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African Film Fest at Anthology Film Archives and Schomburg

Ann Schneider | African Film Fest at Anthology Film Archives and Schomburg
Friday, Nov 25- Sat. Dec. 11

Featuring 80 films from 30 countries, including 44 premieres.
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Workers at Third U.S. Starbucks Go Union:Picket 11/25 NYC

Tommy NYC |
Workers at Third U.S. Starbucks Go Union
For Immediate Release: Starbucks Workers Union
November 18, 2005

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Vegetarians Between Meals: This War Cannot Be Stopped By A Loyal Opposition

Jeremy Scahill | None of the horrors playing out in Iraq today would be possible without the Democratic Party. And no matter how hard some party leaders try to deny it, this is their war too and will remain so until every troop is withdrawn. more...  0 Comments

Who's Afraid of Teacher Voice? Charter Schools and Union Organizing

Edwize | Who's afraid of teacher voice? Of union organizing in charter schools? Not just the usual suspects on the anti-union, anti-teacher, anti-public education far right. Recent events in New York City provide compelling evidence that the NYC Department of Education of Chancellor Joel Klein and Mayor Mike Bloomberg are players and a primary participants in this culture of fear. [Read More] more...  0 Comments

Think Progress: Pentagon Called White Phosphorus "Chemical Weapon" ... When Hussein Used It

Think Progress | To downplay the political impact of revelations that U.S. forces used deadly white phosphorus rounds against Iraqi insurgents in Falluja last year, Pentagon officials have insisted that phosphorus munitions are legal since they aren’t technically “chemical weapons.” more...  1 Comments

New Yorkers Join Thousands in Ft. Benning

CISPES | Thousands of people converged today on Fort Benning, Georgia for the Vigil to Close the SOA! We heard powerful messages from Camilo Romero, an organizer with United Students Againt Sweatshops who helped to organize a protest at the Coca-Cola headquarters yesterday; from Patricia Isasa, an Argentinian torture survivor (pictured above); and Isabel Díaz-Ubillús, a Peruvian organizer and educator; from many unionists from the United Auto Workers; and from Brigida Gonzalez de Cartagena from the San José de Apartadó Peace Community, where another member of the community was tragically killed this week by a military brigade headed by an SOA graduate. Music by Francisco Herrera, Anne Feeney, Jon Fromer, Kuumba Lynx and the SOA Watch Musicians Collective kept the crowds inspired and dancing. more...  2 Comments

Helping the Hated

Amy Wolf | “You know what it feels like to be sodomized by a family member, so knowing that, why would you go and do that to your nephew?”
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Hicksville Counter-Recruitment

resist | On November 19th in Hicksville, NY, we staged a protest in front of the local military recruitment center. We handed out flyers on the myths that recruiters tell youth, brought signs and banners, and there was little police interference. We got cheers and honks of support as well as a guy who was so proud of us he bought us coffee. Here are some photos taken at the protest... more...  4 Comments

Unions mobilize in Puerto Rico

Tom Soto | On Sunday, Nov. 6, thousands of teachers wearing bright yellow T-shirts identifying their union, the Federation of Teachers marched militantly through the narrow streets of Old San Juan, gathering at the Plaza de Colón, marching to the capitol building where the Puerto Rican Legislature is housed, and then to the governor’s seaside mansion. more...  0 Comments

Critical Resistance Fundraiser Nov 19th: Party For Your Right to Fight III

CR NYC | Critical Resistance and Restless Produxns present a benefit party for CR. Celebrating our community and our struggle, in the years since CR's space and the APOC party and party-goers were attacked by the NYPD on Nov. 15th 2003. more...  1 Comments

Recap of November 16th Counter Recuitment in Brooklyn

in our hearts | During the day, we gave out over 500 flyers-- some presenting our position on fighting the government's bullshit wars, while others presented concrete reasons to not join the military (a flyer written by a black anarchist Vietnam war veteran, as well a newspaper directed toward people who have already enlisted with resources on what they can do now that they have signed up.) The response from passersby was very positive-- many people stopped to talk and thanked us for being there, and some recounted stories of people in their lives who are currently in the military" [See More Pictures] more...  8 Comments

