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Indymedia reporter on the ground in Iraq

artemis | Fantastic blog by Indymedia reporter on the ground in iraq, more...  1 Comments

Eulogy for the Alt-Weekly

Jeff Chang | That means that competition in the "alternative weekly" sector has been all but eliminated. The New Times is adding magazines like the Los Angeles Weekly, City Pages, and Seattle Weekly to its list, and will command 25% of the market.

It is now the Clear Channel of alt-weeklies.

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Brooklyn Green Party needs volunteers (paid!) for Election Day!

Erin | Are you anti-war? Anti-corporate? Earn $125 on Election Day working for a candidate that supports your values!

We need you Brooklyn on November 8. This will be the biggest and most energetic effort made by an independent electoral campaign in Brooklyn for a very long time! more...  15 Comments

Greg Singer Loses Again: Viva Charas!

"Greg Singer" | Appeal Denied: The 9th and 10th Street Associates, represented by developer Gregg Singer, lost their appeal to the Board of Standards and Appeals on Oct. 18, regarding the definition of a dormitory. This means they can NOT destroy P.S. 64 and replace it with a giant dorm -- because they lack a long-term lease from a university.

At the same time, the Landmark Preservation Committee has put a hearing about the landmark status of P.S. 64 on the calendar. This is excellent news, and we'll provide more details soon. [Some Backstory on Charas]

for more:

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Jury Deliberations Begin in Miguel Malo Retrial

Sarah Stuteville | On August 15, 2000, Miguel Malo, a student of Hostos Community College in the Bronx, and Vice President of the Student Government held up a sign protesting budget cuts directed at ESL programs. This week, over four years after his one man protest, Malo stood trial at the Bronx Criminal Court facing nine counts of resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and third degree assault against CUNY Peace Officers. more...  1 Comments

Cindy Sheehan in Brooklyn

Chazcat | I was blessed today by getting to go see Cindy Sheehan deliver the keynote address at the Brooklyn Parents for Peace 3rd Annual Peace Fair.

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Counter Curriculum

John Tarleton | The renewed surge in counter-recruiting comes at a time when the Army is trying to rebound from its worst recruiting year in over a quarter century. In the fiscal year that ended on Sept. 30, the Army fell 6,600 enlistees short of meeting its year-end recruiting goal of 80,000. The Army Reserves and Army National Guard experienced even steeper declines in their recruiting. The Army’s New York City recruiting battalion alone fell almost 2,000 enlistees short of its assigned goal of 3,858 new active duty recruits, according to a battalion spokesperson. With its nearly unlimited resources, the Army has responded by adding another $130 million to its advertising budget and bumping up its total number of recruiters to 12,000. more...  0 Comments

More Questions about The Brooklyn Standard

No Land Grab |

Norman Oder finds more muck in the murky BS (Brooklyn Standard):

So, five days after I first reported that the Fall issue of the Brooklyn Standard, the Forest City Ratner tabloid "publication," put contributor Nate Schweber's name on two stories he didn't write, and significantly changed the two stories he did write, most other media outlets in town have ignored the story. They shouldn't. The questions go beyond the publication's dealings with Schweber, who for three years had freelanced for Manhattan Media, a publisher that otherwise publishes four community newspapers in Manhattan (and one glossy magazine, Avenue). Schweber says he was led to believe that the Standard was a community newspaper in Brooklyn. [Read More] more...  0 Comments

Thoughts on the Diff Btw Conflict Analysis and Conspiracy Theory in Israel/Palestine

Rob Augman | In a recent issue of The Indypendent, the New York City Independent Media Center’s weekly newspaper, two articles published there create an important dialogue on the way we analyze and understand the situation in Israel and Palestine. The first article, written by Nicholas Powers, is titled "Behold the Pale White Lie: Why Conspiracy Theories are Patriotic". The second article, written by Jenka Soderberg, was titled "The Deception in Gaza", which she accompanied with a mini-article titled "The Real Reasons for ‘Disengagement.’" While Powers provides a critique of conspiracy theory, showing how it ultimately relies upon a view of power as omnipotent and uni-directional, therefore simplifying social reality and disempowering resistance, Soderberg defines the Israeli/Palestinian conflict as not a conflict but rather a conspiracy by the omnipotent Israel that acts upon a totally inactive Palestinian population. more...  0 Comments

