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12/11/09 Update on Imprisoned People's Lawyer Lynne Stewart

repost | Your holiday cards to framed and falsely imprisoned workingclass lawyer Lynne Stewart and financial contributions to her legal defense are needed now. Your letters are also needed as she faces a new sentencing hearing on April 22. Her high blood pressure at age 70 is sufficient grounds to free her as it is deadly. Here are the latest updates from her website. more...  6 Comments

Nine arrested at sit-in targeting Sen. Schumer

Laurie Wen & Katie Robbins | On Monday Senator Schumer (NY) announced his support for an expansion of Medicare to those 55 years old and older. Activists say this is not enough. The Mobilization for Healthcare Now launched another wave of protests in its campaign demanding a national single-payer system in the US. On Thursday December 10th, demonstrations occurred at the office buildings housing Senators offices in 16 states. Not including today 35 sit-ins have been organized in a two month period. Video is available at more...  6 Comments

African Union Ambassador to the UN in Brooklyn

Amadi Ajamu | In the spirit of Pan African unity, the December 12th Movement International Secretariat hosted a reception for African Union Ambassador to the United Nations Tete Antonio at Sistas’ Place in Brooklyn last week.
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At Leviev Store, Protesters Surprise Israeli Business Leaders' Breakfast

Adalah-NY | 25 New York City human rights advocates caught the Israel Business Leaders Delegation to the United States by surprise this morning with a noisy protest outside their “breakfast reception amidst the Leviev jewelry collection” at the Leviev store on Madison Avenue. Groups worldwide have conducted a successful campaign for the boycott of Leviev’s companies due to their involvement in Israeli settlement construction in violation of international law, and human rights abuses in the diamond industry in Angola. In addition to businesspeople, among the guests present at the breakfast was TV personality Dr. Ruth Westheimer who tried unsuccessfully to avoid notice as she left. more...  3 Comments


CMer | Events related to the change in the operating lease for central park "Tavern on the Green" clearly illustrates the dangerous course that the privatization of public space and its gentrification is taking, with outsourcing and franchising taking control at the expense of the common person and his or her rights. In Central Park, the labor rights of workers are being mowed down by a powerful, privileged and connected few. more...  0 Comments

Black is Back Coalition March: Photos

Stanley W. Rogouski | After a marathon rally in Malcolm X Park lasting over 5 hours, the Black Is Back Coalition led a march to the White House. more...  16 Comments

Glad I Ran

Rev. Billy Talen | One part of our city is at war with the rest of us, and tries to normalize this violence with thousands of hours of family-friendly images of happy leaders. But we still have the basics of free speech, the immanence of gestures and language in our bodies. That’s why the police study us so hard – we are considered incendiary in our flesh. We could do anything. And in fact, gatherings of people in their physical form in public space – that is how history’s change has always arrived.
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Three Years Later, Brad Will is Still Dead

John Ross, CounterPunch | Murdering Journalists in Mexico more...  1 Comments

New Yorkers join worldwide protests for freedom for Mohammad Othman

Adalah-NY | On Saturday forty New York human rights advocates rallied on a cold fall day at the Madison Avenue jewelry store of Israeli settlement mogul Lev Leviev to demand that Israel release jailed Palestinian boycott activist Mohammad Othman. Othman, held without charges and in solitary confinement since September 22nd, is from Jayyous, a West Bank village where Leviev’s company Leader is building the Israeli settlement of Zufim. The protesters also called for an end to Israel’s wave of arrests of Palestinian activists from Bil’in, another West Bank village campaigning against the construction of settlement homes by another Leviev company, Africa-Israel. more...  0 Comments

14 Arrested at New York Sit-In Demanding “Medicare for All”

Mobilization for Healthcare for All | New York, NY – On Thursday October 15th, advocates for “Medicare for All” in New York engaged in civil disobedience at UnitedHealth Group, resulting in 14 arrests. Nationally more than 100 risked arrest to disrupt business as usual at the nation’s largest health insurance companies, including UnitedHealth Group, WellPoint, Humana, Cigna, Anthem Blue Cross, and UnitedHealthcare. At least fifty-four protestors have been arrested, with Phoenix not yet reporting. Another wave of protests are planned for October 28th. more...  3 Comments

