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Troy Davis Murdered, Innocence No Bar To Execution

Steven Argue | "The struggle for justice doesn't end with me. This struggle is for all the Troy Davises who came before me and all the ones who will come after me. I'm in good spirits and I'm prayerful and at peace. But I will not stop fighting until I've taken my last breath." Troy Davis more...  6 Comments


Pryia Reddy via PMC-NYC | “Banks can make or break an economy or country. The people want their bailout,” said a local “rank and file” labor organizer named Frank Olsen. “We are hoping more unions, students, civilians, citizens will dare to come down to support, gather and stand together,” he said. “United we stand, divided we die.”... read more from Pryia Reddy more...  6 Comments

report back-NYC March And Rally To Stop The Execution Of Troy Davis On 9/202011

Labor Video Project by PeoplesMEDIACenter-NYC | On September 20, a rally and march was held in New York City to protest the execution of Troy Anthony Davis. The rally started at Liberty Plaza/Zukari park and marched to New York City Hall where police blocked the protester from going into the park next the City Hall. more...  0 Comments

Breakthroughs in UK, France, Italy and Canada for 9/11 Truth Movement!! by Peoples MEDIA Center | To Reinvestigate 9/11 occasional list.

Please look out for October 15 London SCADS (State and Corporate Crimes against Democracy) Conference programme and booking details, to be circulated to this list in the next few days.

Breakthroughs for 9/11 Truth Movement.

Over the 9/11 anniversary period, RI911 reaches many hundreds of thousands in the UK, millions on international channels... Guardian runs major sceptical article... massive balanced media coverage in Italy, France and Canada... BBC Programme participant denounces editors.
more...  3 Comments

Thousands occupy Wall Street against wealthy banksters

WSQT Direct Action Radio 90.5 in DC | Here is WSQT Radio (90.5 in DC, 2 hour broadcasts) coverage of the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City. For the weekend, the central part of Wall Street has been blocked off while thousands or protesters have been swarming everywhere else nearby. If protesters can force the cops to keep the barricades Monday, the resulting traffic could itself severely hobble Wall Street's operations!

See the action Live! News FAN: Radio Report.. Video Coverage...

WSQT Audio report on Occupy Wall Street, first two days | Video overview of Day 1 | Video: Wealthy cocktail party confronted at #55 Wall Street | FOX News video: "Days of Rage" | NY 1 Video | Lacy Macaulay's report on Storyful | |

More From the Newswire: I Call On All Unemployed Union Memebers To Join Wall St. Protests. | #OccupyWallStreet Yahoo Mail is Censoring | Global TV-Channel of #Sept17 #Antibanks #OccupyWallStreet - All mediacenters unite more...  7 Comments

Stand for Socialism against Modern Revisionism

Armando Liwanag | Revisionism is the systematic revision of and deviation from
Marxism, the basic revolutionary principles of the proletariat
laid down by Marx and Engels and further developed by the series
of thinkers and leaders in socialist revolution and construction.
The revisionists call themselves Marxists, even claim to make an
updated and creative application of Marxism but they do so
essentially to sugarcoat the bourgeois antiproletarian and
anti-Marxist ideas that they propagate.
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WNU #1096: Cable Links Honduran Landowner to Drug Flights

Weekly News Update | “Facussé's property is heavily guarded,” the cable noted, “and the prospect that individuals were able to access the property and, without authorization, use the airstrip is questionable.” more...  0 Comments

We Will Never Forget the Victims of the US Empire

Uhuru Radio | Reparations in Action!
Sunday, 12:00 to 13:00 (2011-09-11)
Host: Penny Hess
This Week: We Will Never Forget the Victims of the US Empire: 911 Truth African Internationalist Style more...  1 Comments

DC Pirate radio promo for Occupy Wall Street and Stop the machine

WSQT Direct Action radio 90.5 FM in DC | Here is WSQT Radio's promo for two upcoming major events -- one in New York, one right here in DC. The first is the occupation of Wall Street to begin on September 17, the second is the Oct 6 occupation of Freedom Plaza. Both are planned as Tahrir Square style ongoing occupations, with the intent of holding territory 24-7 like the way Mubarak was overthrown! more...  0 Comments

Lessons from Occupy Wall Street Trial run with 9 detained, one held overnight

Anti-Capitalist Convergence Veteran from DC | On Sep 1, 12 people carried out a "test run," for the Occupation of Wall Street scheduled to begin a week from now on September 17.They showed up on Wall Street with tents, planning to stay over one night. Nine of them were detained and one held overnight by the NYPD. Video | Related: DC Pirate radio promo for Occupy Wall Street and Stop the machine more...  0 Comments

Building Bridges Radio: Newark Jobs Protest; AFL-CIO's Trumka vs Obama on Jobs

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | Building Bridges Radio: Your Community and Labor Report -- National Edition. Produced by Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg


Newark Activists In Fifty-Fourth Day Of Protest; Calling on U.S. Government To Institute Jobs Program with Larry Hamm, Chairman, People's Organization for Progress, Newark, N.J.

