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gdm | (from the Open Newswire): "Serious physical assault at West 4th Street Station on the southbound 'A' train as it arrived at the station at just gone 18:00 hrs (6pm) this evening, Tuesday 12th July 2005.

"A police officer had just entered the carriage and began to attack one of the passengers. I was in the middle of the carriage, at the near end of the second long row of seats when the crowd suddenly pushed past me. As I stood up, the carriage doors opened and people flooded out onto the platform from teh far end of the carriage. Meanwhile, turning around to look at the now empty space, there was a tall (but lean) black man and an enormous police officer - no 5641 - who was almost as tall and about 3 times as wide as his victim. The passenger was dancing around, thrashing his arms: when his face turned towards me, it was apparent that he had been sprayed with the chemical 'mace' spray that the officer was carrying as there was clearly a white-coloured liquid dripping from his eyes, particularly down the right side of his face."

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AIDS Protesters Bare Witness, Block Traffic by Convention Site

By Suzy Subways |

Ten nude AIDS activists led by ACT UP New York stopped traffic on 33rd Street and 8th Avenue by Madison Square Garden at noon today, shedding their clothes to reveal "DROP THE DEBT" stenciled across their backs. As a crowd of hundreds gathered and news cameras rolled, the six women and four men chanted, "Bush, Stop AIDS -- Drop the Debt Now!" and were arrested in all their glory after standing their ground for ten minutes.

[ See Pictures 1 || 2 ]

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Getting Used: How the Mainstream Media Helps Create Climate of Fear and Repression During Political Protests.

Chris Anderson | Getting Used: How the Mainstream Media Helps Create Climate of Fear and Repression During Political Protests. more...  3 Comments

NYPD to Build Protest Pen Around Manhattan Island

Indymedia April 1 Staff | APRIL 1-- NEW YORK. The NYPD announced today that it would begin building a fifty mile long protest barrier around Manhattan island in advance of the Republican National Convention this summer. The pen will run north from the Battery around the Harlem River and back down the Hudson, with additional fences running down 8th and 6th Avenues.

"We actually have no idea how many protesters will be in New York this summer for the Convention," said Chief Ray Kelly. "500,000? A million? We need to balance the rights of Americans to exercise their First Ammendment liberties with the rights of Starbucks to sell expensive lattes. So then we figured: lets make the whole island a pen!"

Instructions on the NYPD web site have been set up to facilitate the movements of protesters. "Please enter Manhattan from Fort Tryon Park, and proceed south!" the site reads. "Do not enter the city from the Lincoln or Holland Tunnels!"

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Quagmire in Baghdad

Abdul Hammadi | One Times source described the situation at the Baghdad bureau as its own "war" with "major turf and ego battles, swaggering and big-footing by some and plenty of pouting, thrown elbows and bureaucratic jujitsu in return." more...  0 Comments

One Never Knows What to Say to the Servants

truthout | One Never Knows What To Say to the Servants Scenes from the class struggle in Delhi--and Brooklyn. BY TUNKU VARADARAJAN Friday, January 16, 2004 12:01 a.m. EST It's not possible to spend an hour in urban India without ingesting life's unfairness. When families subsist in cardboard shelters a few yards from Italianate villas, a visitor must drop the dearly held American pretense that Being Created Equal amounts to equal opportunity and treatment for all. Luck and grueling effort are the main safety nets in places like India, and poor children aren't spared the legion of woes that their parents face daily. more...  0 Comments

Bush Regime Made False Iraq Chemical Weapons Claim

Bush is the spawn of Satan | Denmark: Arms Found in Iraq Probably Not Chemical Wed January 14, 2004 12:02 PM ET COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - The Danish Army said Wednesday initial tests showed a cache of mortar rounds found buried in Iraq on Jan. 9 did not contain any chemical substances as originally suspected. "The expert group from the Iraq Survey Group have investigated five ... and none of them have showed any trace of chemical substances," the Danish Army Operational Command said in a statement. Samples would be sent to the United States for further tests, the command said. more...  0 Comments

Danmar Workers Win Back Wages After 3-Year Struggle

john | Workers at a Brooklyn garment factory recently won hundreds of thousands of dollars in back pay following a three-year struggle. “We were not fighting for the money. We were fighting for justice. The owners told us we had no right to speak up because we didn’t have papers. They would insult us,” said Blanca, one of the former Danmar employees, at a press conference in front of the factory December 18th. Read More || Spanish more...  0 Comments

ANTI-CORPORATE GLOBALIZATION: Global Justice Movement Gears Up For D.C. Protests

 | "What ever happened to the anti-globalization movement?" has become a common question heard from the world's media outlets. In September, activists from groups such as the Anti-Capitalist Convergence and the Mobilization for Global Justice hope to set the answer straight by staging another round of major anti-World Bank / International Monetary Fund protests in Washington. Read more.

Highlights from recent media coverage:
This past weekend the UK Observer dedicated a special section on the future of global protest. In the wake of the corporate scandals, a recent Seattle Post-Intelligence piece noted how "WTO Protesters Appear Prophetic". In the NYC IMC's newspaper, The Indypendent, Starhawk offers up a strategic vision of what lies ahead for the global justice movement.

