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Photos: New York, Jan 3, 2008: Protest against Israel's attack on Gaza.

Andrew Hinderaker | Thousands gather in Times Square to protest Israel's attack on Gaza. more...  1 Comments

NYC Marches Again to Demand End of Massacres in Gaza and Boycott of Israel

Adalah-NY | For the second day in a row, over a thousand New Yorkers marched through midtown Manhattan, chanting and carrying signs and Palestinian flags, to voice opposition and demand an end to Israel's assault on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. In the last three days, Israel's bombing of Gaza has killed over 360 Palestinians. Reports indicate that at least 60 of those killed were women and children. more...  2 Comments

"Stop Killing Our Children": Images from 12/28 March on the Israeli Consulate

Michael GW | On Sunday, December 28, New Yorkers gathered at Rockefeller Center, rallied, sang, chanted, and proceeded to march through midtown on their way to the the Israeli Consulate. With a day's notice, they came out by the thousands in protest of the Israeli state, its bombing of Gaza and its siege of Gaza. more...  0 Comments

Zionist Mass Murder: Break the Siege, Defend Gaza!

Internationalist Group | At midday on December 27, Israeli warplanes launched a massive bomb attack on the densely populated Gaza Strip. More than 270 Palestinians were killed as wave after wave of U.S.-supplied F-16 fighter jets and Apache helicopters dropped more than 100 bombs. The Israeli military said they were targeting Hamas installations, but numerous civilians were killed, including a number of children, as schools had just let out for lunch. The Zionists' attack on downtown areas was deliberate mass murder. The Israeli slaughter was carried out with the full knowledge and a green light from its imperialist patrons in Washington, as well as U.S. client regimes such as Egypt. The Internationalist Group and League for the Fourth International condemn the Israeli mass murder in Gaza and call for action by the international working class in defense of Gaza and the Palestinian people, including efforts to break the siege. more...  1 Comments

Photos: Protest Against Israeli Bombings of Gaza

Stanley W. Rogouski | Palestinian activists protest Israeli bombing of Gaza. more...  10 Comments

Photos From Today's NYC Gaza Massacre Protest

NYCLAW -- New York City Labor Against the War | Thousands of people marched today in New York City to protest the Israeli massacre in Gaza. more...  8 Comments

New York Human Rights Carolers Renew Call for Boycott of Leviev

Adalah-NY | Thirty human rights carolers braved the cold and ice today to serenade Manhattan’s holiday shoppers with a call, for the second year, to boycott the jewelry store and companies of Israeli settlement-builder and diamond mogul Lev Leviev. Leviev’s Madison Avenue store has been the site of 12 protests since it opened in mid-November, 2007, and protests against his businesses have spread to London, Dubai and the West Bank villages where he is building settlements. Additionally, during the past year UNICEF and Oxfam have renounced Leviev, major Hollywood stars have distanced themselves from him, and the governments of United Kingdom and Dubai are under pressure to boycott Leviev’s businesses. more...  2 Comments

Images from the New School, December 18, 2008

Michael Gould-Wartofsky | Students, workers, and supporters gathered by the hundreds outside the New School Thursday night. They were here to support the three-day occupation of 65 Fifth Avenue. The sit-in was reinforced, streets barricaded, traffic blockaded, President Kerrey chased down the street, and police prevented from making any further arrests. Later that night, we learned that the occupying students had won what many saw as a decisive victory in their battle with the administration. more...  5 Comments

Rules of Thumb Learned by An Occupant of the New School in Exile

Tim Hearin | Some of these rules of thumb can be generalized, and perhaps others cannot; nevertheless, they comment on the specific context of the student occupation that lasted two days and won important concessions from the New School, including amnesty. The students agreed to continue the struggle next semester. This is only the beginning... more...  7 Comments

Stars’ Photos Removed from Leviev Website as Celebs Seek Distance from Rights Ab

Adalah-NY | Following complaints by at least four major Hollywood stars whose photos were posted on Israel diamond mogul Lev Leviev’s website, Leviev staff removed the entire celebrity photo section from his website this week. The photos’ removal came after Adalah-NY and Jews Against the Occupation-NYC sent letters to and spoke with representatives for Salma Hayek, Halle Berry, Drew Barrymore, Brooke Shields, Andie MacDowell, Lucy Liu, Whitney Houston and Sharon Stone, all of whose names and photos, apparently wearing Leviev jewelry, were featured in a Celebrity section of Leviev’s website. more...  0 Comments

New Yorkers Urge Gov. Paterson to Appoint Ralph Nader to US Senate

Reds for Greens | A group of concerned New York citizens announced today that they are launching a campaign to have Governor David A. Paterson appoint long-time consumer advocate Ralph Nader to the US Senate. There are no real residency requirements for US Senate. Nader’s supporters noted that while President elect Obama has made a big point of naming many of his former Presidential opponents to Cabinet positions, he has not yet offered a position to Nader, who finished third in the general election. Obama’s first public interest job, which he credits for training him as an organizer, was with a group that Nader helped established, the New York Public Interest Research Group. more...  8 Comments

Notes From the New School Occupation

Counterhegemonic | Overall, the occupation was a victory. It was a victory for a particular method of direct action politics which is sorely needed in the US. There will be no Greece in the US anytime soon but the energy and romantic leaps made by university students still hold the possibility for reviving the near-moribund political imagination of the left. Occupy-Refuse-Resist! more...  2 Comments

New School occupation ends in victory

kilroy | At approximately 3 a.m, students ended their occupation of New School University and declared victory in ongoing negotiations with university administration. While president Kerry has not been ousted, he has been forced to agree to a wide range of demands bringing greater student democracy and transparency to the functioning of the New School. more...  4 Comments

Photos from inside and outside new school occupation- Part 2

leanne | photos from today's proceedings at the new school university in exile more...  5 Comments

Photos from inside and outside new school occupation- Part 1

leanne | Photos from today's proceedings at the New School University in Exile more...  0 Comments

From Occupied New School

shinethepath | CUNY Students who have joined in the occupation of New School issue a statement of solidarity and unity with the Students of New School. more...  2 Comments

New School occupation press conference, 10:30am, Thursday 12/18!

kilroy | A press release from CUNY students at The New School in Exile announces a rally and press conference at 10:30am, Thursday, December 18th. more...  6 Comments

Photos from New School occupation

kilroy | Photos from the cafeteria at the New School University as a student occupation enters its first night. more...  0 Comments

New School demands from the Radical Student Union

kilroy | Wednesday, December 10th, the Radical Student Union issued several demands at a demonstration and sit-in at the Board of Trustees meeting for the New School University. With a student occupation underway in the New School cafeteria, the same demands are being brought to the fore with greater force. more...  4 Comments

New School University has been occupied!

kilroy | Students occupying the cafeteria of the New School University released their first statement this evening, linking their struggle with student uprisings around the world and other struggles across the United States. more...  19 Comments

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