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Philippines: Thousands Power Off

Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) | MANILA, Philippines – Tens of thousands of Filipino households in 22 cities and provinces in Metro Manila and parts of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao switched off lights and staged noise barrages to demand lower skyrocketing electricity rates, according to the Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) which led the protest action. more...  0 Comments

Uhuru Movement speaks at Occupy Wall Street events!

Uhuru News | New videos | Come to Nov. 5 in Philly | Diop for Mayor | Donate to The Spear
more...  0 Comments

Economic Tremors

Stephen Lendman | economy more...  0 Comments

America's Multi-Headed Monster

Stephen Lendman | class war more...  0 Comments

Stirring DC pirate radio coverage Occupy Wall Street's victory over eviction

WSQT Direct Action Radio 90.5 in DC | WSQT Direct Action radio's October 14 broadcast in DC focussed on Occupy Wall Street, Occupy DC, and Stop the Machine. The outrageous attempt by Brookfield Properties to evict OWS did not stand, so at WSQT we ran this audio story to celebrate and educate our listeners.

Same audio hosted on DC Indymedia: more...  0 Comments

Letter to Occupy Together Movement

Harsha Walia | What I outline below are not criticisms of the Occupy movement. I am inspired that the dynamic of the movement thus far has been organic, so that all those who choose to participate are collectively responsible for its evolution and development. To all those participating -- I offer my deepest gratitude and respect. I am writing today with Grace Lee Boggs on the forefront of my mind: "The coming struggle is a political struggle to take political power out of the hands of the few and put it into the hands of the many. But in order to get this power into the hands of the many, it will be necessary for the many not only to fight the powerful few but to fight and clash among themselves as well." This may sound dramatic and counter-productive, but I find it a poignant reminder that, in our state of elation, we cannot underestimate the difficult terrain ahead and I look forward to the processes that will further these conversations. more...  0 Comments

10.14 OWS Report: With the Whole World Watching, Bloomberg Backs Down

Michael Letwin, NYC Labor Against the War | ‘Liberty Park belongs to OWS, and not a single person who was there will forget what it felt like to win a battle.’ more...  0 Comments

Six Proposals for Helping the 99%

Senator Bernie Sanders and Robert Reich | Solidarity, social justice and sharing open doors while tax cuts for the super-rich only lead to exploding inequality. double standards and cynicism. Access could replace excess. The empire could be replaced by the republic.
Public necessities (housing, education, work, health care, food, airwaves, water and the air) must remain public rights and not private privileges. more...  0 Comments

Are They Like Us?

anonymous | The conflict raging across our country has spread beyond all preceding expectations. As we type, streets are being barricaded and the political system is being challenged from New York to LA and a hundred cities in-between. The explosion of civil disobedience has not been seen for decades and we may be experiencing one of the most democratic struggle in the history of Western social movements. With the great popular power we now hold, the government is revealing the unwritten rules that govern our society, freedom is the rule of thumb, that is, freedom exists in our context up until we hit the boundaries of passive protesting and begin to intervene in the every day avenues of commercial life. And then, off with the velvet gloves and our with the iron fist. Hence, the hundreds of arrests filling the jails across America, not for anti-social behavior that we’ve come to expect in our society, but for deviant political behavior which truly threatens the rich. more...  0 Comments

Social Justice Occupations Head Everywhere

Stephen Lendman | social justice more...  0 Comments

“Tahrir is Here!” on Wall street Occupation, Arabs and more...

BN Aziz via Peoples MEDIA Center | Whoever thought the Arab people today would inspire an American democratic movement? more...  1 Comments

Reparations, not reform! An appeal to the Occupy Wall Street movement


An appeal to the Occupy Wall Street movement

Related:Beyond Wall Street: Build the movement for reparations! | Uhuru Solidarity organizers at Wall St. demo more...  12 Comments

NYC Labor Against the War 10.6 Occupy Wall Street Report: The Day After

Michael Letwin, NYCLAW | “My name is X. I am Egyptian and American. What the Middle East has shown is that when people come together for one cause, they are able to have an impact and effect change. Part of the Arab revolution, with the youth, there was a great momentum of youth. I feel that has mobilized the world and brought globalization to a whole new world were ideals and values are starting to take over instead of corporations and other things. So, I feel that there is a transfer of energy, positive energy and I hope the momentum continues.“ more...  2 Comments

Police Beat Protesters at Occupy Wall Street

grubenyasha | NYPD is earning an international reputation as the American Gestapo. more...  2 Comments

NYC Labor Against the War: Wall Street Occupation Update

Michael Letwin, NYCLAW | [From The Occupied Wall Street Journal] "What is occurring on Wall Street right now is remarkable. For over two weeks, in the great cathedral of capitalism, the dispossessed have liberated territory from the financial overlords and their police army. They have created a unique opportunity to peacefully shift the tides of history like the sit-down strikes of the 1930s, the civil rights movement of the 1960s and the democratic uprisings across the Arab world and Europe today." more...  0 Comments

2001-2011: 10 Years of New York City Labor Against the War (NYCLAW)

Michael Letwin | New York City Labor Against the War emerged at "Ground Zero" as the first antiwar labor body established in the U.S. after 9/11. It has been a vital antiwar pole within labor, and labor pole within the antiwar movement. more...  0 Comments

DC pirate radio coverage of 9-24 police attack on Occupy Wall st -and macing cop

WSQT Direct Action Radio 90.5 FM in DC | We broadcast this audio coverage of Occupy Wall st to date, starting with an overview of the protests and the Sep 20 police attack. The main focus on the 80-100 arrests, the orange RNC style nets, then NYPD officer Antony Bologna's macing of five women and what Anonymous managed to dig up on him. We close with the fact that the protests are still going on-and that the calender for Occupy Wall st extends well into next year. Followed up by reading Communique #10 from Sep 27 on-air more...  1 Comments

WNU #1098: Chilean Students March as President Makes UN Speech

Weekly News Update | Three students from the Darío Salas High School in Santiago were hospitalized on Sept. 23 due to the effects of a two-month hunger strike in support of the movement's demands. more...  0 Comments

Troy Davis Executed | Iranian President at the U.N. | Black is Back Coalition

Uhuru Radio | Reparations in Action!
Sunday, 13:00 to 14:00 (2011-09-25)
Host: Penny Hess
This Week: Troy Davis Executed | Iranian President at the U.N. | Black is Back Coalition March in Philly more...  2 Comments

The morning after: the art of leadership & the fight for justice--outrage role?

Hon. Cynthia McKinney by Peoples MEDIA Center | Former US Presidential candidate and Georgia's Congresswoman McKinney ... "We must hone the skill of discernment. We must not give our vote to just anybody to occupy these positions of power. We must not allow "posers" to represent us. Posers are those who wear the jackets of authority, who are put in positions of power by us, but who do not engage in the artful use of that power on our behalf. Discerning who is friend and who is poser has been difficult. But, is being made more possible by the arrogance now of those who do not have the interests of the people at heart. They seem not to care that their "neanderthal" is showing...." more...  0 Comments

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