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Conflict Within the Peace Movement

Nick Cooper | Those of us who put effort in working for peace, justice and harmony, may find ourselves exhibiting the very opposite of these values. Within volunteer groups, there is sometimes hostility, infighting, and even threats and violence. We are often so sure that we're right, that we become authoritarian. We feel that our quiet and peaceful voice simply isn't being heard, and we need to switch to a louder hostile one. Often, we abandon the work of organizing as our groups become consumed with infighting. The work of transforming our interactions into healthier ones is replaced by a bitter mantra: "if only we could get rid of these certain people, everything would be fine." more...  3 Comments

A Trip Through the Iraq Archive

AK Gupta | As George W. Bush proposes yet another "plan for victory" in Iraq, we take a look back at previous Indypendent coverage of the disaster that has been the Iraq war.

12/01/05 Democracy Now! Interview On Iraqi Death Squads || Let a Thousand Militias Bloom || DN! Interview on Iraqi Militas || Iraq's Oily Referendum || Looking for a Winning Strategy || The US Is the Problem, Not the Solution more...  2 Comments

Negotiate Now! Reportback

NYU Inc | Today was GUS’s Negotiate Now! a day of action at NYU, and the event was a big success. The day started with roving street theatre, a hillarious parody of the GSOC situation that ended with the “student body” chasing a 9-foot tall Sexton puppet and his mouthpiece, the Provost, around the park. [Read More and Read Discussion on Why Students Chose Not To Occupy the President's Office]

The Bobst library at NYU was taken by undergraduates by storm according to various reports of the incident, including This one from the Washington Square News.

[Photos || More Reportbacks] more...  0 Comments

Indymedia Goodbye Party

Erin Siegal and Andy Stern | On November 29th, NYC Indymedia bid a fond farewell to our beloved 29th street space with a party. more...  7 Comments

Writers, Photographers & Cartoonists Wanted for Next Issue of Serf City

Jim Lesczynski | We're looking for writers, photographers and cartoonists who are passionate about freedom to contribute to Serf City, the new tabloid covering NYC politics from a libertarian perspective. You don't have to be a libertarian to contribute, but your article or artwork should convey a pro-freedom message. more...  0 Comments

Indy Kids Fundraising Party & Workshop

Amanda Vender | Make holiday gifts and help Indy Kids! Come to a Holiday Cookie & Card Decorating Party & Workshop

Saturday, December 3, 2005
1:00 – 4:00 pm

Broadway United Church of Christ
2504 Broadway (at 93rd Street)
Subway: 1/2/3 to 96th Street

more...  0 Comments

Flying Saucer Cult near Trementina, New Mexico

National Coalition of Human Rights Activists | Deep in the lonely, isolated wilderness of New Mexico resides a secret cult compound built and maintained by a flying saucer cult. more...  2 Comments

We shut down the WTO 6 years ago on November 30th

Anarchist | Love and Rage in Seattle: The Day the WTO Stood Still | WTO Interviews: Voices from around the Planet |No to WTO archive |The Birth of Indymedia! | Photos | Faq about anarchists in seattle N30 | Interviewer with Black Blocker | Linguistic analysis of below communique | Looking Back Five Years to The Battle of Seattle more...  15 Comments

The truth from our own soldiers about Iraq: Letters from redeploying soldiers

Jay Shaft | Letters from recently redeployed soldiers

more...  1 Comments

NYC Activists Demonstrate to Stop Global Warming

Ted Glick | While over 10,000 representatives from over 180 countries are meeting in Montreal at a U.N. Climate Conference, activists around the world are demonstrating on December 3rd demanding serious action to stop global warming. In NYC actions will begin with a demonstration in Foley Square across from the Federal Building late Friday afternoon, the 2nd, and continue on the 3rd with several activities. more...  2 Comments

NYC Indymedia to Close Down 29th St. Space with Benefit Bash on Nov. 29

NYC Indymedia | On Tuesday Nov. 29, we will celebrate five years of Indymedia here in New York (as well as the 6th anniversary of the birth of the global Indymedia network) with a rockin' party featuring live DJs and historic Indymedia video footage from the past six years.

