / Chiapas Media Project production "Storm from the Mountain" part 1 and part 2 about the caravan and it's implications. Part 1 features footage of the caravan and interviews about related issues, while part 2 features additional interviews and footage of the event at the Zócalo.]

Meanwhile in Chiapas, ranchers, paramilitares and anti-zapatistas protested in San Cristóbal de las Casas demanding the expulsion of foreigners and creating a generally hostile environment. In light of this, it is unsurprising to find reports that have revealed renewed police and military harrasment in Chiapas.

On Sunday, March 11, over 200,000 people flocked to the Zócalo in Mexico City to welcome the 23 commanders of the EZLN (Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional) and subcomandante Marcos.

The March 11 addresses by the commandancia culminated a two-week, 12-state caravan through southern and middle Mexico, drawing hundreds of thousands of people to hear their message of peace, hope and dignity for the indigenous cultures of Mexico, while resisting the neoliberalist economic pressures of globalization. It still remains to be seen now whether the newly elected Mexican president from the opposition party, Vicente Fox, will pressure his congress to ratify the San Andrés accords included in the Indigenous Rights bill, or follow through on the promise he made earlier this week to meet the other two demands the EZLN have for resuming peace talks -- freeing all remaining Zaptista political prisoners in Mexico and removing an additional 2 military bases in Chiapas (read a NYC-IMC article about the San Cristóbal demonstration that initially voiced the Zapatistas´ "three signals").

[ READ MORE: additional NYC-IMC feature page about the event at the Zócalo and the Zapatista caravan | Continuing coverage from the Chiapas Independent Media Center | Daily news reports about the caravan, from the UK Independent Media Center ]

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 | NOT MY PRESIDENTOn January 20, 2001, more than 20,000 people from across the country converged in D.C. to oppose the coronation of George W. Bush in the largest counter-inaugural protest since Nixon's '72 re-election.

"Not My President!" is the work of more than two dozen independent videographers from several organizations who've joined forces to bring you what the corporate media and the executive office don't want you to see: the real voices from the streets.

While the networks broadcast a combined total of 10 minutes protest coverage, the New York City-IMC brings you the untold story from the front lines of dissent.

[ More on the Video and Order Info ] more...  0 Comments

NYC: WBAI COUP: WBAI: Arrests, "Edict", and Fresh Censorship

 | Free Pacifica! On Wednesday, January 24, 2001, at approximately 8:35AM EST, during an unscheduled "Report to the Listener" program, Utrice Leid issued what she, in her own words, termed an "edict," which will restrict producers and staffers at WBAI from making any mention of internal station issues on the air. She did not discuss what measures would be taken if her edict is ignored. According to at least one caller, she has yet to respond to calls for explaination of her actions during the "Christmas Coup" at WBAI, instead blaming the struggle (in part) on producers and staffers for being racist. Read more...

Last night, protesters outside of WBAI's studios, at 120 Wall Street in Lower Manhattan, committed acts of civil disobedience in defiance of Leid's attempts to prevent WBAI's Local Area Board members from meeting in the offices, as it has for the past 25 years. Read more...

In the past few weeks, the listeners and supporters of WBAI have taken up a struggle to rescue the station from the Pacifica National Board's plans for corporatization. This mobilization has forced many to ask just what community radio is all about. While various groups are meeting each night to organize for the ensuing battle to wrest control of the station from the hands of the Pacifica National Board, a true community is beginning to form. Tactics to free the station range from major ongoing direct action, including the major demonstration at the station on Tuesday Jan 23, to legal challenges and media campaigns. While there is not total agreement about what has led to the current crisis, many pin their hopes for a resolution on creating a democratic structure for the future management of the station- one which would include a role for a listener board.

NEW VIDEO:Save Pacifica Video
NEW AUDIO:Carol Spooner from the KPFA listener board explains the history of the Pacifica Board and the pending lawsuits

Join the WBAI Listener Coalition Mailing List for updates on legal remedies and actions you can participate in. You can also call 212-465-7562, 800-825-0055 or 718-707-7189 for updates, to volunteer, and to pledge support.

Tell them how you feel: Send email to the Pacifica national board members.

The Chickens Come Home to Roost by jim dingeman
and more reports posted to IMC-NYC

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D.C.: INAUGURATION: Reign of King George the Third Begins

 | About twenty thousand protestors gathered in DC on January 20th to protest the beginning of a new administration. Thousands of signs mocked George 'Dubya' Bush, the incoming US president, along the parade route and at scattered protest areas from Freedom Plaza to DuPont Circle, Stanton Park, and more.

One bold action by anarchists replaced a US flag along the parade route with a red flag, a black flag, and an upside-down American flag (a symbol of distress). Other actions involved throwing oranges to symbolize the missing Florida votes and using one's body to display a message (signs were somewhat restricted along the bleacher-lined parade route).

Focus on the New Cabinet

There were reports of anywhere from six to ten protestors arrested. As of Monday night, DC IMC is reporting that all but one have been released.

Read what NYC-IMC reporters contributed

Indymedia J20 Publication (PDF)

Right to vote of people of color systematically violated

Coverage from the DC IMC photos audio video

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