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#J20 Occupy the Courts & #J21 Occupy the Corporations Against Citizen's United

NewYorkCityRevolution | Occupiers have taken to the court steps across the country to condemn 1 year of the hated Citizen's United Ruling which allows corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money in funding candidates. Come out on #J21 to City Hall Park @ 12PM for a Tour of some of the worst culprits of corporate greed in lower manhattan as we Occupy the Corporations more...  0 Comments

OWS-Related Events

Michael Letwin, NYC Labor Against the War | more...  0 Comments

Occupy Our Homes! Occupy 702 Vermont St., East New York!

NewYorkCityRevolution | The ongoing East New York Occupied Foreclosed House is crucial for a neighborhood ravaged by foreclosure crisis. When a community takes over a boarded up eyesore of the economic warfare being waged by the 1%, and turns it into a safe livable shelter for the homeless. People Powered organization rather than profit. more...  1 Comments

Happy Birthday, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mitchel Cohen | "... Most nations are deceived about themselves. Rationalizations and the incessant search for scapegoats are the psychological cataracts that blind us to our sins. But the day has passed for our superficial patriotism. He who lives with untruth lives in spiritual slavery."

- MLK, "Why I Oppose the War in Vietnam," April 4, 2007 more...  0 Comments

Reminder-NYC: Come to WBAI benefit (cheap) Sat. 1/14, 2 pm

Mitchel Cohen | One Saturday afternoon per month, I've been organizing a gathering to benefit WBAI financially, but more important -- to pull our communities together and enjoy each other, excellent food, great music and radical politics in downtown Manhattan.

So come on down THIS SATURDAY AFTERNOON! The announcement (below) reflects some changes in the schedule.
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GE and the rest of us

David Rose | GE and the rest of us
more...  0 Comments


NewYorkCityRevolution | On going reoccupation underway!

From NewYorkCityRevolution: As of 10:30PM Tuesday, Over 200 people have poured into Liberty Plaza after NYCLU lawsuit. more...  0 Comments

NYC Labor Against the War: 01.07.12 OWS Report: Support the Longview Caravan

Michael Letwin, NYC Labor Against the War | Just as the workers of the ILWU have stood in solidarity with Palestine, we stand with the workers of the ILWU in Longview, Oakland, and everywhere in their struggle to defend workers’ power and stop union-busting. more...  0 Comments

Palestinian village of Jayyous asks FIT & Daphne Guinness to break with Leviev

Jayyous Land Defense Committee | Nonprofit organizations in the US like the Fashion Institute of Technology and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and individuals who care about human rights like Daphne Guinness have an obligation to support people’s right to live in dignity, and to support Jayyous’ families’ efforts to remain on their lands, instead of cooperating with Lev Leviev who steals our lands, and food in order to build illegal settlements. For the sake of our community, families and children, please do not help Lev Leviev to whitewash his illegal settlements on Jayyous’ farmland.
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Bloomberg gives Tax $ to Private Tennis Club on Randall's Island

Juan Gonzalez | EAST HARLEM community leaders are furious about the proposed expansion of a $19 million private tennis center at Randall’s Island that is connected to tennis legend John McEnroe. Those leaders want to know why Mayor Bloomberg keeps handing barrels of money to the Randall’s Island Sports Foundation, the public-private group that manages the 256-acre park. Read More | Randalls Island Bulletin

Previous Features: Dec6: Tennis pro John McEnroe Confronted for Privatizing Randall's Island | Dec18: Randall’s Island Tennis Expansion FCRC Hearing Abruptly Canceled more...  9 Comments

Sean Bell Case is Not Over | We've been waiting 4 weeks for NYC Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly to decide the fate of Detective Gescard Isnora, who has cost the City US$7 Million in a settlement over the shooting of Sean Bell. On Nov. 30th, Deputy Commissioner Martin Karopkin recommended that the detective be removed from the force, but only the commissioner can decide. Meanwhile, there seems to be a tacit statement that the incident was the result of policy and protocol. more...  0 Comments

Responsible New York Banking

Stephen Lendman | Located about an hour south of Buffalo, the Bank of Cattaraugus is the state's smallest bank with one location and eight employees. It doesn't base loans on credit scores. Knowing community needs well, it operates supportively to help.