Nov 6: An Afternoon of New Music & Poetry in SoHo

Matthea Marquart | An Afternoon of New Music & Poetry in SoHo
Poet’s House, 4pm, $10.
Sirius String Quartet will premiere a string quartet by Julie Harting, Enid Blount Press will perform Harting’s Coagula for solo clarinet, and James Currie will read selections from his poetry.
72 Spring St, between Crosby and Lafayette (N,R to Prince St, 6 to Spring St, B,D,F,Q to Broadway-Lafayette)
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Shelter From The Storm

Brandon Jourdan and Alpa Patel | The following video is about the "Shelter From The Storm" benefit for Hurricane Katrina survivors that was held at the Bowery Poetry Club on September 30th. The film features poetry from some of the best NYC poets and interviews with Amiri Baraka and Suheir Hammad. more...  1 Comments

Charas: Singer Denied Appeal for High Rise

Savitri D |
Tuesday Oct 18th at 10:30 am the NYC Board of Standards and Appeals denied Gregg Singer's appeal for a high rise dorm on the site of Charas/PS 64. Before noon the same day the Landmarks commision calendared the building, meaning they will hear the case for designation. Things are looking up!

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Atlantic Yards Hearing Underscores Community Challenges

OnNYturf | The union-community divide was on full display again at last nights Atlantic Yards hearing. Commuinty activists bellowed about the intrusiveness of Ratner's project while construction union members bellowed "Jobs Jobs Jobs." [Read More] more...  4 Comments

NYC Public Housing Residents Protest Compulsory Community Service

Nellie Bailey | NYC public housing residents, supporters and elected officials join together to protest HUD's compulsory community service requirement that mandates all eligible public housing tenants to perform 96 hours of what tenants are describing as "forced labor" or run the risk of losing their homes. Tenants are calling for the the nationwide passage of Harlem's Congressional Representative Charles Rangel's H.R. 1018, "Respect for Tenants Act." more...  3 Comments

Media Coverage of Hunter College Arrests

World Can't Wait | In ongoing news on the Hunter College arrests the story was picked up from the Associated Press by Yahoo News, 1010 WINS ( largest NY radio news station) and New York News Day. There will be a Press Conference tommorow Wends. October 19th at 10:00 A.m at Hunter Hall ( across from Radio Shack), 68th and Lexington to not accept this attack on political dissent and demmand that these charges be dropped immediately ( incuding felony charges of rioting).

The Hunter Officer in the blue jacket threatened to break one of the arrestees arms and punched a protester in the crotch. more...  3 Comments

UFPJ Diary: The Case for Participatory Democracy

Thomas Good, September Action Collective | "UFPJ Diary: The Case for Participatory Democracy" is a year long chronology of an activist's experiences working with UFPJ as a War Resisters League (WRL) and Direct Action Tendency (DAT) delegate advocating for direct action. Although the effort to procure UFPJ endorsement of direct action was ultimately successful, the democratization of United for Peace and Justice is apparently a more difficult and probably more protracted struggle. more...  55 Comments

Legislation in Washington Attacks Public Access TV

Lyell Davies | Manhattan’s public access TV station – Manhattan Neighborhood Network – supports diverse and many-voiced media making activities including; The Youth Channel – where youth make programs about issues that matter to them; Picture the Homeless’ Video Workshop – where homeless New Yorkers advocate on their own behalf; and the Chinese Staff and Worker’s Video Workshop - where disenfranchised immigrant workers can have a voice. These programs, and the many like them at access centers around the country, are an essential part of the public discourse and of advocacy for a more just and equitable society. Without access TV these voices will not be heard. more...  0 Comments

"Run Amok" Judith Miller Goes Down in, Flames

Dave Lindorff | The Times own reporters, in a story on her case, exposes her as a liar and a shill for the Bush war machine. Even her colleagues are dissing her. more...  1 Comments

Wednesday Could Mark Turning Point Over Future of the Charas Building

August Leppelmeyer | A ruling on October 19 by New York City’s Board of Standards and Appeals may provide a turning point in the almost decade-long struggle over the fate of the CHARAS building site. Located near Tompkins Square Park, the former Public School 64 had been used as a community center for many years, until developer Gregg Singer purchased it at a 1998 city auction for $3.15 million.
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Bloomberg Disses Harlem's Apollo

Stephen Millies | That didn't stop New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg from trying to scare the daylights out of people. New Yorkers are asking whether the billionaire mayor was just looking for favorable headlines while diverting attention away from criticism over his ducking out of a debate with his election opponents at Harlem's worldfamous Apollo Theater. more...  4 Comments

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