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A Warning to Applicants for Social Security Disability Benefits

Walter F. Wouk | The Social Security Administration has adopted a policy of taking unnecessary SSI Disability applications from every applicant for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits -- despite the fact that many applicants are clearly ineligible. more...  0 Comments

Anarchist Origins of Social Security on 11/16

new space | We will explore the reasons why the closest program the US has to true mutual aid is in mortal danger. These go back to the original ideas behind Social Security, which have their roots in the early anarchist and socialist movements at the beginning of the 19th century. more...  28 Comments

Building Bridges Radio: NYU a Union Buster; The First Lady of Zambia

Produced by Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | WBAI Radio's Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report
Produced & Hosted by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash
Monday, November 14, 2005, 7 - 8 p.m. EST, over 99.5 FM
or streaming live at more...  0 Comments

March 2006: A Grassroots Call to Antiwar Action

Malachy Kilbride | The DC Anti-War Network, DAWN, has called for decentralized actions marking the third anniversary of the war-occupation. more...  1 Comments

Pataki Ignores Plight Of A Whistle Blower

Donald Iarussi | I am the whistleblower who has been blacklisted by CUNY, Brooklyn College, and has been thretened by Pataki Associates and have been
dumped aside by Pataki who has ignored my complaints of cronyism, corruption and payoffs at the City University Of New York and Brooklyn College

I will soon write a book about how Pataki and CUNY have covered up corruption and tried to destroy a whistle blower. more...  0 Comments

The Museum of Now

NICHOLAS POWERS | I stare at a slave who’s been dead a hundred and fifty years. Posters for the exhibit “Slavery in New York” show an old, snow-haired Black man. He was the last slave freed in New York in 1851 and his eyes, hardened by the fear of death and the fatigue of life, ask “What did you do with your freedom?” more...  5 Comments

Analysis: Government Accountability Office report confirms 2004 stolen election

Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman | As a legal noose appears to be tightening around the Bush/Cheney/Rove inner circle, a shocking government report shows the floor under the legitimacy of their alleged election to the White House is crumbling. more...  2 Comments

NYU Strike: Day 2

Diane Krauthamer | Today’s campus-wide picket marked the second day of a graduate student worker strike at New York University—a strike that will continue until the school administration begins negotiating with the graduate employees union. more...  3 Comments

Seniors Seethe at Medifarce

RUTH KELTON | Part D was created when Congress voted the Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003 (MMA) into lumbering life. Ostensibly, it enabled seniors, the disabled and low-income people, to buy prescription drugs cheaply. Actually, it doesn’t cover that much, and Part D has essentially turned over what it does cover to private insurers. more...  0 Comments

Germ Boys and Yes Men

Jeremy Scahill | In a major expose in the upcoming issue of The Nation, Democracy Now! correspondent Jeremy Scahill reports on how a Republican operative with no experience was put in charge of the Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness and how the Bush administration exaggerated the threat of a bioterror attack three years ago in an effort to win greater support for the Iraq war. more...  1 Comments

The Problem with Frenchness

Juan Cole | A lot of the persons living in the urban outer cities (a better translation of cite than "suburb") are from subsaharan Africa. And there are lots of Eastern European immigrants. The riots were sparked by the deaths of African youths, not Muslims. Singling out the persons of Muslim heritage is just a form of bigotry. Moreover, French youth of European heritage rioted quite extensively in 1968. As they had in 1789. Rioting in the streets is not a foreign custom. It has a French genealogy and context. more...  1 Comments

NYU Strike: Day 1

Diane Krauthamer | More than 1,000 people rallied outside of New York University all day today in support of the graduate student workers, who plan on continuing their strike and thereby disrupting the daily functioning of the school itself until a simple demand is met— to be able to work under a contract. [Open Letter to NYU Undergrads and 2nd Strike Report || More at NYU Inc]. more...  2 Comments

NYU strike today (pix)

Diane Krauthamer | This morning marked the beginning of a strike that will not end until the one of the country’s most prestigious institutes of higher education agrees to meet its own workers at the bargaining table.
More than 1,000 people rallied outside of New York University all day today in support of the graduate student workers, who plan on continuing their strike and thereby disrupting the daily functioning of the school itself until a simple demand is met—to work under a contract.
more...  1 Comments

Anarchists to Confront Military Recruiters in Brooklyn

In our Hearts | We carry a new world here, in our hearts. That world is growing this minute.The United States needs a constant, fresh supply of recruits in order to maintain its current wars, and even more if it wants to expand. Recruiters use every dirty trick in the book (including downright lies) to fool poor people here in the US into joining the military and helping the government exploit and oppress poor people in foreign lands. By denying the government the bodies needed to wage war, we are denying it the ability to fight wars. more...  49 Comments

The Indypendent, Nov. 9: The Trials of Miguel Malo & more (PDF)

IMC NYC Print | November 9 - December 7, 2005 more...  3 Comments

Green Party Candidate Gloria Mattera Runs Historic Brooklyn Campaign

Erin Siegal | The Green Party and Gloria Mattera made Brooklyn history today as over 400 activists worked the streets on Election Day. more...  20 Comments

Christopher St. Crackdown?

FIERCE! | Hey everyone, check out the new resident proposal on the table to blockade the entrance to Christopher St. once the Pier closes at 1am. The proposal is looking to force LGBT youth to walk up or down the West Side Highway (similar to corralling cattle) to 14th St. or to Houston St. to get to the nearest train. This is because residents dont want LGBT youth walking through the residential area of the West Village once the Pier closes. more...  11 Comments

Protest to Support the Guantanamo Detainees

Suzaka | Since early 2002, the men held at Guantanamo Bay have waged desperate and at times life-threatening hunger strikes to protest their detention without trial and their inhumane treatment. more...  4 Comments

Call to Counter White Supremacist Hal Turner in Kingston, NY on Nov. 19

ARA | Hal Turner must stop harassing the people of Kingston, NY . more...  1 Comments

Is Wal-Mart a Bigger Wedge Issue Than Abortion?

Big Cities, Big Boxes | With a tip of the hat to Professor Bainbridge, the Boston Globe has just published an interesting op-ed on the battle lines in the Wal-Mart matter, called "All the Rage: Wal-Mart as the Great Divider," by John Dicker.... [Read More] more...  0 Comments

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