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Vassar College May Day 2009 Statement

Royce Drake | On Friday, May 1st, a group of staff, students, and faculty held two rallies at Vassar College. We were loud. We were disruptive. For the first time in years students and faculty at Vassar are standing in solidarity with staff with more than just words. more...  0 Comments


Gregory A. Butler, local 608 carpenter | Why are there two separate May Day rallies in New York City this Friday?

What is the reason for this division in the workers movement? more...  11 Comments

Horses, Stocks and Booze

Billy Wharton | Now, as the economic miracle of Wall Street has degenerated into a nightmare of zombie banks, state bailouts and toxic assets, Kate’s patrons are left to wrestle with a destruction of wealth so monumental that it swept away their stock market illusions. more...  0 Comments

Carl Davidson's Report for the Left Forum

Carl Davidson | New York City's annual 'Left Forum' this year was a solid success. Under the theme "Turning Points, it drew more than 2000 participants to Pace University April 17-19, to take part in some 200 panels featuring around 600 speakers.
more...  38 Comments

WBAI Local Station Board Secretly Does Snap "Evaluation" of Two Managers, Likely

By a WBAI supporter | On Monday, April 20, the WBAI Local Station Board, meeting in secret session on four days' notice, voted over the strong objections of the Justice & Unity members to do an immediate snap "evaluation" at that meeting -- without any preparation or data collection -- of WBAI General Manager Tony Riddle and Program Director Bernard White. more...  48 Comments

Why I'm Walking Out of Class

Conor Tomas Reed | Conor Tomás Reed explains why he's ready for an April 22 protest at City College of New York against a tuition increase and faculty cutbacks. more...  3 Comments

What's the Matter with the Left Forum

Steven Sherman | In its organizational structure and attitude, the Left Forum isolates itself from most social movements. But it also refuses to constitute itself as a living organization. Instead, the preference is to berate all existing forces and implore participants to somehow get their act together. Unless it shifts the way it does things, it risks irrelevance. more...  13 Comments

Off the sidewalk, into the Future! New School Rocked Again

Negated Negation | HOLY SHITBALLS! What the fuck happened last night at the New School? Hundreds of people at the anti-police brutality rally at the 55 w13th st New School building, dozens in Bob Kerrey masks, speaker after speaker condeming the NYPD and the New School's violent response to the occupation, absurd revolutionaries challenging everyone to OCCUPY EVERYTHING! ABOLISH TIME! and NEGATE NEGATION.

New School Reoccupied blog more...  3 Comments

Black U.S. Delegation Attends Racism Conference to Demand Reparations

Amadi Ajamu | The follow up to the World Conference against Racism (WCAR) 2001 and the Durban Declaration dubbed "Durban Review" will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, April 20 - 24, 2009. The December 12th Movement International Secretariat, a non governmental organization (NGO) with consultative status to the United Nations, will lead the "Durban 400" delegation and defend Black peoples' right to reparations for slavery.
more...  10 Comments

Activists Win! Beat Shell/Broadwater. Toxic gas waning!

Kristy Kelopis | The effort to stop the extraction of all toxic "natural" gas grew in momentum as the U.S. Commerce Department said Monday it opposed a proposed massive floating liquefied natural gas terminal in Long Island Sound.

Environmentalists hailed the decision as a victory over "the corporate Goliaths of our time."
more...  11 Comments

New School Occupation: What The F*ck Happened Friday Morning?

kilroy | Participants in the re-occupation of the New School have released a timeline of events that occurred Friday morning during the confrontation at 65 Fifth Ave. Many details directly contradict claims made by police and President Kerrey about the actions of police and protesters. more...  8 Comments

New School Occupation. April 10, 2009

Ona Mirkinson | Early this morning a group of New School Students took over the 65 5th avenue building, unfurling banners off the roof onto the face that read, among other things, "New School Is Now Occupied." more...  0 Comments

Photos: New School Occupation [New York, New York: Apr. 10, 2009]

Andrew Hinderaker | Photos of the New School Student Occupation, April 10, 2009 more...  1 Comments

Workers World Party presents: "Nightmare On Wall Street"

Mike Flugennock and Isis | Despite our being soaked to the skin before we even had our cameras out to shoot the rally in front of the Bank Of New York Mellon, we still managed to find ourselves in a jumpin' little demo that resulted in several arrests in a spontaneous civil disobedience before the protest set off on a march that wound through New York City's financial district, including Wall Street, the Bank Of Amerika and the Notorious AIG. more...  4 Comments

Coup d'etat at WBAI radio

Edwin Johnston | Without any notice to WBAI manager Tony Riddle, nor to the governing board of the Pacifica Foundation, the interim executive director, Grace Aaron of Los Angeles, has conspired with some of her appointees to take control of WBAI in an undemocratic process. more...  21 Comments

IWW Starbucks Union: Clowning the Boss

Worker Freedom | Clowning the Boss

more...  5 Comments

From Where We Sit: A New Deadline Set by the New School in Collaboration

The New School in Collaboration | For the last two months we have repeatedly declared that we would shut down this institution, we would make it stop, if Bob Kerrey and James Murtha did not resign. We were wrong. The problem is not Bob Kerrey and James Murtha - it is not the administration. It is the students. more...  2 Comments

New Rules Favor Developers, Critics Charge

Gerard Flynn | Rule changes proposed by the New York City Department of Buildings in February have been slammed by critics citywide, and have raised fears that the changes could lead to a significant rise in illegal construction across the city and boroughs after they are implemented in mid-April.

The Rules of the City of New York (RCNY) guide city agencies like the Department of Buildings (DOB) when interpreting the City Charter and enforcing its laws. RCNY changes can be made by the Buildings Department without a vote from the City Council. more...  0 Comments

New York: City of the Poor

David A. Love | In the end, New York City provides a reality-based cautionary tale about the future of America, mired in poverty, about its priorities, what it has become and what it can become. This city that never sleeps, and other cities as well, will experience economic and social death without a vibrant middle class and viable opportunities to earn a living. more...  0 Comments

From Fighting Pinochet to Fighting Deportation

Karen Yi | NYC protesters demand political asylum for Chilean ex-political prisoner, Victor Toro, who is now facing deportation. more...  2 Comments

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