NYC Anarchist Black Cross Statement of Solidarity with Tortuga House

NYC Anarchist Black Cross | As functionaries of the state continue apace with a campaign of irritation and attempted repression, they are now focusing on the house of a recent G-20 arrestee. We firmly stand in solidarity with the recipients of this raid and support them as they defend themselves. more...  0 Comments

Say NO to Leviev & Imprisonment of Palestinian Activists - Demo 10/17

Adalah-NY | A few weeks ago, Mohammad Othman, a boycott campaigner from Jayyous and longtime activist against the wall, was detained and imprisoned by the Israeli forces on his way back into Palestine. He is the first activist arrested for his activism around BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT, AND SANCTIONS (BDS) against Israel. Join The New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel (NYCBI) and Adalah-NY: The Coalition for Justice in the Middle East for a protest at the Leviev store. Stand with the villages of Jayyous & Bil'in to say no to Leviev's settlements and Israel’s imprisonment of Palestinian boycott activists. more...  0 Comments

Activists Unfurl Banner to Protest High Line's Use of FSC-Certified Amazon Wood

Rainforest Relief | September 24th, New York: This morning, environmental activists unfurled a 35-foot banner blocking the iconic view of 10th Avenue from the High Line park to protest the Amazon wood used in the park for bleachers, benches and decking. The banner read, “High Crime on the High Line! FSC Lies: Amazon Wood Is Not Sustainable!” more...  1 Comments

Stefan Bradley's "Harlem vs. Columbia University" book: A Review

bobf | A review of new book about Harlem community's historic resistance to Columbia University's institutional racism and landgrabbing policies. more...  0 Comments

It's Our Democracy, Stupid!

Rev. Billy Talen | The only issue is Democracy and all the other issues become important after we’ve talked out our facts and our positions in a democratic way. That’s because we are citizens, not consumers. more...  5 Comments

At a Brooklyn Town Hall Powerpoint Trumps Democracy

Kristin Schall | The limiting of the conversation, even in the name of civility, is certainly counter to the concept of town hall meetings. What are these politicians afraid of? Conservative disrupters? Not too many of those in the crowd on this night. More likely. they fear that the will of their constituents will force them to fight for a single-payer system, despite the wishes of corporate lobbyists and campaign contributers. more...  0 Comments

New Afrikan Anarchist POW Ojore N. Lutalo is free!!!

NYC Anarchist Black Cross | Ojore was released from New Jersey State Prison at 4pm on August 26th and is currently in Philadelphia getting reoriented to being on the streets. He will eventually be moving to New Jersey once he finds a space. more...  0 Comments

Black Helicopter w/Large Surveillance Camera @ 45th St & 4th Av @ 1:48pm 8/21/09

JZ | Usually, when walking down an avenue in Brooklyn New York, not a lot of exciting or unusual on-goings have occurred.
But today (8/21/09) for the first time, I saw a black unmarked helicopter mounted with a large surveillance camera underneath the cockpit. I was walking on 5th avenue and 45th street in Brooklyn at 1:48pm when I saw it flying low over the 4th avenue area.

I know Sunset Park has cameras near intersections, but they are clearly marked with NYPD, whereas the helicopter I saw had no markings amongst the black paint. If it was NYPD, they need to mark this as such. If it was not NYPD, the public needs to be more informed about such matters. more...  11 Comments

Starbucks Workers Protest Rise in Health Premiums

Worker Freedom | Starbucks workers, Mario Tama/Getty Images

At a picket organized by the Industrial Workers of the World, Starbucks employees and their supporters protested a rise in their out-of-pocket health care expenses. more...  0 Comments

Bronx Healthcare 'Town Hall' Meeting a Charade of Democracy

Billy Wharton | The were two big winners at the recent “town hall” healthcare meeting held in the North Bronx New York City neighborhood of Parkchester on August 17 – the lunatic right wing and the private health insurance industry. more...  4 Comments

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