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Hundreds Protest the Rockefeller Drug Laws in New York City

Ariel Tirosh | Hundreds of New Yorkers gathered outside of Governor Paterson's Manhattan office today to call on Paterson, State Senator Malcolm Smith, and other legislative leaders to repeal the 70s-era Rockefeller Drug Laws. more...  0 Comments

Stop ALL Toxic Gas Drilling in NYS, with Rev. Billy

Mari Budha | Toxic gas rilling, contamination, food security, and climate change are major issues. (see:
A 'natural' gas-related crisis of unprecedented proportions is about to be released upon NYS.
The time is now for us to end extraction of fossil fuels.
We need to protect and support our region's food security.
Council members urged to re-introduce a bill urging a ban on gas drilling throughout the state. more...  9 Comments

Antifa Storm Neo-Nazi Meeting in Clifton, NJ

Anti-Racist Action | Pathetic National Vanguard leftovers, the League of American Patriots tried to meet March 21st for International White Pride World Wide day but it only took about a dozen anarchists and antifascists - most from area ARA chapters - to make sure it didn't happen. more...  28 Comments

Immigrant High School Students ‘Struggle to be Strong’

Karen Yi | Teenagers from over 50 countries share stories about the struggle of being immigrant in America. more...  0 Comments

East Harlem Residents, Housing Advocates Rally Outside Vacant Building

Alex Kane and Ariel Tirosh | Housing activist group, Picture the Homeless, along with East Harlem residents are rallying outside of an abandoned building in El Barrio to protest City housing policy. They say that the building, and others like it city-wide, should be renovated and made into affordable housing units. They also say that many of the vacant buildings can be used to house the homeless. more...  5 Comments

'Stop the Killings in Tibet!' Protesters Commemorate Tibetan Uprising

Karen Yi | A sea of black flags and sharp chants percolated across The Brooklyn Bridge and into Manhattan on Tuesday, as free Tibet protesters gathered to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1959 Tibetan uprising against China. more...  12 Comments

City from Below Conference, March 27-29, in Baltimore

City from Below | An announcement about the City from Below Conference. March 27th-29th. Baltimore MD. more...  0 Comments

Hunter College Students Walk Out of Class to Protest Tuition Hikes on March 5

Ariel Tirosh | Thousands of students and workers from around the city gathered on March 5 to protest the budget proposed to the NY State Assembly. This includes a 3.3 percent, or $698 million, funding cut for public education. Hundreds of Hunter College students, staff and faculty elected to walk out of class to protest outside of Hunter. They then join the rally down by Borough of Manhattan Community College and finally marched to the main rally at City Hall. more...  2 Comments

Announcement: Mike Davis to speak on the significance of Obama's election

Jonah | At NYU. more...  1 Comments

"Stop leaving this up to lawyers": Gay Rights Panel Challenges Movement Leaders

Ariel Tirosh | On February 12, a panel of gay rights experts challenged the gay rights movement to move forward and develop new strategies and tactics. "Stop leaving this up to lawyers," said Lisa Duggan, professor of Social and Cultural Analysis at NYU. Duggan, along with three others, participated in the panel discussion which was entitled "After Proposition 8: The Future of Marriage Politics." more...  1 Comments

Take Back NYU! and the New Wave of Student Activism

Anonymous | Take Back NYU! has received an outpouring of support from across the globe, but it has also come under harsh criticism from many people who have consistently misunderstood the importance and legitimacy of the student occupation of NYU. The occupation of Kimmel came as a result of two years of campaigning and two years of being pushed aside, ignored, and mocked by the NYU administration. Each demand of the occupation stems from the same framework - one demanding accountability, transparency, and social justice for all. more...  5 Comments

Panel Promotes Universal Health Care for All Americans

Aron Guy | U.S. Representative Yvette Clarke was one of three guests explaining the benefits of a single-payer healthcare system Sunday in a program called “Yes We Can: Universal Health Care for all Americans.” more...  1 Comments

NYCLAW Statement on NYU Student Protests

Michael Letwin | We are proud of these students' protest and refusal to be silenced. NYU administration must immediately: more...  0 Comments

With the New School and NYU Student Occupations!

Tim Hearin | With laudable exceptions, the myopic mainstream replied to the occupations in The New School and NYU in December and February, respectively, with scorn and dismissal. It is necessary to clear the air of these typical pollutants, but it is also crucial to advance, just as in many ways the NYU occupation amplified the empowering echoes of the earlier one in The New School. The indifferent, the doubters, the seated radicals, the contented liberals, must be cast aside as we fearlessly charge for the unattainable horizon, revealing evermore humane, free, terrains of struggle. more...  3 Comments

Official Statement from Take Back NYU! Regarding the Kimmel Occupation

Take Back NYU! | From 10 pm on February 18th 2009 to 2 pm on February 20th, students of Take Back NYU! occupied the Kimmel Center for University Life in a historic effort to bring pressure on NYU for its administrative and ethical failings regarding transparency, democracy and protection of human rights. more...  0 Comments

Stars and Award Organizers Asked to Boycott Tainted Leviev Diamonds at Oscars

Adalah-NY | Adalah-NY and Jews Against the Occupation-NYC (JATO-NYC) have called on 16 Hollywood PR firms and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to ensure that no stars wear Leviev diamonds at this Sunday’s Academy Awards. In a two week campaign involving letters and dozens of phone discussions with PR firms, the groups drew attention to Leviev’s violations of human rights and international law in the occupied West Bank where his companies build Israeli settlements, and in the diamond industry in Angola and Namibia. Leviev reportedly controls one third of the world’s diamond mines. more...  0 Comments


SingleSpark | NYU students and other city students in solidarity have taken NYU. more...  7 Comments

Civil Liberties Activists Celebrate End of Bush Years with Dobbs Ferry Concert

Ariel Tirosh | Civil liberties activists celebrated the end of the Bush administration February 7 with a rousing concert at the South Presbyterian Church in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. The concert line-up consisted of Joe Duraes, Ahmed and Leila Kharem, MaryEllen McCabe, Solar Punch, Acoustic Riverrun, The Blues Mothers, Kelly Flint, Milton, Julia Joseph, and Matt Turk.
more...  2 Comments

New School Students Announce April 1st Ultimatum and Action

New School in Exile | Press Conference Video | | | News Background: New York Times | Chronicle of Higher Ed

"Although the meeting was intended as a forum for faculty members, a student representative was allowed to briefly address the gathering. She read from a prepared statement announcing that student activists were calling for the resignation of Mr. Kerrey and the New School’s vice president, James Murtha, by April 1. “If, on that day, the current leadership remains in place, we will shut down the functions of the university,” she said. “We will bring it to a halt. We will make it stop.” The assembled faculty members warmly applauded her comments." more...  3 Comments

Israel will now have, under Lieberman, an openly fascist and racist state.

repost from DN | In these elections, Israel has completed the transformation into an apartheid state with an apartheid racist political system. more...  0 Comments

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