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Brad Will Murder Investigation Reopened

FoBW | Contrary to current news reports, there was more than one suspect.
Advocates in the USA for accountability in the murder of Brad Will and dozens of others during the vicious oppression of labor and other activists in Oaxaca are glad to learn that Mexican prosecutors are reopening investigations into 21 deaths during 2006 protests. These people have never been forgotten. more...  7 Comments

Libya: Is Washington Pushing for Civil War to Justify a US-NATO Military Action?

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya with General Joe | “There is now talk about a “humanitarian intervention” in Libya, similar to Yugoslavia and Iraq. A “no-fly zone” over Libya has been mentioned, as has NATO military intervention. The aims behind such statements are not humanitarian, but are intended to justify foreign interference, which could potentially lead to an invasion. Should this come to fruition, Libya would become an occupied country. Its resources would be plundered and its assets privatized and controlled by foreign corporations as in the case of Iraq.
Today, in Libya and the Arab World the ghosts of Omar Mukhtar and Saladin are still very much alive and active. Getting rid of Gaddafi and his sons alone is not the solution. The entire corrupt system of governance in Libya and the culture of political corruption must be dismantled. At the same time, however, foreign interference or domination should also not be allowed to take root in Libya. If the Libyan people are mobilized and steadfast, they can fight such schemes.”


"Reports by Al Jazeera about Libyan jets firing on protesters in Tripoli and the major cities are unverified and questionable. [9] Hereto, the reports that Libyan jets have been attacking people in the streets have not been verified. No visual evidence of the jet attacks has been shown, while visual confirmation about other events have been coming out of Libya.
Al Jazeera is not alone in its biased reporting from Libya. The Saudi media is also relishing the events in Libya. Asharq Al-Awsat is a Saudi-owned paper that is strictly aligned to U.S. interests in the Middle East-North Africa (MENA) region. Its editor-in-chief is now running editorials glorifying the Arab League for their decision to suspend Libya, because of the use of force by Tripoli against Libyans protesters – why were such steps not taken for Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, or Yemen? Inside and outside the Arab World, the mainstream media is now creating the conditions for some sort of intervention in Libya."
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Gov. Scott Walker reveals his agenda to a blogger pretending to be David Koch

LOL | BREAKING NEWS Koch Brothers & Scott Walker:

Today, WI Gov. Scott Walker, believing he was talking to prominent financial backer David Koch, told a Buffalo, N.Y. blogger that he was getting ready to issue pink slips to state workers in a strategy to force Democratic Republican Senators back to work. In the short interview posted on YouTube and discussed at length by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today, there is a wealth of news
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The Egyptian Revolution

Nigel Gibson | A Fanonian analysis of the Egyptian Revolution. more...  0 Comments

Breaking news from Wisconsin

reporting on union busting | There seems to be no working Madison Wisonsin Indymedia right now and it is possible this IMC was phased out. Honestly I don't know but the Center for Media and Democracy at has breaking news and great coverage of events there. more...  1 Comments

Dollar-Yuan Currency War

Fred Schmid | The value of the Yuan is not the cause for the US trade and balance of payments deficits. The reasons are the high state indebtedness (armaments/wars and tax gifts to the rich) and the indebtedness of private households going back to stagnating or declining real incomes. The US has a trade deficit with 90 countries. The US economy has increasingly become a waste economy with rising deficits in education and infrastructure. more...  0 Comments

Revolution Comes Like a Thief in the Night

Richard Pithouse | Life, ordinary life, is meant to follow certain rhythms. We grow, seasons change and we assume new positions in the world. When you have finished being a child you put away childish things and move on to the next stage of life. But there is a multitude of people in this world who cannot build a home, marry and care for their children and aging parents. There is a multitude of people who are growing older as they remain stuck in an exhausting limbo, perhaps just managing to scrape together the rent for a backyard shack by selling tomatoes or cell phone chargers on some street. more...  0 Comments

Museveni must go!

Ssebo | The momentum for change in North Africa must extend to sub-Saharan Africa.
Museveni must go! And all the rest!

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Economic Trouble in 2011

Stephen Lendman | turbulence more...  0 Comments

Schools and Environmental Health: At a Crossroads

CSS & CCAT | Come speak to local,state,and federal public officials about school environmental health issues and their importance in your community.We want to hear your concerns and give you an opportunity to influence policy on this important issue. more...  0 Comments

Political Prisoner Jalil Muntaqim Update

Stephen Lendman | wrongfully imprisoned: Muntaqim, Washington and Bell became known as the New York Three.
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John Ross, ¡Presente!

Weekly News Update | “John siempre se caracterizó por estar en el lugar de los hechos, por informar lo que veía, mezclando géneros; era un militante del nuevo periodismo”. "El monstruo," una historia de la ciudad de México, es “un gran fresco pintado al estilo de un mural con distintas escenas”. --Luis Hernández Navarro
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Banking in Venezuela

Stephen Lendman | responsible banking more...  0 Comments

Obama Capitulates Again

Patrick Martin with General Joe | "Several liberal media commentaries deliberately disguised the political significance of Obama’s speech, which was an abject surrender to the arrogant demands of the ultra-right that there should be no accountability for the Tucson events.
E. J. Dionne of the Washington Post claimed that Obama “pointedly took no sides on the controversy over the role of vitriolic politics in the tragedy.” This is flatly untrue, and the columnist knows it. Obama provided an amnesty for the right and effectively repudiated his own liberal supporters." more...  0 Comments

BOOKS REVIEWS: WIKILEAKS. Documentos sobre Fernando Lugo

Martuki | BOOKS REVIEWS: WIKILEAKS. Documentos sobre Fernando Lugo more...  0 Comments

Netanyahu's Government: Israel's Worst Ever

Stephen Lendman | Israeli repression more...  0 Comments

America Replicating Japan

Stephen Lendman | stagnation and decline more...  0 Comments

Evangelical Fever, But Little Progress in Haiti

Kate Prengel | One year after the devastating earthquake, Port au Prince remains in ruins, with over a million people still in refugee camps. more...  0 Comments

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