Press Clips on NYC Indymedia: "The New York Model: Indymedia and the Text Message Jihad," by Jeremy Scahill || "The Indypendent Sweeps the 'Ippies' for the 3rd Straight Year." || "Inside the Indymedia Collective: Passion vs. Pragmatism," by Gal Beckerman || < ahref=>"The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: What's the Matter with Indymedia," by Jennifer Whitney more...  22 Comments

Activists Pressure Brooklyn Industries Over Use of Fur In "Hipster" Apparel.

Mink Lover | One reader writes: "This sort of thing is unacceptable. The inclusion of rabbit fur on these items is unnecessary and they can easily use fake fur or come up with a better design." Another reader adds that "I made a call today and customer service person said that management is talking about it." more...  9 Comments

IWW increases pressure on Starbucks

Ida C. Benedetto | Meanwhile, labor complaints against the company moved forward.

Workers at the Starbucks on the south east side of Union Square are working to organize a union. The management has refused to sit down and bargain. On Friday, from 4 to 7, employees and suporters formed a picket outside the store. For more info, see more...  3 Comments

Buy Nothing Day in NYC, Long Island

Ida C. Benedetto | In New York City, Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping gathered in front of the Plaza Hotel yesterday to preach to the swarm of shoppers on 5th ave and Times Square about not consuming, buying local, and making things with your hands. Meanwhile, on Long Island, several actions against consumerism took place. more...  6 Comments

Rest in Peace, Carmen Rubio

abc | On Thursday November 24 2005 the struggle for justice and fair housing lost one of its greatest fighters, Carmen Rubio. Among the many gifts she gave to the community on the Lower East Side is the Children's Magical Garden, a once rubble strewn lot that she and her life partner Alfredo Felicanio transformed into a beautiful space for the children of the community. more...  0 Comments

Buy Nothing Day Critical Mass

roger m | By 7:30 or so the crowd grew to about 75-100 and moved out west and then south on 5th ave. There was a rumor that cops had indicated that the people wouldn't be arrested if the ride stayed below 42nd street, but this seemed unlikely after a row of 5-7 cop vans were seen waiting above Union Square on Broadway and there was a cop helecopter overhead. Soon the scooter cops (around 20 or so) came up along both sides of the mass at 5th ave and 12th street. more...  2 Comments

County Elections Board asks District Attorney to prosecute protestor

tim grier | Luzerne County Board of Elections voted unanimously to ask the District Attorney to persue charges against me for taking my time while voting. They want to make an example of me to discourage protesting in the area... not like it really goes on here. Anyway, it has worked out great thus far... they are keeping the unjust ballot laws in the local media, which rarely touches on such topics. more...  0 Comments

Rodriguez Approves CIA Tortures --US Lawyers Front for CIA

Clayton Hallmark | We describe CIA treatment of prisoners so you can judge for yourself. Each escalation of maltreament reportedly comes ONLY after an inquiry to, and approval from, JOSE RODRIGUEZ, the CIA's Deputy Director of Operations (DDO) at the McLean, VA, headquarters. We describe how the torture works and how agents work it with Mr. Rodriguez (and allegedly with his predecessors, Stephen Kappes and James Pavitt).
The CIA shuttles the prisoners around the world on civilian aircraft, almost all of which the CIA owns. The CIA owns the aircraft through holding companies that have one employee -- a contracted private attorney in the US. A Smithfield, NC, firm, Aero Contractors, operates most of the planes. We show how the CIA aviation office works with private attorneys. The lawyers have no need to know what the planes are used for, and undoubtedly the CIA does not tell them about prisoner transports. more...  0 Comments


Clayton Hallmark | CIA-AIRPLANE SHELL COMPANIES Have ONE Employee: A LAWYER. A list of known fronts, including Prescott, is below. The chart shows how the fronts and other, real, companies work for the CIA. more...  0 Comments

Beyond That Memo: Bush Wanted al Jazeera Gone

Jeremy Scahill | If true, Bush's threat to bomb al Jazeera is a bold confirmation of what many journalists already believe: that the Bush Administration views us all as enemy combatants.
more...  0 Comments

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