The U.S. economy is struggling, but in many black communities Americans are in the throes of a depression. With unemployment exacting an outsize toll on African-American men and women, a coalition of community groups sees it as a crucial civil rights issue emerging from the country’s economic woe. "We are more than a half-century away from the Montgomery bus boycott, but we are dealing with issues just as pressing," said Larry Hamm, chairman of the People’s Organization for Progress. more...  0 Comments

Announcing NYC Workshop on Organizing Journalism & Civil Resistance

Maria Luisa | Applications for the October 21-23 New York workshop can be received by email from and are due by 11:59 p.m. ET on Wednesday, September 21, 2011. more...  0 Comments

Deadly Irene Politics: Climate Change and Prisoners Abandoned to Die

Steven Argue | Bloomberg has left the prisoners behind to die at New York’s Rikers Island. Obama has left the people of the world to suffer climate change. We must fight!

Related: Mayor Says F*ck You to Prisoners and their Familes:"We're not evacuating Rikers" | Locked Up & Left Behind: New York's Prisoners and Hurricane Irene | Take Action for Rikers’ Island Prisoners! Demand the City Create an Emergency Evacuation Plan more...  3 Comments

Mayor Says F*ck You to Prisoners and their Familes:"We're not evacuating Rikers"

Stand up for Prisoners | The NYC Department of Corrections has stated that Rikers Island has no evacuation procedure for any of the 12,000+ prisoners located on the island, regardless of the fact that is surrounded by either a mandatory or suggested evacuation zone. Call-in to FEMA office 212-6800-3600 or NYC DOC Info Line 718-546-1500 more...  1 Comments

Why Western New Yorkers Should Occupy Wall Street on September 17th

Buffalo IMC | Go "here" to the Facebook group for the WNY bus.

All of us have a reason to go to New York City on September 17th: to occupy Wall Street. As of October 2008, over two million quality jobs were outsourced between 2004 and now; racial economic disparities mirrored policing disparities; as of 2001 we have a 700 plus strong (and expensive) network of military bases and a Global War on Terror; and pollution has firmly established itself as a cause of disease among poor communities. This one action will not resolve all of these problems at once yet, like Egypt it will be a political breakthrough moment, or like in Spain tens of thousands of citizens did begin a direct-democratic process to build a new movement for social justice. Where the earlier alter-globalization (a.k.a. anti-globalization) movement left off, we will pick up the slack with a flourishing new movement of movements.

The demands are numerous and over reddit, facebook, twitter, and via email, activists and disenfranchised people are having a virtual assembly 24 hours a day to cite each abuse of this economic system. In this conversation, every progressive measure that is neccesarry to fix our county- and our world is on the table: ending corporate personhood, community control of localized economies, collecting corporate back taxes, community banking, progressive taxation, and a new deal-style stimulus plan. Read More at

more...  5 Comments

The Game with Ignorance and the Growth Panacea

Florian Haushild and Roland Spitzer | A worldwide economic and financial order decays to a pure end-in-itself and no longer serves people. A system based on an ideology in which everything-even the person-becomes a product and money is represented as the measurement for all products is legitimated by apologists who trivialize the most blatant derailments of social life as "normal." more...  0 Comments

New York Times: Lying about Libya and Palestine

Stephen Lendman | media lies more...  0 Comments

Organize against the RNC in 2012? New book provides insight into lessons learned

JC | Learn the successes and failures of past organizing to help be more successful against the RNC! more...  1 Comments

Falsified New York Times Middle East Reports

Stephen Lendman | In times of war, the first casualty is duplicitous reporting, journalists lying for a living, prostituting themselves for a buck.

They appear daily like weeds on all topics. As a result, Times reports aren't fit to read, let alone print. August 18 was no exception, publishing lies about Libyan insurgent victories. more...  2 Comments

Video: The Civil Wars in US Labor | "The Civil Wars in U.S. Labor: Birth of a New Workers' Movement or Death Throes of the Old?"

Labor journalist Steve Early examines the current organizing strategies and structures of many labor unions in the United States. He also reports on the internal conflicts that marked the labor movement from 2008 to 2010 that according to the author hurt union reputations and angered supporters. more...  0 Comments

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