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Zapatista-Inspired Rally Held in New York City; Aims to Fight Gentrification

Paola Reyes | Over 120 people and 40 organizations participated in the Third Encounter for Dignity and Against Gentrification hosted by the Movement for Justice in el Barrio this past Sunday in East Harlem, New York. more...  4 Comments


Socialist Party USA (NYC Local) | New York City is not broke. There are plenty of financial resources that are being hoarded by the elite. more...  6 Comments

MTA, City & State to Students: Drop Dead

Michael Gould-Wartofsky | Now that it's $2.25 and rising, there's a pretty penny to be made from 585,000 new fares, not to mention planned cuts to Access-A-Rides for the disabled, at least 1,100 layoffs of MTA workers, and maybe another fare hike for good measure. It's all about "gap closing," as the MTA's 2010 Budget coins its program of deficit reduction via service reduction. Yet there are other gaps, other deficits that recent events have brought to the attention of the public (and they implicate the City and the State as much as the MTA). more...  12 Comments

Building Bridges Radio: Restaurant Workers ROC the Nation

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report
National Edition
Produced by Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg
************************************** more...  0 Comments

Dancing, Singing New Yorkers protest, calling for boycott of Israel Ballet

Adalah-NY | Forty-five human rights activists called upon fellow New Yorkers to boycott the Israel Ballet at its performance Sunday at the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts. Accompanied by the Rude Mechanical Orchestra, protesters performed ballet, sang, chanted, and handed out mock programs to bring attention to the Israel Ballet's role in the Israeli state's use of the arts to whitewash its crimes against the Palestinian people. The demonstration was the third to take place along the Ballet company's U.S. tour in as many days. Hundreds of people entering the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts were handed mock programs that, when opened, described the connections between the Israel Ballet and Israeli apartheid. Outside of the venue, attendees could hear protesters chanting "Pas de deux or arabesque / The occupation is grotesque" and "A little tutu cannot hide / Your support for apartheid!" Dave Lippman of Adalah-NY commented, "We are here to let the Israel Ballet know that it cannot tip-toe around apartheid." more...  0 Comments

50 Protest Human Rights Violator & Israeli Settlement Builder Leviev in New York

Adalah-NY | Fifty human rights activists performed for Valentine's Day shoppers compelling them to boycott the Israeli diamond and settlement mogul Lev Leviev outside his store on Madison Avenue. The New York protest took place against the backdrop of an escalating arrest and harassment campaign by the Israeli military against Palestinian human rights organizations and protest and boycott activists from the West Bank villages where Leviev has built settlements. more...  1 Comments

The Real Fashion Victims in New York

Diane Krauthamer | There are thousands of fashion victims in Manhattan, but these are not the victims of style that one typically imagines. They are the victims of the fashion industry: they are the low-wage workers who stock, sell, ring-up and protect fashionable clothing items which line the streets of Manhattan’s retail districts. Now, the workers are fighting back against stolen wages, unpaid overtime and hazardous conditions. more...  0 Comments

Bloomberg’s Dilemma: What if the Numbers Don’t Work?

Billy Wharton | Whether it is policing or educational testing, political policy cannot be made by numbers alone. And statistics cannot be used to justify the level of violence that was unleashed on African-American and Latino communities in this city in the 1990s. The names of the victims remain with us – Baez, Diallo, Dorismond, Louima and many more – and so to do the policing strategies that produced them.
more...  16 Comments

Aafia Siddiqui: Victimized by American Injustice

Stephen Lendman | a human tragedy and gross injustice more...  2 Comments

The Right To A Fair Defense Cannot Be Controversial: The Case of Fahad Hashmi

Udai Malhotra | We must consider cases such as Fahad Hashmi's, which illustrates the overreaching powers that have come to characterize the Federal Government, the intelligence community, and the American justice system through the War on Terror. more...  0 Comments

Pan African Unity Triumph! Black New Yorkers Deliver for Haiti

Amadi Ajamu | A delegation from the December 12th Movement and the Friday Haiti Relief Coalition departed from Kennedy Airport destined for Haiti on Monday morning. In the wake of the tremendous earthquake that shook the island nation, Black people throughout New York came together to begin their contribution to the relief process.

more...  1 Comments

Workers Call on Starbucks to Honor Dr. King with March and Rally

Industrial Workers of the World (NYC GMB) | The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) branch here held a march and rally at Starbucks to call on the corporation to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the federal holiday commemorating his birth. The Starbucks Workers Union of the IWW is demanding that Starbucks pay a holiday premium to baristas who work on MLK Day just as the Seattle-based chain does for five other federal holidays. more...  0 Comments

Police Destroy Huntington Tent City, LongIsland FNB makes call for solidarity

LongIslandFNB | Urgent call to action! Police raze Huntington Station Tent City destroying the property, food and shelter of over a hundred homeless. Many face possibility of freezing to death! more...  2 Comments

Happy New Year, For Tenants Nothing's Changed!

Dave Crow | Unfortunately, 2009 proved for many big-city tenants that the golden rule was promiscuously traded for gold. Why would 2010 be any different? more...  1 Comments

How the Grinch Stole my Overtime!

Stephanie Basile | A recap of RAP's Holiday Action. more...  0 Comments

Emergency Rally, 1/1/10: "Stop Taking Our Parents Away"

The Politics of Immigration | WHEN: Friday, January 1st at 11:30am
WHERE: Judson Memorial Church
55 Washington Square South
New York, NY 10012 more...  0 Comments

Is NYC’s Approach to Drilling Industry-Friendly and Unscientific?

Many | "Studies of the effects of gas drilling in Western states have proven that partial or two-tiered regulatory structures do not work. A ban on drilling only in the NYC watershed would be wholly inadequate to protecting the state’s water, air and farmland," declared Gusti Bogok of the Safe Water Movement, an environmental organization based in New York City.

Mike Bernhard, spokesperson for the Chenango Delaware Otsego Gas Drilling Opposition Group (CDOG) said "A ban that applies only to the City’s water supply not only abandons its fellow New Yorkers upstate, but also leaves New York City residents vulnerable to the serious health hazards and environmental degradation posed by this destructive drilling process."

"A ban in what is mistakenly referred to as 'the NYC watershed' would create an 'us vs. them' scenario, playing directly into the hands of the fossil-fuel industry and its political cohorts," more...  3 Comments

NYC Immigrant Advocates: Stop Deportation of Activist Jean Montrevil

The Politics of Immigration | Greencard-holding Father of Four and Immigrant Rights Leader Ripped from Family and Detained for Deportation during Holidays. Press release from NYC New Sanctuary Movement | Coverage from Democracy Now! | UPDATE: Emergency Rally, 1/1/10: "Stop Taking Our Parents Away" | More Updates from New Sanctuary NYC

PHOTO: "I Love Dad." - Jean's 6-year-old son Jasiah puts the finishing touches on his broken heart. credit: Mizue Aizeki more...  2 Comments


Gregory A. Butler | Why is the Retail, Wholesale, Department Store Union, a labor organization with a 62 year history of signing low wage union contracts, suddenly so interested in "living wage jobs"? more...  6 Comments

Savagery on the Hudson: Three Ideas to Fix New York’s Fiscal Crisis

Billy Wharton | We need to vote with our feet in the street – to let these ideas reverberate from every community in the city. Or else, next year we may just face the “Super Gigantic Terrible Budget” or the “Fiscal Godzilla Destroys New York Budget.” more...  1 Comments

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