Working cooperatively with responsible community banks like B of C and non-profit credit unions, establishing public banks across America is vital at a time of financialized power, casino capitalism, depression-sized unemployment, socialized losses, privatized profits, and Wall Street crooks operating an unprecedented money making racket.
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NYPD Spying Recounted in the Boston Globe

zz | Ever since The Associated Press began revealing New York Police Department spying programs on mosques, student groups, Muslim businesses and communities, those activities have been stoutly defended by police and supporters as having foiled a list of planned attacks.

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Jury To Get Case for Newark Cop Beating Teen on Videotape

NBPP via PMC-NYC | “This case began with the police packing the courtroom when Travis was on the stand and included some even making threatening gestures towards him,” Zayid Muhammad, of the New Black Panther Party who organized community protest over the incident and over a later incident in October 2010 when Rattray’s mother, Erika Lesa Hankerson, was also assaulted and wrongfully arrested by the police. more...  0 Comments

The Shortwave Report 12/23/11 Listen Globally

Dan Roberts | A weekly 30 minute review of international news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio and the internet. With times, frequencies, and websites for listening at home. 3 files- HIGHEST QUALITY BROADCAST, regular broadcast, and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China Radio International, Radio Deutsche-Welle, Spanish National Radio, Radio Havana Cuba, and the Voice of Russia. more...  0 Comments

Frantz Fanon Fifty Year Years Later

Richard Pithouse | Fifty years after Fanon’s death in Bethesda, Maryland new generations of young people encounter his books with electric excitement. more...  0 Comments

Medical Self Defense & the Black Panther Party --An interview w/ Alondra Nelson

Angola 3 News | Alondra Nelson, a professor of sociology and gender studies at Columbia University, is the author of a new book released last month, entitled Body and Soul: The Black Panther Party and the Fight Against Medical Discrimination. Nelson writes that “the Party’s focus on health care was both practical and ideological.” On a practical level, the BPP provided free community health care services, including preventative education. Simultaneously, the BPP railed against the medical-industrial complex, declaring that health care was “a right and not a privilege.” By 1970, People’s Free Medical Clinics had become a requirement for every BPP chapter. In 1972, the BPP revised point six of the founding ten-point-platform, adding a demand for “completely free healthcare for all black and oppressed people." more...  0 Comments

Building Bridges Radio: Occupy W. Coast Shuts Down Ports & NYC Targeted Goldman

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenerberg | The Occupy movement in West Coast port cities called for shutdowns of their ports. In solidarity OWS, NY targeted Wall Street giant, the owner of half of one of the world’s largest transportation and shipping outfits, Goldman Sachs. The ports were targeted because of the firing of port truckers organizing at SSA terminals in LA, owned by Goldman Sachs and the attempt to rupture ILWU union jurisdiction in Longview,WA by EGT, an exporter led by Bunge Ltd, owned by 1% bankers which reported a $2.5 billion profit last year while impoverishing workers in Argentina and Brazil. These economic blockades were in response to the nationally coordinated attacks on the Occupy movement.


BUILDING BRIDGES RADIO, produced by Ken Nash & Mimi Rosenberg broadcast Mondays 7-8 PM EST WBAI 99.5 FM. Our National Edition is carried on over 45 broadcast & internet radio stations.

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10,000 Soldiers Desert Syrian Army

Avi Issacharoff and Amos Harel | More than 10,000 soldiers have deserted the Syrian army, sources say, with as many as half the conscripts not reporting in the last three call-ups. more...  0 Comments

Joy of Resistance on women's experiences at OWS and the civil rights movement

Joy of Resistance | Tune into Joy of Resistance Multicultural Feminist Radio on WBAI from 9 to 10 p.m. on Wednesday, December 21, when the program continues its examination of women's experiences in Occupy Wall Street and the 1960s civil rights movement. WBAI can be heard at 99.5 FM and streams live at more...  0 Comments

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