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WAR ON DRUGS: Senate May Outlaw Raves & Underground Clubs

 | The Drug Policy Alliance reports: "The Senate is poised to pass legislation that would give federal prosecutors new powers to shut down RAVEs, hemp festivals, marijuana rallies and other events and punish business owners and activists for hosting or promoting them. Because of its broad language, the proposed law would also potentially subject people to enormous federal sentences if some of their guests smoked marijuana at their party or barbecue. It would also effectively make it a federal crime to rent property to medical marijuana patients and their caregivers." Read More.

Read an update on California and Nevada's medical marijuana legalization efforts.

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LOWER MANHATTAN: Con Edison Explosion in Manhattan Leaves Tens of Thousands Without Power

 | Explosion at the Con Ed Power PlantOn July 20th, an explosion at the Con Edison power plant in Lower Manhattan left at least 63,000 New Yorkers without power and shut down several MTA subways lines downtown. Power was restored by the evening of the 20th.

Although there were no reported casualties, the explosion shook a city still jittery nearly one year after the terrorist attacks of September 11th. Police and National Guardsmen blocked off streets and directed traffic as other streets crowded with onlookers. Read an eyewitness report here

The IMC eyewitness continues by mentioning possible toxic fallout from the blast. For its part, the New York Times reports that this is not the first time in recent memory that Con Ed has had to face the pollution concerns of New Yorkers: "Residents of the East Village, Stuyvesant Town, Gramercy Park and other nearby areas had complained that the utility was spewing waste into their neighborhoods with unsafe emissions from the East 14th Street plant, and the plan to augment its output drew a lawsuit," wrote The Times in an early edition of this story.

[ Official Con Ed Website ]

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THE INDYPENDENT: New Issue of the Indypendent Now Available

 | The new issue of our newspaper the Indypendent titled "Battling Back: Inspiring Victories Lift Spirits in Troubled Times" is now available in New York, online and to our subscribers. In the new issue we examine activist sucess stories including the recent massive popular uprisings in Paraguay [English || Espanol], the decade-long struggle over the Pacifica Radio network, and grassroots efforts to deal with AIDS in South Africa. We also report on the state of New York's community gardens, the Justice Department's efforts to overturn the Constitution, relations between U.S. and Iraq, Starhawk's strategic advice for the global justice movement and much more.

Since September, 2000 the Indypendent has been run been published 19 times by our volunteer-run collective. While the paper is distributed free in New York, we strongly urge supporters to subscribe. For just $20 you will receive the next 10 issues, but more importantly you will keep this project growing. We would like to start publishing more frequently (biweekly perhaps) and in greater volume, but we can only do that with community support.
[ Download 20-Page PDF | Subscribe to the Indypendent | Read Archived Editions ]

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Media Bored at lack of bloodletting

Sanjay Kumar | With no violence emanating from protesters, the media lacked interest in covering the weekend of anti-WEF demonstrations. Coverage tended to focus on the massive police preparations, obscuring the message of activists. more...  4 Comments

PACIFICA: Pacifica Breakthrough Announced

 | New York rallies to save a community radio stationPlaintiffs in the three lawsuits against the Pacifica Foundation have reached a breakthrough in negotiations that would give dissident forces a slender majority of a newly configured national board when it meets later this month.

The final agreement is still being worked out in closed-door talks with Pacifica Board chairman Robert Farrell and former Washington, D.C. mayor Marion Berry. Speaking at a Saturday night benefit for "Democracy Now in Exile", Juan Gonzales, Director of the Pacifica Campaign, warned that "the devil is in the details."
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FBI v. INDYMEDIA: Feds call IMC volunteer

 | FBI Director Mueller and Terror Czar Tom Ridge this morningThe San Francisco IMC has reported an FBI agent, identified as Chuck Esposito from Oakland, telephoned one its volunteers Friday night night. Esposito allegedly asked if the individual had access to IMC server logs, whether or not he administered "Indymedia sites" and whether he had access to the server. The volunteer declined to answer, saying only that he could not answer questions without legal counsel. has reported that the FBI was investigating an anthrax threat that appeared on the Arizona IMC site. The SF IMC has contacted the Electronic Frontier Foundation , who provided legal support to Indymedia when it was served with a court order demanding server logs last April during the Summit of the Americas meeting in Quebec.

With the passage of so-called "Anti-Terrorism" bills, Midnight Special Law Collective, National Lawyers Guild, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Just Cause Law Collective all have documents which outline your basic legal rights.

Keep checking IMC SF for updates as this story develops.

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NYC Indymedia: Indypendent: New Issue Out Now

 | Indypendent CoverThe new issue of the Indypendent newspaper is now available. The free paper is published about once a month by volunteers at the NYC Indymedia print team. If you are interested in helping out email the Indypendent or attend a free reporting workshop Saturday, Nov. 3.