Veterans March (Eventually) and Speak Out Against the War

Erin Thompson | On Friday, Nov. 11 a group of about 150 members of the Veterans for Peace, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Black Veterans for Social Justice, Incarcerated Veterans Consortium, Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Military Families Speak Out, and the Gold Star Mothers for Peace gathered at 28th street between 5th and Madison, to participate in New York’s annual Veterans Day Parade. The groups had sponsored one of the eight floats in the parade and were scheduled to march with the Third Brigade of the parade. They were also marching with a stridently anti-war message. more...  0 Comments

The Morass of Gifted Education

Edwize | The current hodge-podge of programs is far from perfect. The current term “screened program” means that schools get to pick their students. Occasionally a school stands out; high tests scores while the surrounding schools have mediocre scores. The press raves and points to a “charismatic,” leader, and the principal basks in the limelight. Closer looks frequently unearth a screened program, what a surprise! The school carefully handpicks their kids and the scores are high! [Read More] more...  1 Comments

NYU Strike and Town Hall Meeting

Rubble | The Town Hall teach-in was held for hundreds of students in a packed, standing room only auditorium. Faculty and students presented their case eloguently. Undergraduate students asking intelligent, pointed questions about why a strike is necessary, why they should be involved in supporting this strike, and what rights and responsibilities are present to accomodate their classroom education while the strike proceeds. While unionists have been very outspoken about labor-busting, students demanded that activists move beyond the pitched rhetoric both sides have presented, and explain the situation more completely. Exapmles were given describing a nationwide assault on the quality of higher education and student rights. [Full Strike Coverage || Pictures From Today's Protest] more...  1 Comments

U.S Admits Use of "White Phosphorus" in Iraq After Earlier Denials

From the BBC newswire |
The Pentagon has confirmed that US troops used white phosphorus during last year's offensive in the northern Iraqi city of Falluja.

"It was used as an incendiary weapon against enemy combatants," spokesman Lt Col Barry Venable told the BBC - though not against civilians, he said. The US earlier denied it had been used in Falluja at all. more...  1 Comments

“It’s up to you”: Prostitution, Censorship and Sweden

S.M. Berg | more...  26 Comments

MCI and the Prison Industrial Complex

Hip Hop Music | Protesters will rally in Bryant Park today at noon, then head over to Gov. Pataki's office to protest, once again, New York State's shabby, unethical practice of forcing the families, lawyers and religious counselors of prison inmates to pay outrageously jacked-up prices to receive collect calls from those behind bars. || [a href=>More Coverage From Wakeup Call] more...  3 Comments

Seniors Seethe at Medicare Farce

Ruth Kelton | Senior citizens and the disabled can can begin to enroll today in Medicare's new prescription drug benefit program. While President Bush calls it "the greatest advance in health care" in 40 years, Ruth Kelton, 72, of The Indypendent reports that the new program is "convoluted, ill- conceived and inefficient" and a boon for pharmaceutical and insurance companies. Who do you believe? more...  1 Comments

Want NYC Indymedia Office Furniture?

IMCista | To pick up any of the furniture we're giving away, call 212-684-8112 or email to arrange a time. more...  2 Comments

An Old World Artist for the New World Order: Fra Angelico at the Met

James Jackson Jiveass | Unfortunately Angelico's work looks even worse in reproductions, which goes far to explain his fame. The reproductions look like Hyppolite Flandrin, the nineteenth-century French painter who painted the nineteenth-century French idea of Fra Angelico, and Angelico's fame is all in the reproduction, sizzle without a steak. This show is supposed to proceed chronologically, but there's nowhere to go: Angelico was selling the Angelico brand even before Flandrin, he got the formula down early and spent the rest of his life delivering on it. What next, a Fra Angelico liqueur? more...  3 Comments

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