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Amnesty International Withdraws from Leonard Cohen's Israel Concert Fund

PACBI & NYCBI | Amnesty International has announced today that it will abstain from any involvement in the Leonard Cohen concert in Tel Aviv and will not be party to any fund that benefits from the concert's proceeds. A number of media accounts had reported that Amnesty International was to manage or otherwise partner in a fund created from the proceeds of Cohen’s concert in Israel that would be used to benefit Israeli and Palestinian groups. Amnesty International’s announcement today followed an international outcry over the human rights organization’s reported involvement in the Leonard Cohen concert fund, and an earlier international call for Cohen to boycott apartheid Israel.
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NYC Garment Workers Challenge Sweatshop Conditions

Brandworkers International | Garments workers in NYC are working to challenge sweatshop conditions in garment factories and hold clothing companies accountable for the actions of their subcontractors. more...  2 Comments

URGENT: Keep RoxRoy and Herta Where They Belong--in the U.S.

The Politics of Immigration | RoxRoy Salmon is a mainstay of his community in Brooklyn, while Herta Llusho is an excellent student working hard to become an electrical engineer. They are just the sort of people we want to have here with us in the United States. Read More | Related: The Truth about Amnesty for Immigrants more...  6 Comments

Report from a Town Hall Health Care Meeting

SP-USA | In recent months the health care debate has reached a fevered pitch as all sides clamber to be heard. This debate has centered around two options: the plan proposed by Obama which may, or may not, include a public option but maintains a system of for-profit insurance, or the continuation of the status quo [...] Missing from this debate are the millions of us who support a single-payer system. The cost effective and truly humane plan proposed in House Resolution 676 for a National Health Insurance Program, now faces the possibility of being reduced to a footnote in the history of the early twenty-first century healthcare debate. So, what is to be done? My recent trip to a health care themed “town hall” meeting attended by about 250 people in New York State’s 20th district, represented by Scott Murphy (D), provide some answers to this question.

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Honduras Is Not Alone: NYC to Join Global Day of Action Against Military Coup

(Re)Globalize the Struggle! | In Honduras, the military coup continues into its second month, with
tacit support from elements of the U.S. government and business

Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 11, the democratic, indigenous, farmers, and
workers movements of Honduras have called for a Global Day of Action
as they march on the cities of San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa, where
the military coupers are headquartered, the culmination of a National
March of Resistance. more...  0 Comments

No Letup in Political Witch-Hunts Under Obama

Stephen Lendman | For eight years, the Bush administration relentlessly targeted Muslim, environmental, and animal rights activists as national security or terrorist threats. Shamefully, Obama continues the same practice. more...  0 Comments

43rd precinct attacked and arrested Juanita Young's family Saturday night

Kathie | Police brutality activist Juanita Young and her family have been harassed by the NYPD and the 43rd precinct in particular since her son Malcolm Ferguson was killed by NYPD in 2000. Just a few hours ago, over a dozen cops from the 43rd converged at her home and brutalized her older son and arrested him, her two daughters, a nephew, and two family friends.

Charges are currently unknown. more...  19 Comments

Coup regime in Honduras seeks to close media that report it’s activities

Al Giordano and friends | "The central park of San Pedro Sula has been the site of constant round-the-clock demonstrations since July 2, when troops invaded its City Hall and Mayor Rodolfo Padilla Sunseri disappeared. Narco News has learned that Mayor Padilla has been in exile ever since, due to the threats on his life." more...  0 Comments

New York’s Consumerism

Rev. Billy Talen | Mike Bloomberg’s persona is so comically a demonstration of Consumerism, that his illegal grab for another term and his spending $100 million on it – making the Mayorality one big product that he is buying - gives us the chance to demonstrate in unforgettable fashion how our Democracy needs to resist Consumerism. Let’s preach!
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Save Bed-Stuy Farm!