Stories in this month's issue include:
The Battle of Union Square

War Without End

Gagged By The Flag: Media Follows Gov't Cue

Illegal Everyday: The Post 9-11 War on Undocumented Workers

Life in the Camps: A Report From a Pakistani Refugee Camp

Hard Times For Liberty

Howard Zinn and Others on the New Peace Movement

The entire issue can also be downloaded as a PDF

The Indypendent project relies entirely on volunteer labor and the generosity of its supporters, please consider donating money today. A year's subscription to the paper will be given to all donations over $20.
[ Donate/ Subscribe | Archive Of Older Issues ]

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ANTI-WAR UPDATES: NY Marches Against War, as Cops Bash Heads in Hartford and DC

 | Oct. 27 March down 8th Ave. Photo Courtesy PVNOver 500 activists marched from Times Square down 8th Avenue last Saturday protesting US military action in Afghanistan. The march and teach-in that followed at the High School of the Humanities was part of an internationally coordinated day of actions that took place in at least 75 U.S. cities and over twenty countries, according to the International A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Kingston, NY, Atlanta, Portland, St.Paul, St. Louis, Chicago, Philadelphia, Albuquerque and Pardova, Italy.

A Reclaim the Streets party in Washington D.C. was forcefully raided by police, using batons against participants and bystanders. The number of those arrested and/or injured was not immediately known. Video and a first-person account can be found at IMC DC.

Last Thursday, 18 activists were arrested and charged with 'inciting a riot' and 'disorderly conduct' offenses after an unpermitted march to the downtown offices of Senator Leiberman [D-Conn.] in Hartford. The march, which began at Bushnell Park and never made it to the Senator's office, was organized to promote a peaceful solution to the US war in Afghanistan.

"Some police, including at least one verified undercover officer who had been marching with the demonstrators from the park, pointed to individuals within the crowd, shouting "Him!" and "Those three!" at which point other officers grabbed the individuals in question. In at least one case a demonstrator was shoved and put in a head lock," according to Sage Radachowsky, one of the 18 arrested. The Hartford 18 are asking for donations to offset at least $10,000 in legal fees. [More information about Oct. 25 and the Hartford 18 from Wesleyan Media]

In other news, Pre-registration has begun for the three-day US Strategy Summit on Global Corporate Power and Democracy, organized in response to the global call for action to protest the 4th WTO Ministerial Meeting in Doha, Qatar

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ELECTION CONTROVERSY: Overcount Taints Democratic Mayoral Primary Runoff

 | Ferrer with Sharpton, photo from the Ferrer websiteAfter no candidate received more than 40% of the Democratic vote during the rescheduled September 25 primary, a runoff was held on October 11. Now, over a week later, the results of the runoff are still in question. Bronx borough president Freddy Ferrer has rescinded his concession to Mark Green, the city's current Public Advocate. With a margin of victory of about 30,000 in the district-reported tallies, and alledged overcounts of 41,000, anything is possible, but the Board of Elections is claiming that Mark Green's margin was only inflated by 9,000 votes. The confusion occured because districts report votes directly to the NYPD, who report to the Associated Press and other wire services. Some districts got consolidated and re-reported, apparently. [NY Daily News story | More from IMC-NYC] more...  0 Comments

ONGOING EFFECTS OF DISASTER: Lower Manhattan still reeling from Sept. 11 Attack

 | Melinda lives blocks from ground zero. She is breathing very unhealthy air. One side of her building is wide open, windows smashed from the compression when the towers fell. The building management refuses to replace the windows, to install special air filters, to allow tenants to break lease or to reduce the rent. These tenants have not seen any of the "disaster relief" money that is supposedly being given to the city for them.

All across lower Manhattan, people like Melinda are continuing to suffer from a lack of basic services while the mass grave that was the World Trade Center still smolders, five weeks later. Fears of asbestos pollution remain high though the government maintains downtown residents are safe. As the world's attention turns toward Afghanistan, we need to remember that the people of lower Manhattan still need help.

[ Volunteer to help with disaster relief | Asbestos levels dangerously high | AUDIO: Teach-In on the effects on undocumented workers ] more...  0 Comments

BIO "TERROR": Anthrax Hits the Big Apple

 | NBC workers, pedestrians and government officials outside

With the Florida cases of anthrax still holding front pages across the nation, the bacterium surfaced in New York on Friday creating more panic in a city already on edge. First came confirmation of a case of cutaneous anthrax at NBC. Next the New York Times had a scare of their own.

More anthrax related incidents so far include

-- Erin O'Connor, an assistant to NBC anchor Tom Brokaw, who was exposed when she opened a letter postmarked from Trenton, NJ

-- Several more American Media employees testing positive for Anthrax exposure in Florida

-- an envelope from Malaysia sent to a Microsoft company in Reno, Nevada which also tested positive for anthrax, possibly causing 6 people to be exposed

-- One NYC police officer and two lab technicians working on the Erin O'Connor case

-- a letter sent to Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle's office

Though the government is assuring people it has the resources to combat anthrax, the situation is also shedding light on the dismal state of the anthrax vaccine under privatization. But what's the best way to combat the anthrax scare? Read an Anthrax Q&A from the BBC.

[ Who Benefits from the Anthrax Scare | This is not good news: Anthrax | Anthrax and Spring-Loaded Meals | How to protect yourself from Anthrax attacks | Anthrax scare: A diversion? ]

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