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Goldman Sachs: Making Money by Stealing It

Stephen Lendman | grand theft more...  0 Comments

Building Bridges: Rehire Laid Off MTA Workers & The Line Against Unemployment

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | From Building Bridges Radio, Your Community & Labor Report:

TWU Local 100, elected officials, and community supporters are calling on the MTA to use nearly $500 million dollars in its GASB 45 Fund to restore services cut in 2010, to rehire over 120 laid-off Station Agents, and settle a fair contract for 38,000 TWU Local 100 members.

And, on Super Tuesday March 6, from 8:14 to 8:28 am New Yorkers joined to form the
world's longest unemployment line for 14 minutes - 1 minute for each of the 1 million
currently unemployed Americans.

FULL REPORT featuring Transport Workers Local 100, OWS Labor Outreach Committee, and Arthur Cheliotes, President, Communications Workers, Local 1180: more...  0 Comments

Israel's Rogue Killing Machine

Stephen Lendman | Israel more...  0 Comments

Economic Dictatorship

Frei Betto | In the crisis, there was a paradigm based on the belief in unlimited economic growth on a planet with infinite resources. This paradigm identifies happiness with wealth, well-being with accumulation of material goods and progress with consumerism. more...  0 Comments

New York Times Wages War on Palestine

Stephen Lendman | Like all US major media scoundrels, longstanding New York Times policy features one-sided pro-Israeli reports, commentaries, and opinions. Its coverage of Israel's latest Gaza aggression is one of many examples... Cast Lead was Israel's worst atrocity since the June 1967 Six Day War. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Gaza terror bombings is the worst one since Cast Lead. But not according to Times coverage. more...  0 Comments

Is Israel Driving the Threat of War?

Larry Everest, Revolution Newspaper | Bottom line: Israel could never even think about attacking Iran without U.S. aid, arms, military collaboration, and the all-around U.S.-led assault on Iran-and the preservation of Israel and its security is a key U.S. imperialist objective. more...  1 Comments

Waging War on Truth

Stephen Lendman | media more...  0 Comments

EU Austerity Madness

Stephen Lendman | class war more...  0 Comments

FBI Visits NYC Activist Today

Antifa | Earlier today, 3 FBI agents paid a visit to a local NYC activist while he was at school. They claimed to be investigating hate crimes and neo-Nazi activity, stating as cops always do, that they were on his side. They asked how antifascists get information on fascist activity and things of that nature, and also mentioned a neo-Nazi demonstration that was countered by anti-fascists last year in New Jersey. more...  1 Comments

Merciless Samaritans and 10 Theses on the Crisis

Barbara Supp and Ingo Schulze | "There is no society. There are only individual men and women," said the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher. Margaret Thatcher, former British Prime Minister, had a great share in that crisis in which Europe, capitalism and democracy find themselves. Democracy conforming to the market is the problem. The market conforming to democracy is the solution. more...  0 Comments

Electoral Politics in America

Stephen Lendman | elections more...  0 Comments

NYC Anarchist Bookfair workshop proposal deadline March 16th

DEADLINE FOR 2012 PROPOSALS: March 16, 2012 more...  1 Comments

A24: Occupy the Justice Dept. for Mumia Abu-Jamal and All Political Prisoners

Prison Radio | Mumia Abu-Jamal is back with his unstoppable commitment to writing and recording his commentaries with Prison Radio. New photos of Mumia – the first taken since 1996 – show that the injustice leveled against him has not diminished his love, courage, and strength. The next big action will be Occupy the Justice Department in Washington, D.C. on April 24, Mumia’s birthday. Free Mumia and ALL political prisoners! more...  1 Comments

COLORS Restaurant hosts screening and benefit concert for Fresh Food & Farming Justice

Amy / PMC-NYC | On Thursday, March 1st, COLORS Restaurant will host the fourth ¡Build Bridges Not Walls! — a collaborative benefit series to raise funds and awareness about parallel struggles for justice. The evening will begin with a screening of the documentary FRESH at 7pm, followed by a discussion led by food justice activists Karen Washington and Eric Weltman and music by local jazz maestros Eve Silber and Ben Barson. more...  0 Comments

The Baruch Shoot-Out, And The FDR Police Chase: Imprisoning People on the Ave

NewYorkCityRevolution | Discussing policing tactics in low-income neighborhoods after LES man chased on the FDR & killed, and then this week; Police shot a man in the vicinity of his building. more...  0 Comments

FreshDirect does not belong in the South Bronx

South Bronx Unite | South Bronx residents continue to ask New York City and New York State residents to oppose FreshDirect’s publicly-funded relocation to public land on the South Bronx waterfront. Documents withheld from the public by Governor Cuomo, Mayor Bloomberg and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, but obtained recently through the Freedom of Information Law, demonstrate that our elected official are lying to South Bronx residents. Cuomo, Bloomberg and Diaz talk about bringing jobs to the South Bronx, the poorest congressional district in the country with the highest unemployment rates in New York. They are lying to us. FreshDirect is not bringing 2,000 jobs to the South Bronx; those are not new jobs, they are existing jobs and there was never a credible threat that FreshDirect was moving any of those jobs to New Jersey. more...  1 Comments

What the Azeris Don't Want to Admit about Khojalu

Asbarez Editors | Deconstructing the Azeri Propaganda War Against the Indigenous Armenian Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh)

A new documentary about the events taking place between November 1991 and February 1992 in Karabakh was screened on Friday.

Meanwhile in the United States, a group calling itself the Azerbaijan America Alliance has launched a massive propaganda campaign of misinformation on the Azeri version of the Khojalu issue. Full-page advertisements appeared in the national editions of the New York Times and the Washington Post. Advertisements have also been placed in Washington Metro stations, buses, bus shelters and other transportation venues in Washington and New York. more...  0 Comments

NYC Events for February 19

NY Activist Calendar | For Sunday, February 19, 2012
more...  0 Comments

The Struggle for Leadership Within “Leaderless” Occupy

Mark Vorpahl | It should be news to no one that the police easily put down these efforts with gut wrenching brutality. What is surprising is that many of the Occupy participants lead these events into an inevitable military confrontation with the police, as though they could rule the day without the necessary numbers, preparation, or moral authority in the eyes of the 99 percent. more...  1 Comments

Occupying the Immigration Debate

The Politics of Immigration | If there's one thing we should have learned from the events of the past year -- from the Wisconsin protests to the Occupy Wall Street movement -- it's that we no longer have to let the one percent dictate our agenda.
more...  0 Comments

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