forwarded by Skinny John | [For those who don't know, healthy food is a human necessity & therefore a human right, a right that must not be denied to anyone because of a lack of money or lack of availability of healthy food in low-income communities. Urban farms like the Bed-Stuy Farm help ameliorate this problem by making healthy food locally available right in low-income communities and by making healthy food affordable to people who have little or no money. The possible destruction of this farm threatens to deny the local community of their human right to have adequate access to healthy food.] more...  13 Comments

Critical Status for Brooklyn Live/Work Law. Artists Eye's are on Senator Squadron

Karl Leger | A few thousand people stand to be eventually evicted out of their spaces as a result of the non-vote on Bill S5881. But as the Senate will reconvene August 6th to deal with a backlog of bills, bill sponsor Daniel Squadron gets another chance to convince the art community that he has not turned his back. All he needs to do is to convince the Senate leadership to put the "Multiple Dwelling Amendment" on the August 6th agenda. New York's artists are holding their breath. Some even wrote letters.
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Turning Donuts To Gas In Park Slope

Julia Dunn | The Park Slope neighborhood residents are learning about the benefits of using Ethanol as a gas from Co-op organizers Michael Winks and Kevin Burget. more...  0 Comments

Union Launches Campaign for Fair Severance at MPG

IWW-NYC | The New York City branch of the Industrial Workers of the World has begun a campaign over the lack of a fair severance package in the recent round of mass layoffs by MPG, the large advertising company owned by Havas Media. more...  1 Comments

Igniting Awareness Of Child Exploitation In New York

Julia Dunn | This article is about the documentary, "Very Young Girls" as well as the home that houses the girls featured in the film, Girls Education and Mentoring Services and details what GEMS and Gabriela Network are trying to accomplish by uniting and raising awareness about the prices of the sex industry in the United States. more...  0 Comments

It's about Change: Interview with Emory Douglas | Emory Douglas was the official artist of the Black Panther Party and for a time served as its Minister of Culture. His cartoons, illustrations and woodcuts graced the cover of the Black Panther newspaper and were revered internationally for its explosive content. Emory’s work served as a touchstone for revolutionary artists throughout the 1960s and 1970s and continue to inspire. This month the New Museum in New York City will host a major retrospective of Emory Douglas’ work. “Emory Douglas” Black Panther” brings together the host of images Douglas created for the Black Panther Party. more...  0 Comments

Deconstructing Myths About WBAI 99.5 FM

Lisa V. Davis | It is time to start deconstructing the many myths that have run rampant on Indy Media lately about WBAI and I will start with the biased article written by John Tarleton on May 15th.

To See the Full PDF article with charts go to:
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OBAMA: "If you don't respond, we'll camp out by the White House"

oby | If president Obama won’t respond to the the citizens of Vicenza during his permanence in Italy, in September we’ll organize a charter flight to USA and we will camp out to the bitter end by the White House expecting an answer.
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Honduras: Anti-Chavez ‘free speech’ warriors linked to coup

Federico Fuentes, Green Left Weekly | "So why are these free speech crusaders so soft on the coup regime in Honduras?

Probably because IAPA representatives in Honduras have been central to the coup.

For instance, Roberto Micheletti, who was installed by the coup as de facto president, is the owner of various companies, including the newspaper La Tribuna." more...  1 Comments

Beyond Attica: The Untold Story of Women's Resistance Behind Bars

Hans Bennett | "When I was 15, my friends started going to jail," says Victoria Law, a native New Yorker. "One by one," Law recalls, "they landed in Rikers Island, an entire island in New York City devoted to pretrial detainment for those who can not afford bail." Law shares this and other recollections in her new book, 'Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles of Incarcerated Women' (PM Press). more...  2 Comments

For Fuck's Sake: Soto-menor

♥♥♥ | The webcomic "For Fuck's Sake" offers some commentary on the potentially historic confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor as the first Hispanic on the U.S. Supreme Court: more...  2 Comments

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